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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds

I feel like I am Sunday School today. I'm listening to my boss sing along to kids-sounding gospel songs and it's not too terribly pleasant. 1. It feels like I'm listening to Kidz Bop. 2. She's not the best singer. 3. It's giving me a headache. 4. The Twins aren't on until 2:35pm for me to listen to. It's unfortunate that I have to suffer.

I was worried last night when Bert decided to pick Cuddy for his pick the stick a second night in a row. Cuddy, though he didn't fare as well as the night before, he at least got revenge on Oakland by getting a triple that scored the go-ahead run, which eventually won the game for the Twins. I guess it's better than him going 0-4 or getting called out on a bogus play at the plate. I'll take it. Kind of ironic that the same guy who called him out the night before called him safe (after the winning run scored) last night.

I had sworn I wasn't going to go to bed until the go-ahead run was scored, which I failed at miserably, but I did wake up from sleep when Cuddy's bat hit the ball for his triple, so I "technically" did see the go-ahead run...I sadly didn't make it though any longer to see Joe Nathan pitch in the 9th, which is always enjoyable.

I am really starting to wonder why all the pitchers are jumping on the Navy bandwagon...are they trying to wish Kevin a speedy recovery? Are they wearing them because they read my blog and want to please me (crossing fingers this is the case)? Did they forget the grey jerseys back in Texas and UPS hasn't shipped them yet? I guess today will tell us if the last one is the case or not. I'm hoping one of the radio announcers make mention of what they are wearing, so that I know today...and don't have to wait until the photos from the game appear online. (I guess I could also stay up until 10pm when FSN finally will show the "Squeeze Play" of the game...why 10pm, you ask? I have no idea! Guess they want us to feel like it's still a late night west coast game.

I do think that hell has frozen over. Katie and I were watching the game and out of my mouth came a comment about Joe Crede...referencing how with his new hair cut and shave...he looks "hot". I, personally, have never found Joe Crede hot. He's not my type at all. He's my cousin's type, for sure...but her and my taste in guys couldn't be more different. (she also think Kubel is hot...which I hope to God I never utter out of my mouth because I don't know that I would believe myself...)
Did everyone see our favorite STOCK PHOTO is online again.

Okay, onto everyone's favorite part of the blog posting...(those who read it)
3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Crede (he went 2 for 4...sure he got credited with an error...but I'm going to call that a bad hop on the dirt instead.)
2. Joe Mauer (also went 2 for 5 and was drove in by Cuddy to score the winning run. Mauer had as many hits Tuesday night as he had in his previous six games combined (2 for 23). Maybe this is the end of the slump?)
3. Matt Guerrier (he's been the unsung hero lately...and I still want to give props to him for being fantastic!)

Honorable Mentions: Delmon Young, Joe Nathan, Michael Cuddyer and Anthony Swarzak.


Katie said...

I was telling mom about Crede this morning and even she said he was looking good and my mom can't stand him.

Betsy said...

it's just kind of wrong...maybe it's a sign of the apocalypse?

Katie said...

It's a sign of something. We're either losing our minds or yes it's the apocalypse.

Heidi said...

I don't know...Crede was always the member of the White Sox that I liked for some reason and found cute. I definitely wouldn't say he's hot, but he didn't get beaten with the ugly stick, either.
p.s. sorry about your annoying coworker. sometimes I'd like to have an annoying co worker because my office gets really loney. I'm in the back of the church separated from the rest of the offices.

Betsy said...

I told Katie last night that I think Crede suddenly getting cuter bumped up the cuteness of the Twins a few points!

Yeah, I sit in a cubical...some days I wish I had an actual office...with a door! It'd be peaceful!