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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sing Some High Praise

10 Things to be happy about when it comes to the Twins (currently):
1. Justin Morneau is not Marian Gaborik (if you don't watch hockey or know anything about Gabby, this means Justin won't be out for 3-6 months because of a "groin" injury...err I mean a "lower body injury".)
2. R.A. Dickey, Joe Nathan and Matty Guerrier are fantastic and great leaders of our bullpen.
4. Joe Mauer is our starting catcher (and not Mike Redmond)
5. Jose Morales makes an excellent back up catcher...and he can hit. (sorry, Mike Redmond...I'd rather see him always backing up Mauer.)
6. The Twins don't have nearly as many "fake" fans as say the Yankees or Red Sox, etc. do.
7. We had a winning month of June!
8. We have a fantastic starting rotation (even though we all know they have bad days and even though I'm not a huge fan of Liriano)
9. All of our regular starters (I'm not considering Tolbert or Buscher regulars) are batting above .200. (Matt Tolbert and Brian Buscher are both really close to .200!! .187 and .198 respectively. Close boys, close!)
10. We finally have someone to play 3rd base after all these years of searching.

It was a good game yesterday though all I could do (like everyone else) was listen to it. I've gotta say that FSN's "Squeeze Play" that was only a half hour long was not nearly enough to be worth airing. It was like teasing a fat kid with candy and then not letting them have any. Just...well mean.

I was elated though to see the Twins go two games over the .500 mark! I knew they could do it...the just needed to have faith in themselves first! Next, boys...3 games over .500! I love it the best when you listen to me when I give you goals. Thanks for that. Joe listened to me and worked at his batting average trying to get it closer to .400. A 3-3 day at the plate will definitely help with that, Joe. I am proud!

Now for the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer (he was outstanding and went 3-3 with an intentional walk and a regular walk. Way to make those Royals scared of you, Joe!)
2. Glen Perkins (pitched 7 great innings only surrendering 1 earned run!)
3. Joe Nathan (just because I can, and because he got another save in the process.)

Okay, now onto some ridiculous fun. (note: these ideas are mine and if anyone tries to steal them, I will be very unhappy. Let's just say that they are copyrighted...so don't steal them!)
I've modified the one sign, to make it a bit less confusing. Feel free to leave comments back or other suggestions. Enjoy!


Katie said...

I <3 them! Those are perfect!

Betsy said...

they were fun to make :)

Jenna said...

what is a " 'Fake' fan"? Like one that is only a fan when the team is winning or only in it for the boys? Or something different?

Betsy said...

"Fake" fans would be the people who buy the yankees jersey just because they know that they have a tendancy to beat up on teams like the Twins, but don't really like the team or any of the players...
Or cheering for a team only because they win games...I bet if the Twins over paid players and fluffed up their line up like the Yankees or Boston did, they could make the playoffs every year too...but instead we have quality guys who have bad days and also have great days!