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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Twins PR People,

When scheduling player appearance such as Baseball Unplugged, please do not set up ridiculous rules like these:

New autograph policy: The first 100 fans will receive a ticket for the autograph portion of the event when they arrive at the door. Tickets will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis beginning at 4 pm. Additional opportunities to receive a ticket for the autograph session will take place during the event. The autograph session will run from approximately 8:30-9pm.

Additional rules for fans:
  • One autograph per player
  • Must remain present at the event in order to redeem ticket for the autograph session
  • Must present ticket to receive autograph
  • No posed photographs
The truth is, the first 20 people that will arrive before 4 pm will be 30 year old males that are at every player appearance the Twins, Wild, Vikings or Timberwolves do, and all they do with the autographs they receive is sell them to the highest bidder on Ebay and other auction sites. This is what they call their "job". It's not a real job if you ask me, and it's all not a "fair" policy to have in place when schmucks like them ruin it for everyone else.

I have come up with a solution as to how your "autograph policy" should go.

The first 100 fans (that are NOT going to sell and make money off the autographs) will receive a ticket. All children (will not need a ticket) will enter the autograph line first, thus insuring they get an autograph since they appreciate it the most. After that will be the line of adults, teenagers, etc (with a ticket).

Please do not take the fun out of these events that some of us can not get to the venue to until 5-6pm, because most of us work real jobs for a living. When you put rules in place, you look like the dirty mean girls that run the Wild's autograph signings. They make these things not fun, and not enjoyable for those kids that look up to the players that they are getting to meet.

If anyone is unhappy about not getting to go through the autograph line that is above the age of 16 should be slapped and told to grow up and get over it. That's life. They should be happier to be there just to see and hear things about their favorite players and enjoy themselves. Plus, maybe they just need to relax and pull whatever is stuck where the sun don't shine out of that place.

Please, Twins PR people, give this some thought...otherwise those money making guys who have 20-30 of their friends come with them just so they can make more money will be all you have going through the line, and to me, that's what is not fair.


For The Love of the Game
aka. Betsy


Sarah said...

I think your policy would be much, much better. At the very least "Kids First" should be the rule at all of these events. I once saw a grown man shove a little boy out of the way to get Jim Thome's autograph. There is nothing more irritating than adults willing to trample some little kid's dreams to turn a profit on Ebay.

Betsy said...

It's completely uncalled for! Those kids are never going to sell those autographs!
I don't think the kids should have to have a ticket either...it's ridiculous!

Erin said...

I completely agree with your policy. These new rules are going to take the fun out of these events for everyone. Way to ruin it for the rest of us, stupid professional autograph seekers.

Betsy said...

maybe i should print my letter and then all of us from the blog world could sign it and then send it in to the Twins PR

Heidi said...

Amen, sister! In addition to kids first, I'd like to see competitions for the remaining autograph tickets. You have to prove you really want it! Dedicated fans would have no problem with sifting through a kiddie pool filled with chocolate pudding to find the magic autograph medallion, whereas 30 year old dudes who sell crap on ebay would be like "Screw that! I'm going home." Just a suggestion.

Betsy said...

Love it!

Katie said...

Heidi, I love that! It's so true though!!

I agree, I told Betsy, kids under 13 shouldn't need a ticket. They are going to enjoy that autograph more then anyone else there.

luckie said...

Well, the kids would appreciate the autograph more *if* they get to keep the autograph. I've seen way too many pushy dads and moms pimping their kids out for autographs on "special" balls and only letting their kids get autographs from the "stars", not the 4th guy out of the pen who only comes in for blowouts. The parents usually use the same method to get special promotions like bobbleheads--the little ones *need* to have a bobblehead, even if they're like 18 months old. Right...

I do like the idea of chocolate pudding though... :)

Betsy said...

That's true that people do use their kids for their own benefit, but at least little kids getting the autographs would make me feel better than seeing the scrubby guys who I see everywhere getting autographs and knowing that those are going to show up on Ebay the next day.

Maybe even the trivia questions they ask could be what determines who gets a ticket for the autographs too?

Liz Strand said...

How about requiring all the autographs to be personlized? That virtually eliminates resale value, and makes it more special for someone who actually wants to keep it! Let the guys who sell them get their autographs somewhere else!

And no posed pictures? I'd rather get a photo with someone than get their autograph. It should be a choice of one or the other! (or even better, no rules for unplugged).

Betsy said...

The personalized idea is excellent! that would hopefully at least scare them away from going to Unplugged!
And I agree on the photos...I'd much rather have a photo with them, than an autograph. Photos seem to be more of "proof" of meeting the player than an autograph that could be faked.

Sarah said...

I love Heidi's idea. I've often remarked that the longest autograph lines at TwinsFest should include a written test. If you don't know anything about said players....get the F out of my way.

Betsy said...

We should write the questions too I think. :)

Sarah said...

We would be awesome at that!!

Kristina said...

Well said Betsy!