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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Total Annihilation

While listening to the game yesterday it felt like I was playing baseball on the Wii. I usually do horrible and get my butt kicked so fast I don't even know what happened to me. I think that may be an understatement for the Twins yesterday...12 runs in less than 2 innings, their heads had to be spinning. Mine sure was. I was going around to coworkers who hadn't turned on the game and told them to not even waste their time because they would be so disappointed and mad that it's not even worth it! I told a couple other people (who don't have the...uhh...pleasure of listening to the game at work) to be thankful they were at work and not able to watch the game.

Later when the beating continued, I just started to laugh. The game just turned into a hopeless mess and I started to find it funny. I guess it was better than crying about the game, for sure! I laughed a little more when I saw this morning that the Twins sent Kevin Mulvey back down (now all hopes for him getting booted when Kevin came back from the DL instead of Duensing are gone) and are bringing Jesse Crain back, I laughed a little more. I'm sure I'm pointing out an obvious, but the Twins need another solid bullpen member. I don't know that Jesse Crain is going to be that guy. We have a couple of those guys, but you can't use them every night or else you risk screwing them up like Mulvey. I'm sure the front office would like a time machine to go back to the day they decided to bring up Mulvey and make a different decision! Maybe they just need Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to come in and use the men in black mind eraser on them. (I think the Eternal Sunshine department is getting a little overused lately.)
I wonder if Glen is going to blame every outing of his on some sort of ailment? He's now seeing a specialist for his "sore shoulder" when they get to LA as well. Anyone else want to call his BS with me? Hop back on the DL train, Glen! Maybe you should just send us your replacement instead of coming back. I'm so glad you pitched 1 inning (well that's all he got credited with yesterday) if you felt "sore/hurt" or whatever. Thanks for helping us to look like a joke in Oakland.

NO STARS OF THE GAME...the closest one to try for a star was Justin who hit a first inning home run...but the fact that they couldn't do jack any other inning...nobody gets one.

I'll be thinking about Timmy (who will probably be in the navy if they keep that trend up too) tonight while I'm at my audition to be a Timberwolves dancer. I'll check updates on my phone. Please oh please don't screw this one up boys!!


Katie said...

It's like I said in my blog, when the season started my biggest worry was Frankie... I think I should have been more worried about Glen and all his "injuries".

PS: I'll let you know if anything big happens tonight ;-)

luckie/sarah said...

Guy gets lit up=goes on DL. That's just the way it works. Much as if an IF commits 3 errors, he's hurt, and an OF loses the ball in the sun multiple times, he's having vision problems...