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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two...Then Three...Than Four

Okay, so the Twins after last night are officially on a "winning streak". But they are not back to receiving stars of the game. Remember I said they had to win 4 in a row to get back to getting these stars of the game? After Sunday's game and last night's game (which both Cuddy and Joe Nathan listened well to me; Cuddy got a home run when I told him to and Joe Nathan only faced three batters, respectively).

I am very proud of Anthony Swarzak kicking up his A-game and kicking some ass against the Angels on Sunday. He did an excellent job of pitching. I don't think he really fumbled in the 7th inning either with the base runners. I think we had some fielding blunders that should not EVER be repeated. (cough::Alexi Casilla::cough)
Good job to Justin for getting another multi-home run game! Big high-five to him (since stars will come later).

Last night, I joked at one point in time with Katie about how at least one Alexi was doing well for the Twins. It wasn't Casilla either...Alexi Ramirez had a few fielding boo-boos. He got an error on only one of them, but I heard that AJ Pierzynski wasn't too pleased with him not being able to get the pick off at second base. I proudly thanked AJ for helping us out, like he did so wonderfully as well at the plate last night with an 0-4 night! Great game, AJ. Just great! Thanks!

I was fearful last night a few times with Glen on the mound. It wasn't the best outing from Glen that I've seen all season, but it wasn't the worst either. He did well enough to appear to still have some A-game potential and seemed to calm down after both home runs he gave up. Thankfully he didn't want to surrender the lead after Cuddy got it back for him.

What a great catch by Denard Span in the top of the 9th, to help Joe Nathan get yet another save (with me there)...and also a fantastic catch to snare a line-drive by Brendan Harris! Great job filling in for Crede at 3rd base! I don't know that Brian Buscher or Delmon Young would have made those plays...I don't think they would have.

At least two more games, boys...and those top stars will come back!! I've decided on games where they completely biff it...no stars will be awarded...on games they at least give an A effort...they may get the stars. But until they are on a winning streak...I remain on my power trip. :)

In some sad Twins news: Kevin Slowey will definitely be out the remainder of the season. He'll undergo surgery to get the bone chip out of his wrist. Poor Kevin! Keep him in this time in your thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery and that the surgery goes well when he goes in for it.


S.Rail said...

The Twins are going to miss being loved by your stars of the game so they are going to win from here on out (and set a new record!). hehe :)

Katie said...

Pretty sure I love watching the guys kick some White Sox ass!

Heidi said...

I felt sad when the camera cut to Kevin in the dugout last night. But so happy for another win! I love beating the White Sox!

Betsy said...

They better miss my stars of the game!!! I like the idea of them starting a record with how many wins they can get in a row!!!

I love being the White Sux too! :)