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Monday, July 20, 2009

Where's the Heimlich Maneuver?

Wow, nothing like laying down and taking one some place not kind. Last night's game was...uhh...sloppy at best. Sure we had 13 runs that we scored and 4 home runs to speak of, and Cuddy standing up to the Curse of Blyleven and going 4 for 5, but really...Nick Blackburn didn't have his A-Game, nor did Duensing (though I love him still) nor did Keppel and nor did Mijares. Were they all half asleep during the game? Did they feel sorry for Oakland (which may have had less fans in attendance than a game for the Marlins)? Whatever the reason for that disaster, I hope we never allow that to be repeated...EVER!

When one goes to bed with the Twins leading 13-7, you feel pretty confident in a W. Needless to say, I was a bit miffed when I woke up (thanks to the genius who thought it'd be fun to shoot fireworks off) at 2 am and happened to browse my phone, (Internet on it that is) since the genius lit off the fireworks for about 15 minutes, and I saw that the Twins LOST 14-13. A million questions flew through my mind...what? how? why? who? seriously? wtf? Yes, at one point in the game, the Twins had a 12-5 lead. I figured if they scored too many runs last night, that it would blow their chances tonight. 13 runs should be PLENTY to win a game...at least that's what one such as myself would think. Well, I'll never think that again! Score as many runs as you would like next time boys...just make sure you win in the process! If you only need 2 runs, great...if it's 20, so be it!

I now know how Josh Hamilton must have felt getting all those home runs in the first and second round of the HR Derby last year only to lose in the final round of it to Justin, whose HR tally came nowhere near Josh's. It's not a good feeling at all...kind of like being told you are going to get a pony for Christmas only to get nothing but coal instead. Sad...depressing...NOT COOL!

I did find it amusing that Bert finally realized the curse that he brings to players...the curse that I realized so very long ago. Hearing him go "yeah, I was beginning to notice how ever guy I pick goes 0 for the whole night." Ya think, Bert?! You just noticed this?? Wow...

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (2 home runs (one a grand slam) and went 3 for 5...he showed us all how he thinks running is stupid too!)
2. Jason Kubel (3-run home run and went 3-3! Way to go, Kubes!)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he wanted to prove the Bert Blyleven Curse to be beneath him...and went 4 for 5 with a home run as well! Thanks, Cuddy for stepping up to my challenge!)

3 Failures of the Game:
1. The homeplate umpire Mike Muchlinski (ohh...Mike...I'm remembering you...I will bash your face in if I ever see you...) He must have either been high, blind or not paying attention at all, because I was watching and re-watching and then watching some more the play at home where he called Cuddy out, and still can't see HOW he saw "out"...when it couldn't have been more blatantly "safe"...if this were hockey...I'd make this sign for him.
2. Bobby Keppel (looks like he's not Mr. Perfect anymore...way to give up a GRAND SLAM to Matt Holliday!! Sure Holliday is a good hitter, but really...a Grand Slam?! Come on!!!)
3. Jose Mijares (you're first batter you face should be an out...not a home run. Thanks for this screw up!)

Now some cartoons for the very blind umpire.


Tricia said...

The cartoon with the blind ump is too funny!!

I had a bad feeling last night that the lead wasn't going to hold. What a weird game.

Betsy said...

Tricia- which one of the cartoons? :) it was just a bad game all around...when pumpkin tits kept giving up runs and hits...it was hard to hold onto hope.

Heidi said...

Yeah, I knew something went horribly wrong when the Twins/A's were the first highlights they showed on Sportscenter this morning.
And I was angry about the play at the plate for about a minute.
But I look at it as the game should have never came down to a play at the plate...YOU WERE WINNING BY 10! In my mind, if you blow that, you don't deserve to win. Hopefully this will be one of those losses that makes them angry and makes them play like they have something to prove so they start winning. Here endeth my rant.

Betsy said...

Heidi- I completely agree (about the plate call)...I mean, the A's would have still had the bottom of the 9th to screw us over...and they seemed to be coming back with runs every time we scored too.

Heidi said...

p.s. print this off and go to starbucks before 10:30 am and you can get a free pastry with the purchas of a drink. It has been the one redeeming point of my morning.

Katie said...

When I woke up this morning and looked at Twitter and saw everyone ranting about the call I told myself I wasn't going to watch it... yet I did and it pissed me off. They still would have had a chance to win, but we would have maybe still had a sliver of a chance.