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Monday, July 13, 2009

White SUX Weekend

If you sit in the cheap seats in section 212, and you see these guys (they bring the P-U-N-T-O signs)...move. They are quite possibly the biggest twat waffles I have ever sat by. The one wearing the Justin shirt called me "Obama" when I asked him (nicely I might add) if he would just pick a seat and sit down (my parents who were down a few seats had already had one of his buddies stand for about 5-10 minutes during an inning, so they were already annoying.) I didn't completely understand how calling a female "Obama" was an insult, but maybe he thought he was clever. I don't really know...all I know is maybe I should have replied with something along the lines of "Okay, OSAMA" since he fit that bill more than I fit an "Obama" one. I got my justice however...a different way. Dip shit smuggled in some beer (in a can nonetheless), so I was the good patron of the game that told the usher...so the twat waffle had to pay to get drunk like everyone else...so sad...and too bad. Maybe you should be nicer to women? (if you were the girl who asked "why would you tell on someone for that?" might I suggest that you mind your own business because not only did you get me to respond to you...you damn near got bitch slapped from me too. Thanks.)


Friday's Game:
We'll start with Friday. I am slightly bitter with Glen Perkins that he had to get sick and then make Nick Blackburn get moved up in the rotation and making it so I didn't get to see the incredible Nicky "Pumpkin Tits" Blackburn, whom I might mention, I have never seen. Nick was in his top form, and although he didn't pitch a 4 complete game, he still was outstanding. (He did allow 4 runs, which bumped his impressive ERA that Jim Souhan liked to rub in Slowey's face up.)

3 Stars of Friday's Game:
1. Nick Blackburn
2. Jason Kubel (went 3-4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI's)
3. Joe Mauer (he got the base hit we needed to take the lead in the game)

Saturday's Game:
Well...Saturday started off good. Katie and I made our way (bright and early since we're losers) to Apple Valley Pro Shop to meet Brian Duensing. We packed our materials for sign making (we opted to make a different sign than I was initially planning) and picked up poster board from Target and then got in line. If anyone from the blog world would have seen us waiting at the Pro Shop, you would have probably laughed. We were sitting on the sidewalk outside the pro shop waiting in line and there we were cutting out letters and spray mounting and taping them onto our neon lime green poster board. (see the sign below with the pictures from the game)
We couldn't apply the (very heavy) accessories to the sign until we got back to my place where the hot glue gun was. All in all, I think our sign turned out great and I loved it!

At the dome, our night started off with the douche bags who like Punto (a little too much if you ask me, considering they are guys and he's definitely not our best hitter). Joe Crede tried to make me a happier girl by hitting a couple home runs against his former team (which my mother also told me that he had quite the smirk on his face when he hit the first one.) I personally am a bit surprised that Gardy didn't use Morales more in the game than he did. With the history that Morales has against the White Sox, you would have thought he would have been in the starting line up one way or the other...but no such luck. Morales had to be a White Sux killer in the 9th inning, bringing two guys in with his hit! I don't know that Punto could have accomplished that. It was unfortunate that the Twins were unable to capitalize on the bases loaded in the 9th with only 1 out. Instead, double play ended the game causing the Twins to lose by 1 run. I am not sure what factor to blame...
Do I blame: KTIS Faith and Family night (which the Twins have lost all three years of the Faith and Family night)? Twat waffles in front of us? White Sux Killer Morlaes not playing more than just the 9th? Oooh...maybe the bullpen? Glen's illness and crappy pitching? Do I blame Jars of Clay (who claimed that any time they play a professional sporting event, besides basketball, the home team loses)? Or better yet, blame someone like Slowey or Blackburn or someone else who didn't pitch (if I was Jim Souhan...this might be my pick.) I'm not sure what I'm going to pick...but it wasn't fun losing to the White Sux Saturday night...not at all!

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Joe Crede (hi, 2 home runs against his former team)
2. Jose Morales (who I have affectionately given the nickname "Killer" to. He got a much needed clutch hit and got two runners in!)
3. Denard Span (sure he hit into the double play that ended the game, but he also went 2-5...which is more than Mr. Morneau can say.)

Sunday's Game:
With being out of the cheap seats and in regular seats that didn't suck (though we thought for sure the old people in front of us would hate us by the end of the game...if they did, they didn't say anything!)
We decided that every time A.J. was up to bat...we not only would boo him, but then we would also chat "Who hates AJ?" and respond "We hate AJ." It was quite entertaining. Also, it was fun telling A.J. how great of a job every time he got out! Mike decided to also yell things to A.J. when the dome was silent and probably was heard through the TV broadcast of the game (unfortunately Katie didn't have Sunday's game DVR'd.) Another note about A.J. I found out...he only has had 6 successful pick offs this whole season...and around 50 missed attempts. Looks like he's doing real well as a catcher this year. He makes Mike Redmond look outstanding at pick offs (and he really isn't that great at all...)
It was great to see power bat from people like Go-Gomez, Denard Span and Brendan Harris...since Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau (who I am fighting with by the way...) couldn't hit much to save their lives. Joe Mauer had a career high of 4 strike outs during the game. It was very unlike Joe and it baffled me. I wonder if he got the curse of the HR Derby in him pre-derby. Maybe after the All-Star break and the Derby tonight, Joe will kill it and be hitting .500 by the end of the season. Hey, I can hope for such lofty goals for Joe.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Carlos Go-Gomez (not only is he Super Go-Gomez? but he also was only a triple away from hitting for the cycle. He went 3 for 4 and made Joe and Justin look like fools. Good job, Go-Gomez.)
2. Denard Span (yes he got an error that allowed A.J. reach base, but he made up for it...he hit his first ever lead off home run...and I think he's an all-around cool kid who went 2-3!)
3. Brendan Harris (he went 3-5 and also was the other Twin who got a home run during the game bringing in 3 RBI's.)

Now we'll move onto the videos of the faith stories (as well as an update from Kevin about his injury) including R.A. Dickey, Slowey, and Denard Span...and then following those are the pictures from this weekend with captions below. Sarah: the pictures of the kids are for you! They are the closest I could get to getting you pics from the Family Day!

R.A. Dickey talking about his faith: HERE
Kevin Slowey talking about his injury and faith: HERE
Denard Span talking about his faith: HERE

Me, Katie, and Erin at the game with the new sign and the "Circle Me Bert" sign.

Matty Tolbert...uhh..."playing" with his bat...
Joe grabbing himself. Real nice, Joe.
Target practice.
The boys standing to honor Radke being inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame.
Dickey (who dresses like my dad) telling his faith story.
Kevin...uhh...not knowing how to close his mouth while waiting!Kev trying to get R.A.'s little boy to stop running around...
Kev thinking the little one was following him.I guess he was tired...lol...he just would randomly lay on the terf.
Kev dancing with the little one.
Elijah dancing in his socks
R.A.'s daughter Mary attacking Kevin (he was going for high fives...she jumped into his arms instead.)
Sad face on Elijah...did he get in trouble from Daddy again?
Elijah and Lila running around the field!
Elijah dancing with daddy while he wore Lila's hat.
Kev getting pulled around by Elijah while dancing with the girls.Twirling Mary around
Elijah got in trouble for jumping on the dirt pile in the bullpen...that didn't stop him though!
Denard and Kevin deep in thought.
Dancing some more...in his loafers...lol
Whoever said white boys can't dance...was right. :)
Doing the Twist...I think!?
Twist some more...
Jars of Clay
Come back here!

Enjoy this week of rest, boys...and please oh please, be back on your A-game come Friday. Glen, rest up! Everyone else, enjoy the All-star break and the HR Derby tonight! Go JOE MAUER! :)


Katie said...

I told Mary about our cheers this morning since she watched the game yesterday and she said depending on which camera they were on, she thought she heard us once or twice :)

Betsy said...

that's fantastic! i can't wait to tell mike this! :) hehe...

Katie said...

I didn't think we were that loud, but apparently we were!

Betsy said...

Oh...we were. :) hehe

Heidi said...

sad that you had to sit by douchey fans. I would have pushed them over the railing. whoops!
kevin+dancing+small children=the most adorable thing I've seen in quite some time.

Betsy said...

I wanted to push them over, or spill my friend Krystal's pop on them (she wouldn't let me waste her pop)...

and i agree about Kevin! It was so cute...I think I may have been more entertained by him than Jars of Clay (which they were really good!)

salty_birdie/sarah said...

Great pics, Betsy! Although Kevin dancing is quite possibly the closest I've ever seen him look like his brother Dan--maybe he learned some moves from big brother. :)

Jenna said...

"Whoever said that white boys couldn't dance . . . was right." -- That comment made my day. (:

salty_birdie/sarah said...

Oh--a reason you might want to report someone sneaking in alcohol...when the Blue Jays had to have "dry games" because of having the liquor license pulled for a few days (violations), one of the reasons listed was people sneaking in alcohol. So, if you report the offenders, it gives the rest of the Metrodome crowd a chance to pay and get drunk. :)

Betsy said...

Salty_birdie-yeah, I would love to see him and dan together...i bet both couldn't dance well...and would probably bust out the "shopping cart" or other dances! lol
And i never knew that about the Blue Jays games...I'm fine with people bringing in soda/pop/water, but beer? really? they couldn't drink at home or buy booze there? that's like taking booze into a bar with you.

Jenna - it's the truth though, isn't it? :) It makes me remember the "special" dances my brother and his friends used to do: the shopping cart, the fly swatter, etc. they were ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

the pics of kevin dancing with the kids were so cute. please tell me you took a video of him dancing?

Betsy said...

Anonymous- I got a video of him getting tackled by the littlest Dickey kid, but no dancing...though if you saw all my photos of the dancing, they move...lol

If i could figure out how to get the video turned 45 degrees, I'd put that up too, but I don't know how to do this...