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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yankees = Evil Empire!

Thank you K-bro for taking a picture of the TV as it showed my sign at the game! It's nice to be able to see it, since I don't have a DVR or a VCR to tape the game. Plus knowing my luck something would have f'ed up and made it so it didn't tape the part that the sign was on. I got high praise from a high school student about the sign...he said "that was yours?? sweet! We were just talking about how great that sign was." Which coming from him, this is the highest praise! I am very proud of my three-hours I spent on all (technically 4 signs, only 3 different sides) of them. (another note: I was also told that Bert and Dick made comments about my sign too...that was nice of them! Thanks, guys! :))

Okay so other than the fact that we lost (though we came very close at the end to tying it), I can't bring myself to find too much to complain about when it comes to the game last night. Sure compared to those watching the game at home, I did have some advantages to make my night better, even considering the loss.
. I was there, no I'm not trying to rub that in, just stating all my facts.
I had a fantastic sign, that even Derek Jeter snuck a peek at, and Yankee fans wanted a picture with.
The unbelievable view behind homeplate that we had. Thanks to Katie who scored the tickets from work.
4. Making frenemies with a Yankees fan...who tried to talk smack and make fun of my "May the Force be with you" sign, but it didn't bother me.
5. Being there when Joe Mauer finally made enough plate appearances to top the AL in batting average!

I knew that when one of the first things that happened to me before the game started was a Twins personnel on the field beckoning me down to the front of our section to tell me how to get the sign on TV, it was a good sign that the sign would appear at some time during the game. I giggled at the thought of this, and felt like my goal of pissing off Yankee fans could be completed. I had around 5-6 people ask to do one of three things, 1. Take a picture of the sign. 2. Take a picture of me with the sign; or 3. Have a friend take a picture of them with me and the sign! I laughed at this and willingly obliged.

Katie and I about died when we got down to "row 9" (as the ticket said, which was more like "row 5")...we about peed our pants with how fantastic these seats were. I don't know that I will ever be the same now...though my vision is still working it's way back to seeing things without squares around them, I still loved those seats! I also got to become one of those people who flinch when a ball hits the net right in front of me. (Thanks, Go-Gomez for two foul balls that made me flinch and then laugh at myself.)

After last night...I have decided that Bert should permanentaly be banned from their game of "Pick the Stick". It just isn't good for the Twins as a whole and it also isn't good for the player that he dooms. The latest victim: Brendan Harris. (0-4 night, with a strike out and an error). This isn't cool, Bert. Let's stop this now while we still have a chance at taking over that covet #1 spot in the AL Central race. I don't like being behind the Tigers or the White Sucks...and I especially don't like being behind BOTH of them and being in the middle of the AL Central. That blows even more.

I thought the Twins played well last night. It was unfortunate that we couldn't come back late in the game, but once Riveria came in, I knew it was only downhill from there. He's an outstanding closer, even though I hate the Yankees...I do know a good player.
"No one likes to lose to the Yankees," Twins outfielder Denard Span said. "It is a tough one to swallow when you're in the game the whole way, you lose by one." Denard, we don't like you losing to the Yankees either. Especially when both the Tiger and White Sucks win. This pushes us further behind them.

Oh the things you wish you could take back: I'm sure Justin Morneau is wishing he would have caught the foul ball of A. Rod (whom I had a much more affectionate name for during the game, but I'll refrain from posting it here.) That additional strike/foul ball/pitch (whatever you want to call it) gave A. Rod another chance and he capitalized on it, getting a RBI that eventually would be the run that won the game for those stupid Yankees. I wish the game would have got tied up at 4...I wouldn't have cared how late I would have had to stay out at the game last night, or how tired all the boys would have been today. I wanted a win last night, and now, best we can do is not get swept (for a second time this season) by the Yankees. I will give Anthony Swarzak some credit. I expected much much worse! With how wet behind the ears he is, I thought for sure it would be another soul crushing loss and we would be blown out of the water. Thankfully he stepped up and proved me wrong.

Okay, on to pictures from the game last night...You'll have to bear with the pictures (I know, that's difficult to do) to get to the end where the 3 Stars of the Game are at.)
Mauer stepping up to the plate
Look at that contact he made with the ball (which is almost sitting on his bat in the pic)
Justin, I'm guessing, swinging and missing
Kubel steps up
Foul ball for Kubes
Span in the on-deck circle
The pitchers talking it up during the game...I wondered if Kevin (the chatter that he is) was giving Swarzy pointers.
Justin admiring his "big stick"
Joe's love tap to Swarzy (Nicky almost looks like he's gonna flip the bird to someone any moment.)
Go-Gomez, whom I tried to get talking/kissing his bat, but he didn't when I had the camera ready.
Harris and Keppel having a pow-wow
Speedy Go-Gomez
Kevin and high high-water, waiting for a flood, pants in the dug out. He looked lonely...(I could have remedied that for him.)
Justin with the boys watching in the dug out.
Buscher eating sunflower seeds.
Buscher playing peek-a-boo with me.
Keppel pitching
Crede in the on-deck circle.
The hero? Morales...(not a hero last night...I was hoping he would pretend the Yankees were the White Sucks and stick it to them as well...but no such luck!)

Joe Nathan warming up in the 'pen...with Brian Duensing fielding balls...

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Joe Mauer (AL Leader now at .390. Went 3 for 5, with a much needed home run...and Katie didn't even have to promise him anything first!)
2. Joe Crede (fantastic #10 ESPN top ten play, with his diving catch to cheat Jeter out of a hit.)
3. Bobby Keppel (he acquired some points with me last Saturday...he's still not my favorite bullpen member, but the focus got taken off him when Duensing got called back up.)

Day game today with Liriano pitching on the mound. Get well soon Glen! I want to finally see Nick Blackburn pitch and the only way is for you to be healthy and pitch Friday, so they don't move him up! If you need a card, I will be on it.


Heidi said...

Gah! The Yankees are an Evil Empire and Nick Swisher is their King! I hate them, I hate them, I hate them! Though I'll admit to having an "its so wrong" crush on Gardner.
Those pics are amazing! I can only imagine how you felt being there because I almost peed my pants looking at them, then again that could be the massive amount of water I've had this morning. TMI? probably. sorry.

Katie said...

I was all excited that we'd get to see Nick pitch on Saturday. Hopefully Glen will feel better so he can pitch tomorrow night.

Everyone at work watched the game last night and saw the sign! Mary said she thought she saw us at one point, but she wasn't sure.

Betsy said...

Heidi - i laughed so hard when i read your comment! glad reliving the game through my pics could cause the same effect for you as it almost did to me too! :)

Katie - i'm crossing my fingers for Nick. and that's awesome that they saw at least the sign on tv!! woot!

S.Rail said...

Way to get your sign on TV! (I am happy too, they are indeed the evil empire)

Love that Buscher peekaboo picture and the Slowey flood pants one too. Maybe he grew! ;)

P.S. If Heidi wants Swish to be their king, then Jeter is the Queen (with his tight pants) and Cano is the Jester.

Betsy said...

Ooh A. Rod could also be their queen. His pants are tight too...and he kinda acts like a woman.

S.Rail, I have more pics of Kev too...they just started looking a little stalker-ish, so I opted to leave them out! lol...

Heidi said...

I'm sorry, I just really don't like Swish. It would make more sense to have Jeter-King, A Rod-Queen, and Swish-Jester(because supposedly he's the funny one) But yeah.