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Monday, August 10, 2009

Bring Out The Big Gun

It's been good to see the past couple games and the Twins bringing out the "big guns"...Cuddy's gotten home runs, Mauer has, DELMON YOUNG has (yeah, I about died of a heart attack yesterday when Delmon tried to show Cuddy up with a homer after his.) We've scored 8 runs, 11 run, and 7 runs in the series games against Detriot (losing 2 of 3 by only 1 run). Now why is that we can't win, you ask??!! Well, out pitching has been mediocre at best. With the exception of Pavano, we haven't had A-games in our pitching department. I can't even cut Joe Nathan slack (though he only pitched one game). Mijares (as a relief pitcher is concerned) is the only one who made it through the Detroit series unscathed (no hits, walks or runs allowed). I think the only guy I can let off the hook in relief (besides Mijares) would be Duensing for keeping us in the game on Friday night. He was outstanding...and had the call went our way at the plate instead of being ridiculous and wrong and going Detriot's way, he wouldn't have given up those 2 unearned runs.

I am tired right now also of listening to Glen Perkins and his ailing shoulder problems. It always feels like he is crying wolf whenever he pitches poorly. I am wondering how many MRI's, cortizone shots, etc he is going to get before he feels "healty" and stops bitching about being hurt. If you're that hurt, go on the DL...Lord knows we could use the extra spot on the roster to bring up/bring in someone else who can get YOUR job done and not bitch every time he's in the spotlight.

In other, non-Twins news...if you need a good laugh...(thanks to Katie for sending me this link). Read about Ozzie's dumb interview where he's told the media how his pitchers are going to start intentionally hitting batters (if the White Sux keep getting hit). Real smart, Ozzie...get your pitchers suspended when your hitters get bruises. HERE's the link.


S.Rail said...

Perkins is a whiney baby. He needs to shut up and pitch. Everytime he loses he's like: "Oh my shoulder" cry cry. It's really annoying.

Ha, that Ozzie photo cracks me up. I saw it while googling him on day. He needs that zipper because he has one big [and loud] mouth.

Betsy said...

I think if Perk has anymore autograph signings I'll have to go...bring him a pacifier! :)

Ozzie's mouth is going to bite him in the ass...and hard!

Heidi said...

I wanted to punch Glen in the face in my dream last night. He was just sitting there with his "glen" face, and he was the only member of the pitching staff in my dream not playing with a kitten. Don't ask me why the pitchers were playing with kittens because I don't know. Maybe it was to cheer them up because they are sad that they suck? Maybe Gardy brought them in as a subtle hit to say "stop being pussycats (minus the cats) and pitch like men."?

Betsy said...

Is it sad that I can totally picture his "glen" face? and i think you nailed it with what gardy needs to tell them.

Katie said...

Perk was on the list of pitchers I wasn't concerned with at the beginning of the season, pretty sure right now he's on my shit list.

I had to laugh when I read that article this morning, way to just let the world know what you are planning on doing their Ozzie. Too bad someone can't hit him with a ball!

Anonymous said...