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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

So who wants to jump on my bandwagon that I have going and try to get Fran demoted to the bullpen, or Triple-A? Anyone? Well though I haven't had cable since last Thursday night, I do know that watching the score turn into a blowout is not a good outing for a pitcher. When that pitcher is also on his last shot as a starter to prove themselves before getting replaced in the rotation, you know they're not doing well again!

So why is it that it has taken Gardy this long to realize that Liriano needs to NOT be a starter. He doesn't have it in him anymore. He's not the flippin' awesome pitcher that he was before he had the Tommy John surgery. I don't think he even remembers who that pitcher was. My next question for Gardy...who is going to take his place in the rotation? I am giving my thumbs up approval for Duensing. He's been doing good lately, and look, we got the win the last time he started...sure he didn't "technically" get the win, but Gardy didn't want to use him more than 5 innings. It was in the bottom of 6 we came back to take the lead. If he's capable of going 5-6 innings, isn't that longer than most of Liriano's starts? That still gives the rest of the guys in the bullpen a break from pitching too much and screwing things up.

I'm also on board to ship Bobby Krappel BACK to Triple-A, or wherever he came from before that. I think he is a waste of time and a big fat joke! Sure he went 6 outings in the beginning of his stint with us, but now look at him! He's lucky to escape with just two runs scored...and lately, he's been what has cost us the game (with the help of NO hitting/run production as well).
What about bringing up a couple of guys like Jeff Manship (who I might personally vote for a little more cause he's super cute and nice...so he brings up the cuteness factor that Cabrera has brought down) and maybe someone like Rob Delaney? I don't know how well either of them would fair in the majors, but it's gotta be better than Krappel and Liriano!!

Krappel, FYI...you are on my list, buddy.
Yes, as much as it sucks to not have cable and not be able to watch the Twins, I have found that I would be highly disappointed in them and would be getting upset if I had to watch these downfalls happen.

BIG PROPS to Scott Baker for doing an excellent job the night before. I would have blogged yesterday, but my computer at work was on the fritz, and I have no internet to speak of at home to blog there. I am VERY proud of Timmy...and for the almost shut out game. If they would have left Crain in (yes, I am surprised I wanted that too) They could have shut out the Tribe...but NOPE...Gardy had to bring in my least favorite bullpen pitcher...Bobby Keppel.

BIG PROPS also to Carlos Go-Gomez...who was only a triple away from hitting for the cycle yet again this season. Man...guess bringing Cabrera in was a good idea. He's been a mentor for this kid, and apparently must also be teaching him to get on fire with his bat...and in the field lately. Good job to Go-Gomez for having a hot bat and hot glove. I'm proud.

Again...no stars of the game because the Twins haven't gotten back on a winning streak. Until those 4 games (at least)...the 3 Stars will be M.I.A.
Today: Day game against the Tribe. Bring your A-Game, Mr. Pumpkin Tits Blackburn. PLEASE?!?!


Katie said...

Keppel reminds me of Reyes for some reason, I just can't put my finger on it.

Betsy said...

at least Reyes didn't ALWAYS suck!!

Heidi said...

I will join you on your Liriano needs to go bandwagon. We can make t shirts that express our disgust.

Betsy said...

Heidi- I like the t-shirt idea!! cafepress anyone? :)

Katie said...

I'm in!

Heidi said...

well...at least it seems Pumpkin Tits brought his A game today, as you requested, but no one else did.

Betsy said...

it's unfortunate that they don't know how to all bring A-game at the same time. really...ever.

S.Rail said...

1. I am so on that bandwagon for Liriano's trip to AAA

2. HAHA Krappel. That made me laugh out loud ;)

3. "so he brings up the cuteness factor that Cabrera has brought down" That is so true. I like Cabrera as a player, but can't stand his face! Yuck.