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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Got 'Cha With The Slider

No, I'm not talking about White Castle here...we're talking about Joe Nathan...about Jose Mijares...about Scott Baker. Boy was it easy to go into despair with the game last night. We were losing 4-0 and it didn't look like we were every going to capitalize on our base runners. Scott Baker had moments where he looked like he was going to fall apart and be the latest pitcher to only go 2-ish innings and then have to have the bullpen relied on once again to pitch the remainder of the game...(especially when Gardy came out in the 2nd or 3rd inning and met with the whole infield). But the Twins pulled through in good old Twins fashion and got the job run. Sure we only won by one run, but that's all ya need to win 'em!

Denard Span had an amazing sliding catch in the field last night, and I am proud and happy to report that he was the #6 top 10 play on ESPN today. Way to go, Denard! That was fun to watch and a much needed out.

I will admit that I was a bit bummed that Jeff Manship didn't pitch last night. As much as I love Scott Baker and wanted him to go deep into the game (yes, he didn't go too deep last night...but still a solid outing), but I really also wanted to see Manship, who has pitched 2 games...both of which I was in Milwaukee and the Twins were not on TV there, so I didn't get to see him pitch. I have a feeling that he is going to be used on games where I can't watch (for whatever reason)...just because it would piss me off!

I'm sorry to my dear Texas Rangers fan and friend Lucky (Sarah)...I really do want the Twins to win tonight. I know I said that we could split the series...but I want to win now. Winning these past two games has felt so good, I am craving more. It's like I'm a hungry vampire who has smelt fresh blood...I need it! :) (yes, terribly cheesy comparison, but oh well!) I feel bad for being so needy with these wins and I really do want to see the Rangers as the wild card team (and not the Red Sox, Yankees or any other team I hate), but just think...even though Boston won last night, they'll be playing the Yankees this weekend...and they haven't beat them really this season at all. You win your series this weekend (heck, even sweep this upcoming series) and you'll be on top of Boston again! There are your wins. :) Hope this helps.

Tonight, Swarzy takes the mound and tries to recover from his last start. I'll be cheering for the boys for a win tonight, and also cheering for Austin BlueSox as they play in the State Tournament! Good luck to the Twins and the BlueSox! I make cupcakes for winning teams (okay, for winning teams that I like...) Just saying.


Heidi said...

Betsy, so I totally thought of you last night. Weird, because I don't really know you. But I went to a Dierks Bentley concert last night and the guy sitting in front of me totally looked like Kevin Slowey. on a scale of 1-5 I'd say he was a 4.2. However I don't think any of my pictures of him that I was trying to be not obviously taking of him didn't really come out. so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Betsy said...

i will take your word for it...and i'm so jealous! there was a twins game earlier this year where the guy sitting a little ways away from me looked like matt garza...it was terribly hard to be not-obvious! lol...