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Monday, August 3, 2009

A Joe Tri-fecta

I don't want to believe. I don't want to accept the fact that the Twins got swept by the Angels and took away the 3 Stars of the Game all on their own in one weekend. I guess this past weekend was one I was glad I didn't have cable (waiting for installation at my new place). Though I caught bits and pieces of Friday and Saturday nights' games, I was highly disappointed when the Angels shook and the Twins came tumbling down.

Today, I am going to move on from that series, relive the sweep of the Sox and share pictures instead.

Here it goes.

I wonder what Cuddy is doing with his face.

Go-Gomez's fro
Katie and I at the game

Deunsing on the mound
Cuddy...swinging like Cuddy.
Kubel on base
The beautiful tri-fecta of Joes
Joe Nathan
Robby Incmikowsi (however you spell his blasted last name!)

Katie and I with the sign after the game


Katie said...

Darn the home plate ump for being in the way of Joe!

Heidi said...

I prefer to call the trifecta of joes the Joe-gasm or Joe-nanza.

Betsy said...

ya know with how good crede's starting to look to me the "joe-gasm" might be most appropriate! lol...

Katie said...

"Joe-gasm" does have a nice ring to it! lol

S.Rail said...

Haha, Robby. Dick and Bert make fun of him so bad it's hillarious!