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Monday, August 31, 2009

Joe-Gasm Weekend with Super Span

Yeah, the title today might be a little wacky, but that is half the fun of this blog. I thought for sure the Twins were going to win this whole series, I was hopeful. After watching the game and learning the Detroit AND Chicago lost on Saturday night, I hoped they kicked it in gear and took out the Rangers ( I do like the Rangers...they have a few cute players too!), but much to my desperate pleas and hopeful thoughts, the Twins were unable to capitalize on losses from our two rivals.

Saturday morning, Katie and I waited in line for a few (I won't tell you exactly how many cause it was a while...) hours to meet Joe Crede. When we saw that the player appearance calendar listed both Span and Crede at Best Buy (only Denard at the "mobile store"), we thought maybe we'd get lucky and have both of them at Best Buy...nope, Denard was across the street in the mall. We figured after meeting Joe Crede (who's appearance started a half hour after Denard's), we'd run over to the mall and at least try to meet Denard (he was on my list to meet).

I took pictures of the line for Joe Crede because we had plenty of time to kill while we waited...if you look closely in the third picture, you can play "Where's Waldo" with Katie...(the first picture was where we were in line...only about 30 people back).
Katie and her nephew Skylar who was overjoyed to meet Joe Crede. He told me he wants to meet the Joe's, Justin, and Cuddy (who was the only player before Saturday that he met).
They told us "no posed photographs" (with Joe), but I was sneaky and got a not-so/semi-posed photo of Joe. I needed it.Skylar and what I think is his new bff...Denard Span. He's a super cool dude and I think I like Denard even more.

Side note: If Joe Crede is a reader EVER of my blog...I'm sorry for picture stalking you. Katie and I were just in awe of how good looking you were in person...though we hoped for our own sake, you weren't (not for any bad reasons either.)

I'm not sure if Saturday's game was worthy of Stars for Twins players...our bats were all too silent and we were shut out (I hate shut outs...). But I'm going to give Stars out anyway. Twins fans, I'm going to apologize in advance...the stars of the game were more Rangers players than Twins.
3 Stars of Saturday's Game:
1. Scott Feldman (I don't know why Ron Washington took him out after only 5.2 innings, but he still pitched very well.)
2. CJ Wilson (he...well most of the time...is outstanding against us...which is the reason I tweet him to tell him I love him, but that he needs to start doing not so good against us.)
3. Carl Pavano (though he did take the loss, he only gave up 2 earned runs , pitching 6 innings with 7 strike outs and only 1 walk.)

Sunday was a fabulous day to watch the Twins. When the Rangers started bumbling plays up (especially Ian Kinsler), I knew we were set to win the game. Call it a prediction, call it a hunch...call it, well whatever you want. Ian Kinsler is a fantastic second baseman...and although his is in need of a partial hair cut (it's cute...just a little long), he still is a great player.

Now the Twins' record when Mike Redmond starts is dismal at best. I don't like thinking about the numbers, because it makes me fearful, depressed and a whole lot more, so I just try to not think about it, so I can stay positive. Watching Mike Redmond hustle out a triple, only the triple of his ENTIRE career, was amusing and outstanding to watch. Gardy and the rest of the dugouts reaction to the triple was the best however. They all couldn't stop laughing. How could that not boost the spirits of the team into winning the game...in none other than Twins fashion of a come from behind win.

When CJ Wilson entered the game yesterday, I thought the Twins were done for. Instead the Twins proved to have possibilities and rang CJ up for 3 runs to take the lead 5-3. The Twins played outstanding small ball and got the job done. Joe Nathan coming in however made me nervous once again. I love Joe Nathan, as I'm sure everyone is aware, but he just keeps making me have heart palpitations which are driving me crazy.

I noticed that Joe Nathan has a little grey facial hair on both sides of his chin...does anyone else think that this is recent, and maybe has been because of his nail biter outings? I am going to assume this and maybe buy Joe Nathan a little Just For Men so he can fix this...uhh...issue?

3 Stars of Sunday's Game:
1. Jason Kubel (he went 2-3 with his 21st home run, which is his career high for home runs!)
2. Denard Span (went 2-4 with an double)
3. Mike Redmond (yup, for his triple alone, he gets star #3.)

Keep this up boys! Tonight we face our division rivals the Chicago White Sux! Now is the time to keep this winning up! Tomorrow, I am still hopeful for Jeff Manship to get the call to start. Katie and I will be at the game, and this is why we wanted to go Tuesday...to see Jeff Manship start!


Katie said...

Jeff better start tomorrow night, that's all I have to say, seeing how it's one of the reasons we got tickets!

Topper said...

I'm coming into town to go Tuesday and while I think Jeff Manship has a great future I have to admit I'd much rather see Rich Harden make his first start in a Twins uniform! But this isn't meant as a knock against Manship.

Awesome pictures! Where did you find out about the autograph appearances? Are there any this next week that I can actually make when I'm in town???

Betsy said...

Topper-where ya sitting Tuesday? Katie and I will be there too (135, I think).
Looks like Mike Redmond is the only one scheduled right now for Monday (the 2nd)...
September 2 — 6 p.m. - 7 p.m.
Mike Redmond Wednesday, September 2
Location: Rock Bottom Brewery
800 La Salle Plaza
Minneapolis, MN

Katie said...

Yes 135 is where we are :)

Topper said...

I thought I was near 3B on Tuesday but I'm actually in 114 row 2 (near the Sox bullpen). Wednesday I'm in 133 row 1 so I'll be messing with Beckham then as much as I can.

I wrote on Katie's page too, my e-mail's Topperanton@gmail.com, send me an e-mail and I'll give you my number in case we can say hi at the game! Go Twins!