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Monday, August 17, 2009

Maybe If I Hold My Breath

Okay, so maybe holding my breath wouldn't be the sensible thing to do with the Twins considering 3 of our 5 starters from the beginning of the season have now landed on the DL, I should maybe hold my breath for when it'll look something like this for our starting rotation: Baker, Pavano, Duensing, Swarzak/Krappel (against my wishes) and Manship. It has felt like this for a while now, but when our pitcher sucks, he lands on the DL. Glen played that game several times, and is once again on the DL. I am wondering if maybe some of them (I won't name names...) need to take a trip to the psych ward instead of the disabled list. Get their heads examined instead of their bodies.

It was disappointing coming back from a weekend away in Milwaukee to find that only once did we win. Sure it was a fantastic win (thank you, Timmy for being awesome!)...but one fantastic win and two crappy losses will not get us into the post season. We need to win series...and sweep teams like Kansas City, Cleveland, etc. (lower quality teams) I have low hopes of post season at this point in time...is that negative of me? It might be, but how is one such as myself to remain optimistic when the team doesn't act like the contenders it wants to be. Could a great winning spree take over and kick us in the ass and get us back in to contention? Sure, it could...I also could win the lottery this year, or find out a rich relative of mine passed away and left me millions. Chances of that happening? Slim...but go ahead and be optimistic if you'd like.

Joe Crede and Brendan Harris had a fantastic play they made last night. Crede dove for the ball at the third base line and threw it (high) to Brendan Harris (who was at first because Justin left the game early with diziness.) Brendan jumped for the ball and landed with his foot on the bag to get the out. It was outstanding and I thought for sure it would have been a web gem on ESPN today, but nope. Not on their radar, nor the highlights from the game...and I can't find a video highlight of that at all! Boo on that.

In other non-baseball related news...it looks like Jet Favre will be a Viking after all. I was hoping maybe he was coming to sign with the Twins since we're in desperate need, but most likely it's to play QB for the sucky Vikings. Goodie.

Hopefully tonight won't be a full blow out against the Rangers. I would like the Twins to at worst split the series. I'd be okay with that, but I'd still like the win of the series. Sorry Rangers...you can have the Wild Card!!

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