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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tall, Dark and Dreamy

Who the hell were these players on the field, and where did they come from? Was it Mr. Tall, Dark and Dreamy that was needed to give them a kick in the pants and make them look like the team I have grown to love? Well, whatever it was, I hope it continues...and for a long time.
They played great and seemed to be able to beat a team again.

I do like our new acquisition of Carl Pavano. I hope it doesn't cost us R.A. Dickey, but we do need someone else to fill in for a rotation spot. I am a full supporter of Brian Duensing taking over for Anthony Swarzak for the rest of the season. I like Swarzy, but I just don't think that he has it in him to be outstanding and help our team win as much as we need to from here on out. The one thing Pavano could do to make me like him even more...wear the navy jerseys when he pitches for the first time (and every time after) at home. Pavano...I LOVE the navy jerseys! :) (hopefully him, or someone close to him starts reading too.)

Big props go out to Joe Mauer, Denard Span and Carl Povano for knocking stripes of those Tigers. Thank you for playing amazing and bringing outstanding abilities to the game yesterday. We needed the boost.

Still not giving away the 3 Stars of the Game yet...we need to get back on that winning streak and then at least take series wins. Hopefully with the ease in our schedule at home (Cleveland and Kansas City) we'll be able to get back on a roll...but with the Twins luck this season...they'll beat us the hardest. I hope that last statement of mine was wrong.

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