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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twins or a Twin

I swear last night was not Francisco Liriano. It must have been his twin brother Outcisco Liriano. Fran doesn't pitch like that guy in the game last night. I will admit, I almost felt defeat when Fran gave up the first inning home run, but thankfully our bats came back and did a number on Bannister. Thank you, Joe Crede for being a power house last night. Even though you hadn't played in a few games, and hadn't homered since July...we appreciate a job well done. Good game!
New Picture.jpg
See...even Cuddy wanted to give Joe Crede a "good game"...except he looks like he is trying to be casual about it...and it looks more like a lingering butt tap than anything. Thank you, Cuddy for making me giggle today.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am happy about our win last night, but I also know that we're not on a winning streak yet. Happy we won in the navy jerseys again, yes. Happy the navy was worn, yes. Happy the Twins kicked a** (mlb blogs sensor me) and actually scored runs and got consistent hits, yes. Does this mean the 3 Stars of the Game are back, no. I need three more games (in a row) before those are back. The boys have today (and me listening to them on the radio) with Carl Pavano and then a weekend (including Friday) without me to get back to getting those beloved 3 Stars. Boys, you can do it!

I'm not sure who Bert picked for pick the stick last night, but to me...based on hits and such, it seems like it was Nick Punto, but I don't know for sure. All I know is that it couldn't have been Joe Crede! The only entertaining part of Qwest Twins live was post-game when Bert threw curve balls to the FSN announcers for the Wild and Wolves...Atta boy Darby for rocking the first ball he threw at you like it was a hockey puck. I think Bert thought that it was going to be hard for any of them to hit. But it wasn't entertaining because Darby (aka...Zach Morris) hit the first ball...it was because Mike Greenlay and Dan Terhaar both were barefoot. Imagine if they would have fouled a ball off their foot...ouch!

Today: Day game against the Royals. Go Pavano! Kick some a** again! I'll be listening.


Katie said...

I am biased and like blogger so here I am ;)

I wanna say Bert picked Kubel, but I'm not 100%. I know he went +2 and that no one picked Crede.

Betsy said...

you crack me up Katie! lol...
but that's funny that no one picked crede.

Katie said...

I've noticed that no one picks Crede after he's been out for a few days.

Betsy said...

they'll start picking him now! :)

Kristina said...

Outsisco Liriano. Love it. Almost as good as OUTMAN.

Betsy said...

it surely wasn't FRANcisco... :)

S.Rail said...

Liriano looked better than ever Wednesday. I just couldn't believe it. He was making his pitches and not just throwing in the dirt. Now thats the guy we need! :)