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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where's My White Flag??

wve-white-flag-260.jpgWatching the game tonight was brutal...and that might be an understatement. To lose to the Royals 14-6 is horrible. They are a team that is sitting LAST in our division. LAST. Why can't we beat the worst team in the AL Central, you ask? I'd like to know as well. Not only are they the worst team in the AL Central...they are the worst team in the entire AL...and are almost the worst team in MLB...they are only in front of the Washington Nationals.

I was impressed, not with Delmon Young's fielding during the entire game, because the two "catches" he missed made he look like a fool. The one, he wasn't fast enough with his running and the second fly ball (that ended up being a home run)...well he looked ridiculous because he wasn't even close to catching that one. He jumped too early, and his glove was on the opposite side of his body that the ball was. I'm not sure if maybe he just got confused with the holes in the Metordome's roof so he didn't know which one to look at. Delmon however did have an outstanding outfield assist last night. He got the double play when Kansas City's guy tried to run home on a fly ball. Delmon Young threw a rocket ball to home plate and had the guy out by a mile! It was unbelievable...and more of a Cuddy-throw than a Delmon-throw.

I don't know what happened with our pitchers last night. It was like they all broke down and melted under pressure. It wasn't the pitching I like seeing and it's not where our pitching should be this late into the season. I know it's easy to say this, but we need something/someone else to lift the team from the bullpen. Joe Nathan can't do it alone...nor with just the assistance of either Matt Guerrier or Jose Mijares (they both struggle every now and then...and pretty much take turns sucking.)

The Baby (aka...Glen Perkins) got placed on the DL (finally). I think the Twins should have placed him on that a while ago. I don't think Glen thinks he has what it takes to pitch well in himself anymore, so he finds some excuse every time he has a bad outing in order to place the blame on something else. Glen, own up to your own mistakes and your own crappy pitching! You pitch once a week (pretty much)...I wish I had a job where I got paid as much as you do and technically only had to work once every five days. Must be rough. Oh yeah, and if you're going to complain about your shoulder hurting, maybe you should golf or play hockey. It makes me think that you are making up your "problems"...because last time I checked...you use your shoulders for both hockey and golfing. Get a pacifier and suck it up, buddy!!

Jesse Crain last night looked like the Creeper (instead of the Reaper). Here's a screen cap Katie took for me of Jesse with his Creeper look.
Katie was also kind enough to take a picture of Timmy (Scott Baker) with his newly cut hair! See here. I appreciate his hair cut...it was needed. Now, give the razor, scissors, or whatever you used to Joe Nathan.

In other Twins related news: Jeff Manship is the latest call up (with Glen going on the DL). Thank you Twins front office for taking my advice and calling him up. Give these guys a shot. We can't do much worse than we already are!

Fran, we still need to get on a winning streak...so why don't you start it off for us tonight. Thanks.

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