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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Welcome Newbies

I just want to say welcome to Orlando Cabrera (yes, I missed that boat)...and to Carl Povano (thank you for bringing up our cuteness factor). I'm not sure why the Twins front office didn't think about picking up a pitcher before the trade deadline, but whatever...at least now we got someone. Hopefully it'll be Bobby Krappel that gets dealt away and not Dickey (and yes, I know Dickey got demoted currently...but it doesn't mean he'll go).

I think the owners of the Twins really need to reconsider the members of the front office who make decisions...and maybe look into what the Wild did with the coaches and staff members too. I think we need a makeover and I don't think it's with our players necessarily. I think they are trying, but I think there is always more behind doing well than just the players doing what they can. I think they need good direction and I don't know that they are getting that. (please no tar and feathers here...just voicing what I've been thinking lately)

I will give the Twins props for yesterday's game. Yes, they didn't win, but boy did they sure put up a fight to the end. Denard was on fire, Joe Mauer was too and watching Brian Duensing keep the Twins in the game after Swarzy put us so far in the whole was pleasant. I was shocked seeing Joe Nathan give up a run and have a few base runners. It was not like Joe Nathan...but then again, they haven't given him much of a chance to pitch lately with how poorly they've been playing. I think they Twins also had the umpires against them last night. There were some horrible calls, and for a while I wondered if it were the same ump that called Cuddy out (when he was safe by a mile) that called the Tigers player safe when he was out by a mile. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on the Granderson play call (yes, I know Granderson admitted that he felt the tag after the game, but it isn't his job to say "yes, he got me"), but the play at home where they called the runner safe when he was out by a longshot, was ridiculous and I think it really cost us the game. Nothing we can do now, but move on.

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