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Monday, August 24, 2009

With That Double Vision

No, I'm not talking about Bobby Keppel and his ability to give up a massive amount of doubles to players on the other team. I'm talking about the amazing Michael Cuddyer and his amazing ability to get two home runs in one inning. He's the first twins player to ever do this, so congrats to Cuddy!

I enjoyed watching Friday night's game. Seeing Joe Nathan wave off Gardy (after he blew the save and had two guys on with two outs in the 10th) was the funniest thing I have ever seen, and I also don't think any other player would EVER be able to pull something like that off. Can you imagine is Bobby Keppel (Krappel) was on the mound and Gardy came out because Krappel sucking again like he usually does and Krappel waved Gardy off. I think Gardy might actually smack him upside the head. At least I hope he would.

Friday night's game was definitely a nail bitter. I'm pretty sure Joe Nathan and I said the same thing after he gave up the home run to blow the save. Ask Katie, she got it in a text message to (she was in KC for Saturday and Sunday's games.). I wish Nick Blackburn would have gotten the win, since he finally got his ass in gear and starting pitching like he did before the All-Star break. It was wonderful to see him getting back into the groove of things. Guess his chat with Pavano really did help him. Who knew that was all he needed.

Span's "triple" or really rather his in the park home run (courteosy of Josh Anderson erroring on fielding and not being able to hold the ball in his glove long enough to throw it in.) was a blast to watch. I thought for a second that he was out at the plate, but it was because I didn't see the ball go between Olivo's legs.

If only the Twins could have taken the last game in Texas, they would be on a 6 game winning streak, but now it's only a three game one, since they lost the last game of the Rangers series. One more win, and they will be back on for stars of the game.

Saturday's game was nearly as nerve-wracking. I was very proud of how Brian Duensing did as a starter, and really think he should have another start in his future. Sure he got into a few jambs, but he also worked his way out of all but one of those jambs. He had great fielding behind him to go along with his good outing. Alexi Casilla even scored the #3 web gems on ESPN for his diving catch. I swear it wasn't really Alexi in the field that night...I swear it had to have been Nicky Punto, because I'm sure he's the only Twins player that can fly.

A special thanks goes to Kyle Davies for allowing Joe Mauer to strike out, but still reach base on a wild pitch. We like extra outs that we're given, and we'll capitolize on them too. It's what the Twins do. Another thanks to Cuddy for being the 4th Twins player this season to have at least 20 home runs. The last time the Twins had this many players was in 1987. One of the Twins' World Series teams. Way to go Joe (Mauer), Justin (Morneau), Jason (Kubel) and Michael Cuddyer! Big probs to all of our big guns!

Finally yesterday my nerves were saved. Through the first few innings, I was a bit on the nervous side...we didn't act like we remembered how to score runs, nor did the Royals. It looked like it was going to be a pitchers duel. I don't like those kinds of games, because I think they are the hardest to lose. KC tied the game up at 1 in the 6th inning, and the Twins were using their 6th inning magic that they had found in a few of their previous games. Instead, the Twins used their 7th inning power and rang up Kyle Farnsworth (a former Twins player). Pavano went 7 innings, which was fantastic for our bullpen and all of the Twins players had at least one hit.

If I were giving stars...Michael Cuddyer would have definitely earned his stars...quite possibly in a couple of the games in the sweep.

It's good to know that the Twins CAN actually beat the second to worst baseball team in MLB.


Katie said...

All of the Twins fans on the game Saturday were on pins and needles watching the 9th inning... it was a LONG game that's for sure.

Topper said...

I'm proud of Cuddy for having an excellent rebound year. It's been sad to see him so up-and-down.

We're still in it!

Betsy said...

Topper- It is VERY nice to see Cuddy having such a banner year. Glad that he just keeps getting better...and that we have him signed for a few more years.