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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You've Just Crossed Over Into...

K-bro and I were talking last night and she came up with a solution to our Bert's curse problem. Bert should only be allowed to pick players from the opposing team for Pick the Stick. This way it'll solve the problem of his pick going 0-_ and it'll leave the away team with this dilemma. Do you think I should write FSN about this?

So I will admit, I didn't get to watch as much of the game as I would have liked to have. I had my fantasy football draft last night, so I was huddled in a corner with some of my friends picking players for about two and a half hours. I wasn't thrilled learning that it was Todd Tichenor who would be behind home plate made me nervous, at the very least. For those who may not remember read here...another quick ejection (well 4 really) during the Boston series. Maybe Mr. Tichenor should stop and think for at least a second before throwing his arms and tossing people...otherwise I have a feeling, his car or himself is not going to fare too well with fans (of whatever team he picks on for the night).

Big props to Michael Cuddyer who is a huge rock star. I tried finding a video of Cuddy playing second base last night, yes I said second base. Katie didn't believe me when I suggested that maybe Cuddy would have to come in from right and play third, that he started off playing third. Instead, Gardy shook it up though and threw him in at second. I have to admit, it would have been super fun seeing Cuddy dive for a ball, I would have been highly entertained, but all I got to see was Cuddy turn a superb double play. He looked like a natural...and showed us all that he truly is a rock star.

I feel like I've stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone with how well (knock on wood) Alexi Casilla has been playing, both in the field and at the plate. Last night's gems were both in the field....(yes he lacked at the plate, but really most of our bats were lacking there). When ESPN was recapping the Twins game, Stuart Scott was pretty much patting Casilla on the back and thought that both of his outstanding plays would be in the top ten. Unfortunately, only the one linked above made the top ten....at number one...He was number one on the web gems top 5 too.

Thankfully last night, even though we lost (I think it was a somewhat unfair game...I know our bats were lacking too, but good calls help boost spirits), Detroit and Chicago White Sux decided it was best to not gain any ground on us and lost as well, so we are still 4 1/2 games behind first place. I think we can get ourselves back up in the standings and above .500 if we keep this power magic inning kick going throughout the Texas Rangers weekend series. I know they can do it.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Alexi Casilla (for above stated reason)
2. Joe Mauer (Joe went 2-4 and kept his cool as he had to watch fellow teammate Orlando Cabrera get throw out of the game)
3. Michael Cuddyer (why? because he is a Rock Star. Sure he only went 1-4, but he stepped up and became a second baseman and a very well-rounded utility player of not only the outfield, but infield as well.)

Off-day today, returning on Friday with the Rangers in town. Enjoy your night off, everybody!

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