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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race

I love watching Nicky Punto be the gritty player he is and just attack the Chicago White Sux. I also loved watching the game last night and seeing the fear that the White Sux felt for Jose Morales (aka the White Sux Killer). They should know by now though that walks will haunt you...especially when you walk a Twins player. The team lately has felt like the 2006 teams...the team that Ozzie nicknames the Piranhas. I love it! I dedicate this clip (from Finding Nemo...and the best one I could find) to our new and one old Piranhas.

Last night was a gritty game and one that I'm sure had a lot of Twins fans on the edge of their seats. I was right there with everyone.

I was tired of seeing Brendan Harris inserted into the line up only to have him go 0-4 for the third night in a row. I decided that I was going to watch Harris's at bats last night (he doesn't ever get hits when I watch him, so I was being rebellious). Yeah, he decided to be an ass hat and get his while I was watching. Now, granted I'm happy he did get hits, because it ended up bringing in a couple runs for us with the hits that followed (and one himself that he drove in), but seriously...why couldn't he have got these hits all the other times I watched him throughout the season?

Although Brian Duensing didn't go as long as I or the Twins had hoped, he still pitched well, got into a tough jam and nerve wracking inning and THANKFULLY Bobby Krappel (Keppel) was able to come in and not blow things for a change. I did LOVE how the Twins rang Mark Buehrle up with 5 runs (only 4 earned) and got him to exit the game by the third inning. It was highly amusing for me, especially when Buehrle has been a cocky bastard since his perfect game. Take that Buehrle!

Yes, I was a slacker and didn't write yesterday, so I'm going to start with the 3 stars from Tuesday's game...and then move onto Wednesday's 3 stars.

Tuesday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (went 3-4 and continued to be a rock star blasting another home run into the seats)
2. Delmon Young (went 2-3, which is shocking when you're Delmon...though Delmon wasn't among the 4 to get home runs, he still produced quality at bats, which is nice for a change.)
3. Jason Kubel (Kubel also blasted a home run out of the park and went 2-4 during the night.)

Honorable Mentions: Matty Tolbert and Orlando Cabrera! Way to be rock stars as well!

Wednesday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brendan Harris (went 2-3 with 2 doubles down the left field line. They were beautiful hits.)
2. Delmon Young (second night in a row Delmon has had quality at-bats and has been consistent with hits. Delmon went 3-5.)
3. Orlando Cabrera (he went 2-5 only, but had outstanding plays in the field. Sure he had an error late in the game that allowed a run to score for Chicago, but after how much good fielding plays he made, I'll cut him a little slack.)

Today, an off-day and the final one of the season for the Twins, but the Indians face our division leader the Tigers today. I'm am not holding my breath for the Indians to help us out, considering they have lost their past 10 games, but I'm holding onto hope. I hope the Twins can find a way to inch closer. All I know is that it would be even harder to lose out on the division title if we just kept the 2-3 games behind Detroit and never even had a chance to catch them. I'd rather lose in a one-game playoff than lose that way.

Cleveland...I hear some cookies will be in your future if you can help us with this one! Pretty please? Two games behind is WAY better than 3 games. This is all I'm going to ask of you this season. Thanks.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Awake and Alive

Okay, first and foremost, my thoughts and prayers go out to Denard Span who was hit by a pitch last night in the back of his head. I'm hoping he's okay and will be back in the line up soon. I'm gonna miss him while he's sitting on the bench!

I'm happy that the Twins decided to bust out the Piranha baseball that Ozzie hates so much and capitalize on nearly every base hit we acquired last night. We played MN Twins small-ball baseball. It's fun and exciting to watch and I hope they keep the winning up with this.

Detroit did not play last night, so with last night's win, the Twins are only 2.5 games back...just think...if we would have swept the Tigers, we would only be a 1/2 game behind the division leading Tigers. That would have been fabulous, but in the Twins fashion, they like to keep us on our toes and keep things interesting instead of just having things handed to them. They like to work hard and make everyone think they can't hack it only to prove everyone wrong. I hope they have this in them.

I fear for the first round of the playoffs (no matter which team gets there). The first round team will have to face the Evil Empire...aka the Yankees. Yeah, I'm sure if the Twins bought their team and stacked their deck, they could easily be in the post season too. Instead we hire guys who play for love of the game and are gritty players who want to fight to EARN what they deserve.

I'm just going to move into the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he pitched a solid 7 innings with no earned runs and only 8 hits given up.)
2. Nick Punto (he went 2-2 with 2 walks and 1 RBI)
3. Orlando Cabrera (he went 2-4 with 2 RBI's)

Honorable mention: Denard Span...he was a champ that walked himself off the field after getting pelted in the head by the ball. If you didn't see it go HERE to see the video. It's scary to watch...luckily he's okay!

Congratulations to Michael Cuddyer for being the AL Player of the week! I'm proud of you Cuddy for being the rock star that you are and showing everyone else! Let's hope the Twins exercise that 2011 option. I'd like to see you for a long time in a MN Twins uniform (I'm sure others would agree.)

Desperate plea from a Twins fan...please boys...wear the Navy jerseys one last time for Katie and I. We fear that we will have to wait until next season to see them resurrected.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Pouncing On Tigers

It's unfortunate that the Twins couldn't pounce on the Tigers every day, but hey, 2 out of 3 is better than getting swept entirely. I think these wins were well needed and well deserved. I know there were lots of bandwagon jumpers at the game on Saturday and thankfully a few of them didn't show up for the third and final game on Sunday.

I was happy to leave work on Friday night in time to catch most of the game. I didn't want to miss the whole game because I really wanted to see Brian Duensing. Although Brian didn't fulfill my desire for him to wear the Navy jersey, he still pitched and outstanding game. I think he's definitely doing good on his audition for a spot in next years' rotation. If the Twins send him back to Triple-A, they are insane. (not that I would put this past the Twins' front office by any means.)

Friday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brian Duensing (6 innings, 0 Earned Runs, and only 4 hits. He was a rock star!)
2. Jose "Mo" Morales (2 for 4 as the DH. He was a Detroit killer.)
3. Jason Kubel (2 for 4 as well with a double...anyone who knows Kubel, knows he pulls a refrigerator behind him, so he doesn't run fast.)

Honorable Mentions: Michael Cuddyer (home run...making his 1-4 night worth it.) and Delmon Young (also went 2-4 in the night)

Saturday was a little more nerve wracking and I honestly wasn't sure they were going to get the kick in their pants that they needed to get the win done. The score was 2-1 going into the 8th inning. I was getting tired of watching the game and was exhausted by the day at work. The Twins had Span and Cabrera reach on a single and a double, respectively....and then Justin Verlander decided to walk Joe Mauer. I never understand why they like to intentionally walk Joe Mauer with Jason Kubel up behind him. (Even when it was Justin too they did it.) Kubel is a powerhouse and can get the job done, and he did it again. Kubel got a blooper base hit that scored both Span and Cabrera (Cabrera right on Span's heels too.)

Joe and Kubel were still on base when Cuddy was a rock star for a second day in a row and he blasted a home run, bumping up the Twins lead to 6-2. It was a great come from behind win and the Twins really needed this to show people that they have it in them to win it.

Saturday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (rock star had back to back games with home runs and he drove in 3 runs...made his 1-4 night worth it again!)
2. Delmon Young (he went 2-3)
3. Orlando Cabrera (2-4 and he read Kubel's base hit very well to come into home with the lead run.)

This brings us to Sunday. I'm not sure I even want to talk about this. Katie and I had such a bad time at the game with just the people around us that it by far was not the best game to be at. We blame the lady behind us with the 30 kids (all her own) that were sneezing on us, hitting and kicking us in the head and the back on the Twins losing. They made us both crabby and in pain that it's the only thing that makes sense.

The Twins' defense looked mediocre at best during the game. Catches that they may have made in other games, they weren't making and honestly, Kubel is no Cuddy in right field...I love Kubel, but I like him in left better than right, to be perfectly honest. I know that Brendan Harris had decent numbers against Justin Verlander, but with how clutch Jose "Mo" Morales had been at the plate the past two nights, honestly I think Gardy should have played him for a third consecutive game.

It definitely was not a good day at the plate for Denard Span or Brendan Harris. Denard struck out all 4 times he was up to bat. Brendan Harris also went 0-3; Cuddy went 0-4. I will give props to Matt Tolbert went 2-4 and Joe Mauer went 2-4 as well...but two guys can't pull it all together for a whole team.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Matty Tolbert (even though he thinks he's gangster with Warren G. as his walk on music he still performed well. He also had a stolen base to boot, which if you watched the previous nights' game, you'd know how hard it is to do off Laird.)
2. Joe Mauer (see above for stats)
3. Nick Punto (sure he only went 1-3, but he did have one of the 2 RBI's the Twins came up with.)

Note from yesterday after the game: The rookies dressed up like teletubbies...funny thing, Bobby Krappel was the purple one. It made me laugh when I saw this on the news.

To brighten the spirits, I'm going to include some photos from a friend (Korey). These are not my pictures, but they are amazing pictures and I have to share! Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's One Of Those Weeks!

So I've been kind of a slacker lately. What can I say? My only excuse is that I've been incredibly busy with work, so my blog fell by the wasteland. This is not to say that I haven't been watching the Twins. No, quite honestly I've been watching them. Well, Sunday for a while, I won't lie...I flipped between Twins and football. That damn shiny object known as football is a killer sometimes.

It's kind of fitting that I should write after the great win today by Nick Blackburn, because this marks win #4 in a row...which means: 3 Stars of the Game are BACK! I love giving these stars out, so it's nice to see them back with a 4 game winning streak.

Today's game wasn't on TV, but it was quite a good game. Michael Cuddyer was back to his rock star self (I think it was the promise of Skittles from Katie tonight that made him want to be a star.) and Nick Blackburn did good starting pitching. I'm just going to get to the good part here already: the 3 Stars of the Game.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (Cuddy went 3 for 4 with 3 RBI's and his 26th home run this season)
2. Joe Mauer (Joe went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI's)
3. Jose Morales (Jose also went 2 for 3 with 1 RBI)

Honorable mention: Nick Blackburn. Nick pitched 6 innings with only 2 ER's. Mr. Pumpkin Tits pitched well and I'm proud of him!

Last night, Katie and I and a couple other friends were in the HR porch at the game. It was such a blast and I'm glad we got to witness a win. We brought our own makeshift "Fun Flask" and decided that if anyone got a home run, we'd take a shot. Thanks to Orlando Cabrera, we took a shot of vodka during the game. Not my favorite thing to do, but I would have been willing to repeat it if anyone else from the Twins would have followed suit. I was willing take one for the team.

Denard Span apparently doesn't like to waive at fans during the game. I'm not sure if it was just me making him nervous when I waived at him or what, but he never waived back at me. One day, I will get one of our outfielders to waive back at me. Until then, I'll just have fun trying.

Now: pictures from the game...and Unplugged. Enjoy.
our prizes from bean bag tossMe and Matty Guerrier
Cuddy's awesome shirt!
One of the douchebags that sells the autographs he gets...
Joe Nathan looking dreamy Matty G is awesome!
Cuddy's little guy...SO cute!
CuddyThe rockstar signing my ball!

Game Pics:
Joe Nathan
Fun flask fun... :)
Me waiving at Denard
Pow wow in the infieldBobby Krappel signing autographs~Nick Blackburn warming upBusted by NickyOur tribute to Nicky

Friday, September 11, 2009

Twins MVB

No notes from yesterday's game because quite frankly, it was disappointing! Instead check out my guest blog post on Twins MVB's site: HERE

Leave some comments!

Tonight: Katie and I will be stalking the bullpen...err...I mean, sitting by the bullpen at the game. Tonight takes me down to only one picture that has been part of the Twins starting staff that I haven't seen. Carl Pavano, I'm aiming for you!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Man Eater

So after watching the Twins game last night, I logged into MLB.com and watched the remainder of the Tigers vs. Kansas City game (at this point the score was 2-0 KC). I, like the rest of Twins Territory, was routing for KC to be the Tigers buzz kill again this season and hopefully help us out again like in 2006. Much to my delight, KC tromped on the Tigers to win it 5-1...and the Tigers only run came on a lazy sac-fly that David DeJesus took his time relaying into the infield. I think at that point DeJesus figured with two outs they had the game locked down, so 1-run really wasn't a big deal. For the record, I would have LOVED to see the Tigers get shut out against KC. KC, work on that today. Thanks!

It was a night for record breaking and record tying feats. Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for hits and the Twins beat Roy Halladay for the first time ever facing him. His record going into last night's game against the Twins was 8-0. Now it's 8-1. Thanks, Justin, Cabrera, and Cuddy (rbi producers)!

I was floored last night watching Brian Buscher. I've never been the president of his fan club, nor have I been completely been on board with him starting, but apparently he sure had Roy Halladay's number last night going 3-4. He's got somewhere around a .800 batting average against Halladay. I sure hope he's here the next time we face this ace. Keep it up Brian Buscher!

Today, the Twins can go for a series win against the Blue Jays. I'm routing for KC also to get the series sweep against the Tigers later this afternoon.

Update on the Food Shelf giving (for Twins fans): Twins (won 4 games = 8 items); Tigers (lost 2 games = 2 items) Total items so far for Twins fans (donating 2 items for every Twins win, and 1 items for every Tigers loss) = 10 ITEMS! GO TWINS! Remember, you can donated items for your favorite teams' wins in the month of September (even if you're not a Twins fan!)

I think Katie is fighting with Joe Nathan...they last several games she's had to turn the game off when Joe comes in to pitch in order for him to make it through the 9th inning. I told her maybe it was her and that she should stop fighting with him. Katie's response: "Damn him, lol. But if I have to turn him off to win, I will." I replied, "It's not nice to turn boys off. Maybe that's why he's fighting with you."

It's Not The End

I think Matthew West's song "The End" sums up how we should be feeling about the Twins right now. "Cause sometimes it rains all over your parade. It's like you're reaching for the sun, and you're landing in the shade... It may look like the end but it's only the beginning." I'm hoping that it's not the end for the Twins yet and I'm trying my best to stay positive this late in the season, but sometimes they rain all over my parade for sure.

Thanks to the Kansas City Royals last night for stepping up and beating the Tigers when we couldn't beat the Blue Jays. It would have been nice if we could have stepped up and came back (after Rauch gave up a 3-run home run), but inconsistencies left us on the losing end of the deal.

I think it's been a rough year for the Twins. There have been so many inconsistencies, I don't entirely blame them. I would think for the players (minus Morneau, Mauer and Cuddyer...and the pitchers) are more or less confused and uncertain where they will play in any given day. One day, Span starts in center field...the next, left field. Even just looking at the lineups for the past two days, there is a lot of inconsistencies...
Last nights game:

Span, CF

Cabrera, O, SS

Kubel, DH

Morneau, 1B

Cuddyer, RF

Harris, B, 3B

Young, D, LF

a-Morales, J, PH

Redmond, M, C

b-Mauer, PH

Punto, 2B

Versus Monday Night's Game:

Span, CF-LF

Punto, SS

Mauer, C

Morneau, 1B

Kubel, DH

Cuddyer, RF

Young, D, LF

Gomez, C, PR-CF

Buscher, 3B

Casilla, A, 2B

Day to day, how many position players change positions. Is everyone on the Twins' team a utility player, or is Gardy just using them like they are? Could this be where we are faltering?

Last night, big props to Brian Duensing who is really stepping up lately in his starting role. I was very proud of his job well done and was routing for him to have a shut out! I'm not going to lie, after Toronto got the 3-run lead in the game, I chose to watch the new Melrose Place instead. (I wanted to see what it was like). Hopefully the boys won't be this careless with games when football and hockey season start up. I wouldn't want to have to chose those sports over the Twins!

In other Twins good news: Joe Crede has been activated from the DL! I am quite happy to have him back and hopeful that I'll get to see him play next Tuesday when I'm present at the game.

In other good news:

Don't forget to get on board with K-bro and donate to your local food shelf for every win your favorite team gets (and for Twins fans, every loss Detriot gets!). This is a great idea and a great cause. Just imagine how many people we could help and how much could be donated if everyone in the MLB-blog world pitched in! It'll be like the "Pitch in for Pat" campaign...should we make t-shirts? :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

You Gotta Fight!

It seem appropriate that the movies "The Rookie" and "For Love of the Game" are on AMC today. The Twins appeared to have their B-Squad in the line up. Brian Buscher, Nick Punto, Delmon Young...and as much as I love Jeff Manship and as much as he is one of our starting pitchers, he still is technically part of the B-squad considering he didn't start the season with the team. I guess the movie the Rookie would feel even more appropriate if the Twins were the Rays, but they're not, but we did have a Rookie on the mound. I feel the excitement that the friends and family of Jim Morris feel when Jeff Manship is on the mound. I'm very proud of how far he's come in the past several years, following him through the different minor league systems.

Today's game had a great kick off...I'm not sure if the Twins felt they needed to be in the spirit of Football season, which kicks off soon, of if they just wanted to show their rookie that they were behind him and could score more runs than they did on Sunday...and also get more hits. Whatever the reason for the beating in the first inning, I'll take it. We've always struggled to beat the Blue Jays and I'm not sure how we did it today, but we did. I just hope that they can rally and find their sense of commodore and sweep the series.
With the loss on Friday and Sunday...the Twins lost the series to the Indians. As much as I don't want to, and as much as I love that Scott Baker and Nick Blackburn both pulled through in my deprivation and wore the Navy...the Three Stars of the Game can't come back until we get back on a four-game winning streak. Remember I said if they lose a series, the three stars are revoked...well, Cleveland=losing series, sadly.

Saturday, I was disappointed that the game was not on TV. I feel so lost when the weekend games aren't on TV. I know it was supposed to be on Fox, but apparently the White Sux are more important in Fox's eyes that they needed to be showcased instead. Um, hello, Fox...last time I remember and checked, the Twins were in 2nd place and still (barely) in contention...and the White Sux were in THIRD. Yes, that's right, THIRD. I'm a bit bitter about this, especially because I'm fairly certain that most Twins fans and Minnesota residence despise the White Sux. Next time...I may have to express my frustration. Thankfully, I occupied my time by going to see the animals at the Zoo. Does anyone think this is what I would look like next to our new pitcher Jon Rauch? He's 6'11"...and I'm barely 5'3". Maybe I should just start calling him a giraffe. Seems fitting.If it weren't for the long weekend and my lack of motivation, I'd write more...but labor day weekend calls for me to be labor-less. Tomorrow night, Twins take on the Blue Jays again with Brian Duensing taking the mound.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Well Just Rip My Heart Out

I'm glad Joe Nathan reminded me today how he is a guy, and at some point in time every guy breaks a girls heart...especially girls that love them. It was tough today listening to the game at work and hearing Joe Nathan give up back to back home runs...I think it was even harder watching the replay...like putting salt in a open wound. But I found myself drawn to watching the replay. It was like watching an accident happen and then being one of those annoying gawkers that drive slowly past the scene. Don't get me wrong, I still love Joe Nathan...I just don't like the heart ache. I have determined it must be the fact that Joe Nathan needs a haircut and this must be why he has been doing so spotty lately.

Overall, and even up until Konerko was down to his last strike, I thought the Twins had this game and I was wishing I was at the game to hold up the sign that Katie and I had last time (see sign)But then Paul Konerko provided to be the douche bag that he is and got a home run to tie the game in the bottom of the 9th. Joe Nathan at least is awesome enough to take responsibility for the loss. I respect people who are willing to own up to their mistakes and admit when they have screwed up. I know it doesn't happen to Joe Nathan very often, it's just unfortunate that it had to happen in this game.

I couldn't believe the reversal on Michael Cuddyer's leaping catch in right field. For those who didn't see, Cuddy leaped up and the ball hit the heal of his glove and rolled to the webbing. Cuddy squeezed the glove though before it had a chance to come out of his glove. He had the ball the whole time however. We'll initially they ruled the catch and out, but after having a pow wow, they reversed the call and gave the guy a double instead. It was a BS call but thankfully it didn't cost the Twins in the long run.

Brian Duensing was outstanding pitching 7 innings with zero earned runs. Duensing has really stepped up and I think he's surprised a lot of people. I knew he was capable of being great and I'm glad to see he's finally getting some recognition. He deserves it.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brian Duensing (pitched 7 fantastic shut out innings and looked like a rock star as well. It's great to see these rookies killing it!)
2. Denard Span (went 3 for 4 and was a rock star...like Cuddy...who tried his hardest to catch that 2nd home run that went over the left field wall!)
3. Jason Kubel (went 2 for 3 with our only 2 RBI's)

Honorary stars go to:
1. Jose Morales (as a White Sux killer, he is 11-13 against Chicago pitching.)
2. Michael Cuddyer (yes, his "catch" was a real catch...it didn't hit off the baggie, it was an out. The ball was ALWAYS in Cuddy's glove. Thankfully that "double" didn't cost us a run.)

Now, I know that the stupid White Sux won this game...unfortunately, but they still act like a bunch of whiny babies when playing the Twins in the Dome. Everything you can think of, they use as their excuse. For their crying, I offer....Kleenex. Cheers.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Cuddy?

Now I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't nervous for Jeff Manship when he got the call to start the game Tuesday night. I was, but it was only because I didn't want to see him rung up and out as fast as Gambino was the week before. I wanted him to be a rock star. I guess last night, Jeff Manship channeled his inner Michael Cuddyer and went out and pitched like a rock star.

It was a great night to be in the dome...I love going to the games where the Twins face the Chicago White Sux. They are not only fun, because it's a blast to boo and tell AJ how much he sucks, but also because they are our division rivals and we seem to have the best games against them. The energy that the fans have in the dome is sometimes deafening. I know for the last game of the season, it'll most likely even be unbareable and ear plugs may be dire. Last night, when Jose Morales hit his blooper hit into right center to drive Nicky Punto in, was another one of those times one should have had earplugs with to drown out the resounding cheers!

The Twins had some outstanding fielding...Brendan Harris made a barehand play just beating the runner at first with his throw. Orlando Cabrera also had a (in my opinion) web gem where his one hopper just beat the runner...and Cuddy...oh, Michael Cuddyer the rock star, well he made a fantastic play in right.

Our offense definitely played an important role again, sure, not through the first 4 innings, but in the 5th Cuddy decided to Rock It and blast one into the seats to tie the game back up (I secretly think he didn't want the rookie starter to get the loss) at one. Cuddy also stepped up and blessed the Twins with a second home run later in the game as well. Jose Morales, well what can I say about him, other than he's a rock star and was "preparing for this for the past couple games" I'm glad Gardy realized that Morales is indeed the White Sux Killer and likes to rock their sox (yes, pun intended) off. Denard Span also had a killer triple which really brought the spirits up in the Dome. Jose's blooper base hit #1 Top 10 play on ESPN!

Jeff Manship in his MLB debut was on fire. He matched John Danks pitch for pitch and threw up 4 scoreless innings and allowed only 1 ER in his 5 innings pitched. For his first time starting, he did fantastic. After the game, while he was being interviewed, he said he was nervous for his first start. That probably was a given, but he sure didn't go out on that field and show it in any way that he was nervous. Great job, Jeff on your outstanding start and I can't wait to see you pitch again!
One of our newest acquisitions, John Rauch, I have decided could also be called the Jolly Green Giant. He is 6'11" and is the tallest player in MLB. He makes Joe Nathan, who is 6'3" look small...I can't imagine what he would look like next to Alexi Casilla or Nicky Punto...it'd be like the Jolly Green Giant next to the Keebler Elves.
3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jeff Manship (5 innings, 1 Earned Run, MLB Debut)
2. Michael Cuddyer (2 home runs and was the power house behind the Twins offense.)
3. Jose Morales (he was the White Sux Killer that he was earlier in the season...and it was outstanding.)

Now enjoy some pictures from the game first...and then pictures from Target Field (now with all the grass in place.)

White Sux killer
Manship warming up
Joe Mauer
The best jersey ever!
Nathan and Rauch
If you look closely, you can see how short Casilla in comparision to Rauch.
Tourist moments...scaling the wall
The field with the grass installed
Infield diamond!