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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's Not The End

I think Matthew West's song "The End" sums up how we should be feeling about the Twins right now. "Cause sometimes it rains all over your parade. It's like you're reaching for the sun, and you're landing in the shade... It may look like the end but it's only the beginning." I'm hoping that it's not the end for the Twins yet and I'm trying my best to stay positive this late in the season, but sometimes they rain all over my parade for sure.

Thanks to the Kansas City Royals last night for stepping up and beating the Tigers when we couldn't beat the Blue Jays. It would have been nice if we could have stepped up and came back (after Rauch gave up a 3-run home run), but inconsistencies left us on the losing end of the deal.

I think it's been a rough year for the Twins. There have been so many inconsistencies, I don't entirely blame them. I would think for the players (minus Morneau, Mauer and Cuddyer...and the pitchers) are more or less confused and uncertain where they will play in any given day. One day, Span starts in center field...the next, left field. Even just looking at the lineups for the past two days, there is a lot of inconsistencies...
Last nights game:

Span, CF

Cabrera, O, SS

Kubel, DH

Morneau, 1B

Cuddyer, RF

Harris, B, 3B

Young, D, LF

a-Morales, J, PH

Redmond, M, C

b-Mauer, PH

Punto, 2B

Versus Monday Night's Game:

Span, CF-LF

Punto, SS

Mauer, C

Morneau, 1B

Kubel, DH

Cuddyer, RF

Young, D, LF

Gomez, C, PR-CF

Buscher, 3B

Casilla, A, 2B

Day to day, how many position players change positions. Is everyone on the Twins' team a utility player, or is Gardy just using them like they are? Could this be where we are faltering?

Last night, big props to Brian Duensing who is really stepping up lately in his starting role. I was very proud of his job well done and was routing for him to have a shut out! I'm not going to lie, after Toronto got the 3-run lead in the game, I chose to watch the new Melrose Place instead. (I wanted to see what it was like). Hopefully the boys won't be this careless with games when football and hockey season start up. I wouldn't want to have to chose those sports over the Twins!

In other Twins good news: Joe Crede has been activated from the DL! I am quite happy to have him back and hopeful that I'll get to see him play next Tuesday when I'm present at the game.

In other good news:

Don't forget to get on board with K-bro and donate to your local food shelf for every win your favorite team gets (and for Twins fans, every loss Detriot gets!). This is a great idea and a great cause. Just imagine how many people we could help and how much could be donated if everyone in the MLB-blog world pitched in! It'll be like the "Pitch in for Pat" campaign...should we make t-shirts? :)


Topper said...

Is the banner on the top of the page new? I like it.

Betsy said...

it is and thank you! i made it today! I wanted to spruce up the page :)

Heidi said...

yes, the new banner is spiffy! And I also like the quoting of Matty West. Now I have that song in my head. Thanks.

Betsy said...

Heidi- thanks! Yeah I had the Matthew West song in my head this morning too...and it randomly goes back through...lol
you're welcome for having to suffer with me! :)