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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Man Eater

So after watching the Twins game last night, I logged into MLB.com and watched the remainder of the Tigers vs. Kansas City game (at this point the score was 2-0 KC). I, like the rest of Twins Territory, was routing for KC to be the Tigers buzz kill again this season and hopefully help us out again like in 2006. Much to my delight, KC tromped on the Tigers to win it 5-1...and the Tigers only run came on a lazy sac-fly that David DeJesus took his time relaying into the infield. I think at that point DeJesus figured with two outs they had the game locked down, so 1-run really wasn't a big deal. For the record, I would have LOVED to see the Tigers get shut out against KC. KC, work on that today. Thanks!

It was a night for record breaking and record tying feats. Derek Jeter tied Lou Gehrig for hits and the Twins beat Roy Halladay for the first time ever facing him. His record going into last night's game against the Twins was 8-0. Now it's 8-1. Thanks, Justin, Cabrera, and Cuddy (rbi producers)!

I was floored last night watching Brian Buscher. I've never been the president of his fan club, nor have I been completely been on board with him starting, but apparently he sure had Roy Halladay's number last night going 3-4. He's got somewhere around a .800 batting average against Halladay. I sure hope he's here the next time we face this ace. Keep it up Brian Buscher!

Today, the Twins can go for a series win against the Blue Jays. I'm routing for KC also to get the series sweep against the Tigers later this afternoon.

Update on the Food Shelf giving (for Twins fans): Twins (won 4 games = 8 items); Tigers (lost 2 games = 2 items) Total items so far for Twins fans (donating 2 items for every Twins win, and 1 items for every Tigers loss) = 10 ITEMS! GO TWINS! Remember, you can donated items for your favorite teams' wins in the month of September (even if you're not a Twins fan!)

I think Katie is fighting with Joe Nathan...they last several games she's had to turn the game off when Joe comes in to pitch in order for him to make it through the 9th inning. I told her maybe it was her and that she should stop fighting with him. Katie's response: "Damn him, lol. But if I have to turn him off to win, I will." I replied, "It's not nice to turn boys off. Maybe that's why he's fighting with you."


sarah said...

That? is a very disturbing picture.

Betsy said...

believe me the other ones i had to work with were much much worse!

Katie said...

If I turn him on, think he'll play better? LOL

Betsy said...

can't hurt to try! you'll get a good opportunity tomorrow night!