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Monday, September 21, 2009

Pouncing On Tigers

It's unfortunate that the Twins couldn't pounce on the Tigers every day, but hey, 2 out of 3 is better than getting swept entirely. I think these wins were well needed and well deserved. I know there were lots of bandwagon jumpers at the game on Saturday and thankfully a few of them didn't show up for the third and final game on Sunday.

I was happy to leave work on Friday night in time to catch most of the game. I didn't want to miss the whole game because I really wanted to see Brian Duensing. Although Brian didn't fulfill my desire for him to wear the Navy jersey, he still pitched and outstanding game. I think he's definitely doing good on his audition for a spot in next years' rotation. If the Twins send him back to Triple-A, they are insane. (not that I would put this past the Twins' front office by any means.)

Friday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brian Duensing (6 innings, 0 Earned Runs, and only 4 hits. He was a rock star!)
2. Jose "Mo" Morales (2 for 4 as the DH. He was a Detroit killer.)
3. Jason Kubel (2 for 4 as well with a double...anyone who knows Kubel, knows he pulls a refrigerator behind him, so he doesn't run fast.)

Honorable Mentions: Michael Cuddyer (home run...making his 1-4 night worth it.) and Delmon Young (also went 2-4 in the night)

Saturday was a little more nerve wracking and I honestly wasn't sure they were going to get the kick in their pants that they needed to get the win done. The score was 2-1 going into the 8th inning. I was getting tired of watching the game and was exhausted by the day at work. The Twins had Span and Cabrera reach on a single and a double, respectively....and then Justin Verlander decided to walk Joe Mauer. I never understand why they like to intentionally walk Joe Mauer with Jason Kubel up behind him. (Even when it was Justin too they did it.) Kubel is a powerhouse and can get the job done, and he did it again. Kubel got a blooper base hit that scored both Span and Cabrera (Cabrera right on Span's heels too.)

Joe and Kubel were still on base when Cuddy was a rock star for a second day in a row and he blasted a home run, bumping up the Twins lead to 6-2. It was a great come from behind win and the Twins really needed this to show people that they have it in them to win it.

Saturday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (rock star had back to back games with home runs and he drove in 3 runs...made his 1-4 night worth it again!)
2. Delmon Young (he went 2-3)
3. Orlando Cabrera (2-4 and he read Kubel's base hit very well to come into home with the lead run.)

This brings us to Sunday. I'm not sure I even want to talk about this. Katie and I had such a bad time at the game with just the people around us that it by far was not the best game to be at. We blame the lady behind us with the 30 kids (all her own) that were sneezing on us, hitting and kicking us in the head and the back on the Twins losing. They made us both crabby and in pain that it's the only thing that makes sense.

The Twins' defense looked mediocre at best during the game. Catches that they may have made in other games, they weren't making and honestly, Kubel is no Cuddy in right field...I love Kubel, but I like him in left better than right, to be perfectly honest. I know that Brendan Harris had decent numbers against Justin Verlander, but with how clutch Jose "Mo" Morales had been at the plate the past two nights, honestly I think Gardy should have played him for a third consecutive game.

It definitely was not a good day at the plate for Denard Span or Brendan Harris. Denard struck out all 4 times he was up to bat. Brendan Harris also went 0-3; Cuddy went 0-4. I will give props to Matt Tolbert went 2-4 and Joe Mauer went 2-4 as well...but two guys can't pull it all together for a whole team.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Matty Tolbert (even though he thinks he's gangster with Warren G. as his walk on music he still performed well. He also had a stolen base to boot, which if you watched the previous nights' game, you'd know how hard it is to do off Laird.)
2. Joe Mauer (see above for stats)
3. Nick Punto (sure he only went 1-3, but he did have one of the 2 RBI's the Twins came up with.)

Note from yesterday after the game: The rookies dressed up like teletubbies...funny thing, Bobby Krappel was the purple one. It made me laugh when I saw this on the news.

To brighten the spirits, I'm going to include some photos from a friend (Korey). These are not my pictures, but they are amazing pictures and I have to share! Enjoy!


Topper said...

Where are pictures of Krappel as a purple teletubby? I think that's a keeper...

Betsy said...

i tried finding them...but no luck! :(

Kristina said...

Sad! It sounds amazing.

Betsy said...

I am going to keep looking for pics though! I won't give up this easily!