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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This Ain't A Scene, It's An Arms Race

I love watching Nicky Punto be the gritty player he is and just attack the Chicago White Sux. I also loved watching the game last night and seeing the fear that the White Sux felt for Jose Morales (aka the White Sux Killer). They should know by now though that walks will haunt you...especially when you walk a Twins player. The team lately has felt like the 2006 teams...the team that Ozzie nicknames the Piranhas. I love it! I dedicate this clip (from Finding Nemo...and the best one I could find) to our new and one old Piranhas.

Last night was a gritty game and one that I'm sure had a lot of Twins fans on the edge of their seats. I was right there with everyone.

I was tired of seeing Brendan Harris inserted into the line up only to have him go 0-4 for the third night in a row. I decided that I was going to watch Harris's at bats last night (he doesn't ever get hits when I watch him, so I was being rebellious). Yeah, he decided to be an ass hat and get his while I was watching. Now, granted I'm happy he did get hits, because it ended up bringing in a couple runs for us with the hits that followed (and one himself that he drove in), but seriously...why couldn't he have got these hits all the other times I watched him throughout the season?

Although Brian Duensing didn't go as long as I or the Twins had hoped, he still pitched well, got into a tough jam and nerve wracking inning and THANKFULLY Bobby Krappel (Keppel) was able to come in and not blow things for a change. I did LOVE how the Twins rang Mark Buehrle up with 5 runs (only 4 earned) and got him to exit the game by the third inning. It was highly amusing for me, especially when Buehrle has been a cocky bastard since his perfect game. Take that Buehrle!

Yes, I was a slacker and didn't write yesterday, so I'm going to start with the 3 stars from Tuesday's game...and then move onto Wednesday's 3 stars.

Tuesday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (went 3-4 and continued to be a rock star blasting another home run into the seats)
2. Delmon Young (went 2-3, which is shocking when you're Delmon...though Delmon wasn't among the 4 to get home runs, he still produced quality at bats, which is nice for a change.)
3. Jason Kubel (Kubel also blasted a home run out of the park and went 2-4 during the night.)

Honorable Mentions: Matty Tolbert and Orlando Cabrera! Way to be rock stars as well!

Wednesday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brendan Harris (went 2-3 with 2 doubles down the left field line. They were beautiful hits.)
2. Delmon Young (second night in a row Delmon has had quality at-bats and has been consistent with hits. Delmon went 3-5.)
3. Orlando Cabrera (he went 2-5 only, but had outstanding plays in the field. Sure he had an error late in the game that allowed a run to score for Chicago, but after how much good fielding plays he made, I'll cut him a little slack.)

Today, an off-day and the final one of the season for the Twins, but the Indians face our division leader the Tigers today. I'm am not holding my breath for the Indians to help us out, considering they have lost their past 10 games, but I'm holding onto hope. I hope the Twins can find a way to inch closer. All I know is that it would be even harder to lose out on the division title if we just kept the 2-3 games behind Detroit and never even had a chance to catch them. I'd rather lose in a one-game playoff than lose that way.

Cleveland...I hear some cookies will be in your future if you can help us with this one! Pretty please? Two games behind is WAY better than 3 games. This is all I'm going to ask of you this season. Thanks.


Katie said...

Oh can we send one of those stuffed piranha's to Ozzie??

Betsy said...

sure can! :)

k-bro said...

Buehrle hasn't been a cocky bastard since his perfect game. He's been a cocky bastard his whole life. It made me happy to see him sulk off the mound in the third too.

Heidi said...

why must joe nathan insist on worrying me by putting guys on base with 2 outs? I don't appreciate it. Just motorboat and get it done, Joe.

Betsy said...

K-bro, this is true about Buehrle...he just seems to ride in on his high horse now which annoys me. I too enjoyed watching him sulk! Delightful!

Heidi- I agree! I texted Katie after the game and told her "Joe motorboated me...a lot" because she's still stuck on not watching. I told her to just tell Joe Nathan, tough lucky buddy. I'm watching....but no go!

Katie said...

I wasn't going to be responsible for a loss last night! lol

Next time :)