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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Cuddy?

Now I'm not going to lie and say I wasn't nervous for Jeff Manship when he got the call to start the game Tuesday night. I was, but it was only because I didn't want to see him rung up and out as fast as Gambino was the week before. I wanted him to be a rock star. I guess last night, Jeff Manship channeled his inner Michael Cuddyer and went out and pitched like a rock star.

It was a great night to be in the dome...I love going to the games where the Twins face the Chicago White Sux. They are not only fun, because it's a blast to boo and tell AJ how much he sucks, but also because they are our division rivals and we seem to have the best games against them. The energy that the fans have in the dome is sometimes deafening. I know for the last game of the season, it'll most likely even be unbareable and ear plugs may be dire. Last night, when Jose Morales hit his blooper hit into right center to drive Nicky Punto in, was another one of those times one should have had earplugs with to drown out the resounding cheers!

The Twins had some outstanding fielding...Brendan Harris made a barehand play just beating the runner at first with his throw. Orlando Cabrera also had a (in my opinion) web gem where his one hopper just beat the runner...and Cuddy...oh, Michael Cuddyer the rock star, well he made a fantastic play in right.

Our offense definitely played an important role again, sure, not through the first 4 innings, but in the 5th Cuddy decided to Rock It and blast one into the seats to tie the game back up (I secretly think he didn't want the rookie starter to get the loss) at one. Cuddy also stepped up and blessed the Twins with a second home run later in the game as well. Jose Morales, well what can I say about him, other than he's a rock star and was "preparing for this for the past couple games" I'm glad Gardy realized that Morales is indeed the White Sux Killer and likes to rock their sox (yes, pun intended) off. Denard Span also had a killer triple which really brought the spirits up in the Dome. Jose's blooper base hit #1 Top 10 play on ESPN!

Jeff Manship in his MLB debut was on fire. He matched John Danks pitch for pitch and threw up 4 scoreless innings and allowed only 1 ER in his 5 innings pitched. For his first time starting, he did fantastic. After the game, while he was being interviewed, he said he was nervous for his first start. That probably was a given, but he sure didn't go out on that field and show it in any way that he was nervous. Great job, Jeff on your outstanding start and I can't wait to see you pitch again!
One of our newest acquisitions, John Rauch, I have decided could also be called the Jolly Green Giant. He is 6'11" and is the tallest player in MLB. He makes Joe Nathan, who is 6'3" look small...I can't imagine what he would look like next to Alexi Casilla or Nicky Punto...it'd be like the Jolly Green Giant next to the Keebler Elves.
3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jeff Manship (5 innings, 1 Earned Run, MLB Debut)
2. Michael Cuddyer (2 home runs and was the power house behind the Twins offense.)
3. Jose Morales (he was the White Sux Killer that he was earlier in the season...and it was outstanding.)

Now enjoy some pictures from the game first...and then pictures from Target Field (now with all the grass in place.)

White Sux killer
Manship warming up
Joe Mauer
The best jersey ever!
Nathan and Rauch
If you look closely, you can see how short Casilla in comparision to Rauch.
Tourist moments...scaling the wall
The field with the grass installed
Infield diamond!


Katie said...

Oh I have an answer to your question! AJ is afraid of the Big Bad Cuddy since he came out of the game last night!

Topper said...

So is Mijares supposed to be the Keebler elf? (or whoever that is next to JGG)

Betsy said...

The elf represents Casilla and Little Nicky Punto. :)

Heidi said...

and since rouch has some tattoos his skin looks green, so really, he is the jolly green giant!

Betsy said...

Heidi- his green skin is definitely showing. Just waiting now to see the gray/white hair on Nicky and Casilla! :)

S.Rail said...

"Lets Get Denarded!"

That is the coolest Jersey EVER! haha! ;)