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Monday, September 7, 2009

You Gotta Fight!

It seem appropriate that the movies "The Rookie" and "For Love of the Game" are on AMC today. The Twins appeared to have their B-Squad in the line up. Brian Buscher, Nick Punto, Delmon Young...and as much as I love Jeff Manship and as much as he is one of our starting pitchers, he still is technically part of the B-squad considering he didn't start the season with the team. I guess the movie the Rookie would feel even more appropriate if the Twins were the Rays, but they're not, but we did have a Rookie on the mound. I feel the excitement that the friends and family of Jim Morris feel when Jeff Manship is on the mound. I'm very proud of how far he's come in the past several years, following him through the different minor league systems.

Today's game had a great kick off...I'm not sure if the Twins felt they needed to be in the spirit of Football season, which kicks off soon, of if they just wanted to show their rookie that they were behind him and could score more runs than they did on Sunday...and also get more hits. Whatever the reason for the beating in the first inning, I'll take it. We've always struggled to beat the Blue Jays and I'm not sure how we did it today, but we did. I just hope that they can rally and find their sense of commodore and sweep the series.
With the loss on Friday and Sunday...the Twins lost the series to the Indians. As much as I don't want to, and as much as I love that Scott Baker and Nick Blackburn both pulled through in my deprivation and wore the Navy...the Three Stars of the Game can't come back until we get back on a four-game winning streak. Remember I said if they lose a series, the three stars are revoked...well, Cleveland=losing series, sadly.

Saturday, I was disappointed that the game was not on TV. I feel so lost when the weekend games aren't on TV. I know it was supposed to be on Fox, but apparently the White Sux are more important in Fox's eyes that they needed to be showcased instead. Um, hello, Fox...last time I remember and checked, the Twins were in 2nd place and still (barely) in contention...and the White Sux were in THIRD. Yes, that's right, THIRD. I'm a bit bitter about this, especially because I'm fairly certain that most Twins fans and Minnesota residence despise the White Sux. Next time...I may have to express my frustration. Thankfully, I occupied my time by going to see the animals at the Zoo. Does anyone think this is what I would look like next to our new pitcher Jon Rauch? He's 6'11"...and I'm barely 5'3". Maybe I should just start calling him a giraffe. Seems fitting.If it weren't for the long weekend and my lack of motivation, I'd write more...but labor day weekend calls for me to be labor-less. Tomorrow night, Twins take on the Blue Jays again with Brian Duensing taking the mound.

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sarah said...

Nothing personal, but if I only had the option of the Sox game or the Twins game, I'd rather watch the Sox. Mostly because they were facing a certain other Sox team that needs to lose--a lot.

(Doesn't matter because I saw Millwood get beat up a bit by the sucky Orioles. I have fave boys on the O's, but after losing the series AND them being brats about Scott Feldman's glove, they're going to have to re-earn that love)