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Monday, October 5, 2009

Coming At Ya Like A Blitz!

This weekend's series with Kansas City were games to not be missed! It was do or die time for the Twins and on Saturday they had to take on their arch nemesis from KC, Zack Greinke. Thankfully, the Twins, as of late, have stepped up to the plate (quite literally) and played their hearts out. I have been in awe of what these boys are capable of and how great they are doing. It really feels like I'm cheering for the underdog that no one ever thought would get this far. I love this feeling, and I'm sure the Twins are equally as pleased with the outcome and where they stand as of today.

Friday night's game was outstanding, to say the least. Who knew that Delmon Young had it in him to hit a grand slam, the first of his career. He was on fire and has really stepped up lately. It's good to see that the Twins are finally getting what they paid for with Delmon. It's just a shame he couldn't have found himself, so three months ago when we could have kicked into high gear and not had to face a one-game playoff against Detroit. I know, I can't know for sure if we would be better than where we are now, but I've gotta believe we would be.

Jason Kubel's fridge (that he has lag behind him) apparently had the string that kept it attached to him break when he made the diving catch in right field...only to have the fridge tackle him and make him fall to the ground. It's good to see that the fridge is good for something! Lord knows, it only slows down his running.

Friday's 3 Stars of the Game: (other than the Chicago White Sux for helping us out.)
1. Orlando Cabrera (went 3 for 5 and extended his hitting streak)
2.Delmon Young (hit his first career grand slam off of Greinke!)
3. Jeff Manship (recorded his first MLB win, and he did very well! I was proud!)

Saturday's game was nerve wracking. I didn't know if the Twins had the fight inside them to beat Zack Greinke. Although, the Twins have had success against Greinke, because this was his breakout year, they were scared. I liked Delmon Young's quote before they faced Greinke (HERE) "Yeah, we need to go to church and pray to score some runs," Young said. "He's nasty, and he's looking to go for a Cy Young. [CC} Sabathia got crushed tonight, so it's all on his hands. It's national TV, going up against an AL MVP candidate [in Joe Mauer], so he might go nine tomorrow." Glad you threw those extra prayers up to the big Man, Delmon! He listened!

What an unbelievable catch Denard Span made in right in the 9th inning, to help Joe Nathan set a franchise high of 47 saves. If you missed the catch, go HERE.

Saturday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he pitched outstanding for only being on 3 days rest. He went 7 innings, with only 2 earned runs and 5 strike outs. He however did not give up 1 of those 2 runs...Mijares let those runners come home.)
2. Delmon Young (he went 2 for 4, driving in 3 of our 4 runs!)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he got a home run when I asked for it...not making Delmon Young do all the work and score all the runs for the Twins.)

Sunday...Sunday was a fantastic game to be at! It was sort of a blow out by the Twins. Katie and I sat, scoreboard watching (the Tigers were play the White Sux again...and we were cheering for the White Sux to beat them...but they were down 4-0 early on in the game.). I think Jason Kubel must not have liked that the Tigers were winning so with two on in the first inning, he blasted a 3-run home run. (side note: I think Jason Kubel also liked that my cousin, who is by far his biggest fan, was watching from more than 4,000 miles away...so he felt he needed to blast a couple home runs out, just for her! I told her, she has to watch tomorrow's game as well.)

It was good to see Carl Pavano have some magic with only three days rest as well. I was disappointed that Brian Duensing wasn't the starting pitcher, but at least my fears of Carl didn't come true! Carl Pavano was the last Twins starting pitcher for this season that I hadn't seen before yesterday...so now after that, every pitcher to have started this season (spot start, minor league call-up, etc...) I have seen.

For those who didn't see the post-game celebration, it was really neat. Players from the '87 and '91 seasons. Torii and Santana sent video messages thanking fans for being voted to the all-Metrodome team. It was especially neat seeing Kirby's son remove the final number from the countdown to outdoor baseball, though with tomorrow's game and potential post-season play...it wasn't the last game at the Dome. All I can say is: BRING ON THE EVIL EMPIRE!

Sunday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Kubel (he went 3-4 with 2 3-run home runs, and a blooper single before having Gomez pinch run for him in the 7th.)
2. Delmon Young (also had 2 home runs in the game, both solo shots only, but equally as great!)
3. Orlando Cabrera (went 3 for 5 with 2 RBI's and 2 doubles.)

Tomorrow besides game #163: I will post the list of my nicknames for the current Twins roster...and possibly try to explain the reasons behind the nicknames.


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