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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Comment t'appeles-tu ?

So here it is...the list of nicknames (I have) for the Twins players on the team...and why. Enjoy!

26 Boof Bonser – Boof (draw it out and make it sound like you’re booing him.)

28 Jesse Crain – Crainadian (his last name, plus the fact that he’s from Canada…I will give credit to Kristina from Peanuts in Heaven for this too!!)

63 Armando Gabino - --

54 Matt Guerrier – Matty G (kinda like Warren G, except white.)

44 Bobby Keppel – Krappel (he sucks, aka he’s crappy)

37 Ron Mahay - --

50 Jose Mijares – (just fun to say his last name over and over…Me-Har-is)

36 Joe Nathan - --

17 Pat Neshek – Pat Nah-Shak! (say it fast and almost Chinese-like…or like you’re sneezing)

60 Jon Rauch – Oscar (his last name sounds like grouch, so Oscar the Grouch…hence Oscar)

30 Scott Baker – Timmy (his real name is Timothy Scott Baker…so I call him Timmy)

53 Nick Blackburn – Pumpkin Tits (or PT) (his wife calls him this…I don’t know why exactly, but it makes me laugh nonetheless)

52 Brian Duensing - --

47 Francisco Liriano – Fran (I am not his biggest fan, so a girl’s name seemed fitting and mean to call him)

49 – Jeff Manship - --

48 – Carl Pavano – Tall Dark and Dreamy (he’s tall, he’s got dark features…not really “dreamy”, but I don’t like the word handsome, so dreamy it became)

15 Glen Perkins – Tremendous Twelve (Perkins restaurant has a breakfast called the “Tremendous Twelve” and his last name is Perkins…so yeah)

59 Kevin Slowey – Kev (don’t really have much else other than “my future husband”…)

51 Anthony Swarzak - (Swarzy just to shorten his name)

7 Joe Mauer – Joe or Baby Jesus (yeah, it’s fun)

58 Jose Morales – Mo (after learning this from Matty G…plus it works on the Larry, Curly and Mo level too)

55 Mike Redmond – Patch (2 years ago, he kinda sucked at the play and most of the time he played like he had a patch over one eye…so yeah, I know I’m weird)

32 Brian Buscher – Butcher (mainly cause of Timmy being “Baker”…so we have the Butcher, the Baker…now just need the Candlestick Maker…)

18 Orlando Cabrera – OC (nothing cool)

25 Alexi Casilla – Larry (him and Go-Go are bff’s so, he became Larry when we didn’t have one)

24 Joe Crede – Joey High Socks (thanks to Heidi, I call him this…I have nothing of my own besides “Joe Crede”…lame, I know.)

23 Brendan Harris - --

33 Justin Morneau – Yeah I usually just call him Justin…nothing special.

8 Nick Punto – Nicky…(which usually prompts Katie to say “Punto” in response, sort of in a Marco Polo way.)

20 Matt Tolbert – Matty (lame, yes.)

5 Michael Cuddyer – Cuddy (who doesn’t call him this?)…other nickname includes “Dimples” (thanks to my coworker!)

22 Carlos Gomez – Go-Gomez or Curly (Go-Gomez because he’s speedy, and Curly because of 1. his hair, and 2. he seems to pal around with Mo.)

2 Denard Span – (don’t have anything, but thanks to Heidi, anytime he does anything it’s referred to as that being “Denarded”)

21 Delmon Young – Kirby (thanks to Katie’s mom…she thought (when she glanced quickly) that he looked a little bit like Kirby Puckett…so since we’ve been calling him this, he’s hit home runs. It shall continue)

16 Jason Kubel – Kubes (seems to feel like a shortened version of his last name…) or else I refer to him as Amy’s lover (my cousin LOVES Kubel.)


Heidi said...

I love nicknames! So I'll share some that I use!
Boof- well boof is his legal name now, but his given name is John, and I call him John when he isn't doing well... you have to earn the right to be called boof.
Joe Nathan- Joe Nate, Jonathan, or I sing pussycat dolls song "dontcha" but insert closer for girlfriend.
Jon Rauch- Jolly green giant- he's huge and he has tattoos that make his skin green.
Scott Baker- "Scotty Bakes" or Timmy (Timmy fits him really well because he is so young looking and looks like a Timmy)
Pumpkin Tits is my favorite nickname ever! but before that I just called him Blackie or Nicky Sideburns
Brian Duensing- "My Favorite Nebraskan Twin" He can't be just my favorite nebraskan because I went to college in nebraska and know a lot of people from there.
Francisco Liriano- "Cisco" when he's doing well, "Franny" when he's doing not so well.
Glen- I really just say his name is a contemptuous way because I don't like him very much
Kevin Slowey- "Slow-dawg"
Joe Mauer- "Boyfriend," "My Future Husband,"
Orlando Cabrerea- I usually call him OC, but when he's not doing well, I call him Mischa Barton because she was on The OC
Alexi- Sexy Alexi not because he is, but because I like things that rhyme.
Joey High Socks!
Brendan Harris- "B" or when he's not good at baseball "Brenda"
Justin Morneau- "Mountie" he's canadian, and I have dreams that when his baseball career is over that he will either become an actual Canadian Mountie, or star in a sitcom called "My Favorite Mountie" in which he plays a Mountie
Nick Punto- "The Ocho" "LNP" (Little nicky punto)
Michael Cuddyer- "Cuddles" variation of the Cuddyer and don't you just want to cuddle him?
Carlos Gomez- when he had the fro we were calling him "Fro-Go Baggins" but most of the time Car-Go or Go-Go Gadget Gomez
Denard- Spanny or just let's get denarded

Betsy said...

Heidi- it was really hard to read the rest of your names for the boys while trying to not make much noise at work!!

Katie said...

Okay Heidi, that caused me to laugh way too loud in the office. Mary had to come check on me, lol

Kristina said...

I like timmy for Scott Baker - even more fitting since he looks like he's about 15 years old.

I call John Rauch "Freaky Neck Tattoo" - not exactly succinct, but accurate :)