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Friday, October 2, 2009

Here We Come To Save The Day!

I know that the Twins are the long shot to win the Division this year. I know it's an uphill climb for them, and they need to sweep the Royals starting tonight, and the White Sux need to sweep the Tigers in their three-game series in order for us to not have to face the one game playoff between us and the Tigers. I want to win the Division when Katie and I are at the game on Sunday...I want 2006 to make a comeback.

It was a great win yesterday for the Twins. I'm sure Detroit fans were getting as upset about the game as the Tigers players themselves were. I'm not gonna lie, it was quite amusing to see the anger on their faces. I did however think it was ridiculous that Marcus Thames thought that Scott Baker was trying to intentionally hit him. Come on, it's Scott Baker...I don't think the guy has a mean bone in his body! But boy did Scott Baker get the stink eye from Thames when he went up and in and Thames had to move out of the way. Thames was trying to go all ghetto on poor innocent Scott Baker. Marcus Thames has definitely climbed onto the list of dirty players that I dislike. Take a look at this slide (when he was "sliding into second" after he got hit by the pitch)...where is second base, you ask? Well...he slide very far off second base...and with a VERY late slide.

The game was definitely an interesting one to say the least. Both benches clearing after Delmon Young got hit in the 9th (after both teams were issued warnings by the umpire)...Delmon got upset with Mijares (which I thought was ridiculous...Mijares didn't hit him! It was Bonderman.). The benches cleared (which you can see HERE), even the bullpens, and Bonderman, Laird and the acting manager were all ejected (due to the warnings the teams were issued about hitting batters.).

I'd like to take personal credit for Joe Mauer getting the stick out and getting a couple hits yesterday. It was jersey day at my work, so I opted to participate and wear my Mauer jersey (which doesn't get wore very often because I'm not a Mauer girl as many of you know.). Joe went 2 for 4 with an intentional walk. Your welcome, Joe, for the extra love I was showing you.

3 Stars of the Game: (we had a lot of guys who preformed yesterday, so there were a few close calls here as to who would get a star...but here goes.)
1. Delmon Young (he went 3-4, took one for the team...aka he got hit by a pitch. He did well!)
2. Nick Punto (he went 2 for 3 with a walk)
3. Joe Mauer (he got the stick out and went 2 for 4 with an intentional walk.)

And now as promised for the win yesterday...the 3 Stars for all the games I missed giving them out. Here goes nothing.

9/25/09 Stars of the Game:
1. Denard Span (went 2 for 4)
2. Michael Cuddyer (went 2 for 4 as well)
3. Joe Mauer (sure he went 0 for 2, but he did muster up 3 walks. He did get on base...)

9/26/09 Stars of the Game:
1. Denard Span (he went 4 for 5 and had a career high 6 RBI's.)
2. Matt Tolbert (he went 3 for 5)
3. Joe Mauer (went 2 for 4 with a walk and 2 RBI's.)

9/27/09 Stars of the Game:
1. Orlando Cabrera (went 3 for 5)
2. Denard Span (went 2 for 5)
3. Joe Mauer (went 2 for 5)

9/28/09 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (pitched a solid 7 innings with only 1 ER, 1 walk and 4 K's.)
2. Denard Span (went 2 for 4)
3. Jason Kubel (also went 2 for 4)

9/29/09 Stars of the Game:
1. Orlando Cabrera (went 3 for 4 with an RBI...I give credit to the hiked up socks)
2. Jason Kubel (went 2 for 3 with 2 RBI's)
3. Denard Span (went 2 for 4)

9/30/09 Stars of the Game:
1. Delmon Young (went 2 for 4 with an RBI)
2. Denard Span (went 2 for 5)
3. Jose Morales (sure he went 0 for 2, but he did have 2 walks to get on base.)

Now that listing all the three stars has exhausted me...I'm going to sign off. Watching tonight with two tv's to watch the Tigers/White Sux game and the other will be on FSN watching the Twins take on the Royals. Please, Chicago, help us out!! I will promise to try and be nicer to you if you do this favor for me. Thanks.

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