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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Not Baseball...This Is HOCKEY Unplugged

If you want to listen to the whole (audio only) interview/question and answers with the fans at Hockey Unplugged go HERE.

Here are some pictures from Unplugged (Cal Clutterbuck and John Scott (who gives Jon Rauch a run for his money at 6'8"!)!) See I can tie all things back to the Twins. :)

Cal Clutterbuck
John Scott

Leah and Me at Unplugged!


Topper said...

Are you going to make it into the background of some of their official pictures too? Perhaps?

Betsy said...

There is always a possibility! I did make it on the audio part at least...I asked a question that got quite a rise outta the players :)

Anonymous said...

Um, is my stumbling through the question I asked on there, too? As in, for all the Wild community to hear. I think I just threw up a lil bit. :(
Oh, and I can't wait to hear myself telling Kevin Falness that my question was a bit "gooder" for the kids.
*hides under desk until next season*

Betsy said...

Yeah, I asked the question that referenced their Halloween costumes last year. :) John Scott being Michael Phelps and Cal Clutterbuck being...(not appropriate for Unplugged audience, but my blog is uncensored)...a penis.
Good thing no one can see our faces to go with the questions!

Heidi said...

hmmm... they're kind of cute! I might have to start liking hockey :)

Betsy said...

Heidi - these are even the cutest players :)

Liz Strand said...

I love Cal Clutterbuck. It only took him about a month last season for him to join Wes Walz & Andrew Brunette on my list of all-time Wild favorites! Thanks for posting the pics & info!

Betsy said...

Liz - You're welcome! :) I enjoy taking pictures so I might as well share 'em!