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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Who Is This Joe Mauer?

Okay, so I am only kidding. I know who Joe Mauer is.

In case you have been hiding under a rock and haven't heard the news that has littered the Minneapolis paper and on sports sites alike, Joe Mauer is the American League's 2009 MVP. I don't really think there was any contest, and I think Joe Mauer was VERY deserving of this prestigious award.

Joe's 2009 season stats:
Batting Average .365 (1st in AL)
On-base Percentage .444 (1st in AL)
Slugging Percentage .587 (1st in AL)

All of these stats were done even though Joe missed the entire month of April. Joe takes home the MVP along with the AL batting title for 2009, which is his third batting title in his career, all while only 26 years old.

Honestly, in my opinion, I think anyone who doesn't think Joe Mauer deserved this award are nuts. Yes, let the hate mail begin. You are nuts if you don't think Joe deserved the MVP. I have read so many things in Twitter that have said "Jeter should have won it"....blah blah blah! In case all you nay-sayers for Mauer haven't looked, Jeter finished third in votes for MVP. Even if Joe Mauer hadn't won it, Mark Teixeira would have got it before Derek Jeter (which probably would have made me very unhappy since I loathe Teixeira.)

Here is my note to Bill Smith: Bill Smith, please don't make us Twins fans hate you any more. Please sign Joe Mauer to a nice very long-term contract. No one deserves this more than he does. Pretty please?

Here are some great articles about Joe you should check out:
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And in case you missed it: Joe Mauer's press conference after being named MVP. (which I watched and wanted to cry like a proud parent, I was so happy for him.

This off-season, due to my lack of post, be sure to check out Curve For A Strike's site which will feature a different blogger every Friday. Here's a little insider info hint...there will be a Twins player featured, I've heard, at some point in time. :) If that doesn't hook you, what will?!


Heidi said...

so glad I'm not the only one who had a "proud mom" moment watching the press conference. And when he thanked justin for being there... too cute!

Betsy said...

you are definitely not the only proud momma! :) i think i really did have tears welling in my eyes! he was a very happy boy yesterday!

Tricia said...

What a cute picture. Hooray for Joe!

k-bro said...

Ok Betsy. No way you and Joe are the same height. LOL

Topper said...

Oh lucky you with an MVP picture!

And yes, I'll have a very special interview which I will post the day before pitchers & catchers report: Feb. 17, to end my series!

Betsy said...

K-Bro, no we are not the same height...lol, I was on a platform (working the beer tub) and also had heels on. I'm quite a bit shorter than Mr. MVP.

Topper, like the plug? :) I can't wait for that interview! So exciting!! How's the hook up with Hardy going? (and me with Kevin)

john brown said...

the guy is one hell of a Backstop!