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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It Must Be The Initials...J.M.

I never realized until this morning the abundance of players we have with the initials "J.M." Five players (including Joe Mauer). I think if Joe Mauer would have been back last night, he would have had a great night. Jose Mijares did; Justin Morneau did; Jose Morales did. If Juan Morillo (though he struggled the night before) pitched last night, he would have rocked too. I think it was just a night for "J.M.'s"

Three Stars of the Game:
1. Jose Mijares
2. Justin Morneau
3. Jose Morales

I hated always how close Morales and Mijares were with last names and I think I have pin pointed why they screw me up a lot...it's because they are both Jose. Now Jose may be a good friend (in another form), these two Jose's have to still prove themselves a bit.

I was sad last night when Joe Nathan's first pitch went just over the baggie in right-center field. I was looking forward to giving Joe a star of the game, but then he faltered and failed me. Don't worry, I still love him. I just wish that the ball had travelled only slightly lower and then it may have only been a double or a triple, but of course the baseball gods had to make sure that they made us all aware that Joe Nathan is not perfect (though close)...he can't always get the save and he can't always look like a Greek god.

Hmm...maybe if Joe Nathan would have been Joe Mathan, he would have been on fire.
Here's a play on the J.M. What if they all (all the players) had J. and M. for their initials? What would that look like, you ask? Well I'll show you.

Juis Myala

Jcott Maker

Jick Mlackburn

Jraig Mreslow

J.A. Mickey

Jatt Muerrier

Jrancisco Miriano

Jose Mijares

Juan Morillo

Joe Mathan

Jlen Merkins

Jevin Mlowey

Jose Morales

Jike Medmond

Jrian Muscher

Jlexi Masilla

Joe Mrede

Jrendan Marris

Justin Morneau

Jick Munto

Jichael Muddyer

Jarlos Momez

Jenard Mpan

Jelmon Moung

Jason Mubel

Joe Mauer

I Think J.A. Mickey and Jichael Muddyer are my two favorites. Okay, enough fun for one day. Tonight, MickNick Blackburn is going to bowl us over with his mad skills and show Liriano what winning looks like. Someone has gotta gain some ground on Kevin. He's starting to look like he should be the #1 guy, not the #4 guy. Kevin, you're #1 in my book.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Disney Princesses and Bullpen Fun

12 Things you may not know about the bullpen:

1. They have a Disney Princess backpack this year. (see picture)2. The eat "Dill Pickle" Sunflower seeds3. There is more than just bubble gum and sunflower seeds in the (Disney Princess) backpack...in fact there is loads of different chocolate candy bars (Snickers, Twix, etc) and fruit snacks (Welch's) in there.
4. They have a super secret hand clappy thing they do when players get hits. We (the boyfriend and I) tried to join in on the fun, but we ended up only getting a funny look from Juan Morillo.
5. Luis Ayala doesn't like his picture taken. (see picture)6. Luis Ayala is a funny, nice guy and shares.
7. If you make friends with the bullpen, a hand may appear and give you some of their gum they have in the Disney Princess bag.8. Most of the gum they have is sugar free (Bazooka and Double Bubble)...the do have regular Double Bubble too.
9. They are a lot nicer than Juan Rincon and Dennys Reyes ever were...in fact all the new bullpen gentlemen, willingly signed baseballs, hats, etc for people.
10. Ryan (the ball boy) is still a dick.
11. R.A. (or as we called him all night "RAH") doesn't wear his socks up to his knees, but in fact he wears stirrups.12. Juan Morillo wears really shiny shoes.

I think last night I cheered too loudly for Mr. Jason Bartlett. I am sorry, Timmy that I cheered for a player on the other team and he was the cause of one of the runs against you, and another run later on in the game. I shall never make that mistake again. I don't however blame the man in the home run porch for not throwing back Jason's home run ball. I wouldn't have either.

Ooh...before I forget the Three Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Bartlett (I'm not happy to give him a star, but he did deserve it...against my wishes)
2. Joe Crede (he listened when I told him to hit his home run. Thanks for trying to impress me, Crede!!)
3. Carlos Pena (I am never saying again that I like a Rays player...any time I did, they did good.)

I did think Timmy (Scott Baker) did well. Yes, I know he gave up 4 runs, but he still didn't give up ANY home runs...and he didn't pitch badly. After his first two outings I expected more of a blow out than Tampa dished out. I was proud of him and how well he pitched. I think the Twins lacked some defense in those first couple innings, and of course they lacked a lot of offense. It was unbelievable how many times we had runners on base, in scoring position and couldn't do anything with it.

All in all, I had a total blast at the game.
Things I did, and had fun doing at the game:

1. We played Marco Polo with Nicky Punto's name several times (which I'm sure the bullpen heard us every time we did)
2. The boyfriend knocked Morillo's glove off the ledge (that will teach him to leave his glove where we can reach it)...he didn't put it back up there the rest of the night.
3. I had a ball (gently) tossed to me after warm ups (which is how I like getting baseballs...gently tossed to me...I can't catch, so a foul ball coming flying at me scares me a bit)
4. I got on FSN (probably more than once)...the dude who was down at the end of the row from us was telling us "yeah, I just hope tonight isn't like another time a foul ball came my way. It bounced off the turf and then went over my head, so I didn't get it"...the first ball did exactly that...and the second ball the guy dove for (over the bullpen tarp) and then he didn't catch it anyway. Carl Crawford had to hand the guy the baseball after he dropped it.
5. We yelled RAH anytime Dickey was near or up pitching (we didn't like saying "R.A."...Rah was way more fun.)
6. I made friends with Luis Ayala...and was thoroughly entertained by him.
7. Any time the bullpen phone rang (which was right in front of us), we tried to get close enough to hear who they were going to warm up...the only one we heard was Dickey.
Now time for a few of the pictures I took at the game...Enjoy. (captions below)
Timmy warming up before the game

Justin Morneau warming up

Span walking out on the field...he's the man
Joe Nathan

R.A. Dickey and his knuckle ball

Matt Guerrier and his adjustments...
Baker warming up in the bullpen before the game.
Morales playing catch with Timmy
Oh Timmy...

And now for some JASON love...
Jason warming up before the game
Jason and his hop in the field
I do still miss him.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Butler at your service

What can I say after an amazing night of pitching from Kevin Slowey? And a great night that Nick Blackburn had on Friday? It's nice seeing Nick Blackburn get his first win this season. He's earned that...and he also earned himself a star for Friday's game.
Friday's Three Stars:
1. Nick Blackburn
2. Jose Morales
3. Joe Nathan (come on...I said any time he doesn't screw up, he gets a star...)

Saturday's Three Stars:
1. Kevin Slowey (without a doubt)
2. Jason Kubel (2 homers!)
3. Joe Crede (for his home run...it's not a bad way to get me to at least tollerate you.)

So my cousin texted me yesterday asking who Crede was (she didn't refer to him by name she said "who was that candy in the dougout...wings flying out with no hat on"). She thinks he's hot (she also thinks Kubel is, so interpret her insterst as you may). I on the other hand told her, if it was Crede she was referring to, we could no longer speak. Crede is still not high on my list. He may have gotten himself higher than Delmon Young, but that really doesn't take too much. Joe Crede...impress me Monday night! I dare ya!

Okay, back to last night and the AMAZING Kevin Slowey. Wow. Beautiful. Great pitching. I was sad for him that even after around 114 pitches, they didn't let him get those last three outs...or at least Ron could have put in Joe Nathan. I would not have minded. I think Joe should pitch every game...so that there is always some sort of high point...and always at least one 1-2-3 inning. He's good about that.

I wish I was able to shake Kevin's hand. He was unstoppable and I think he was showing everyone he's got game.

Today's game...well it's still going on, but I don't know how well the "coming from behind" is going to fly today...last chance right now.

1. Denard Span
2. Joe Morales (he's on fire, and I hope he is still here when Joe Mauer returns...he may be deserving of that coveted #1 star even)
3. Carlos Gomez (if for no other reason than him being a basket full of nerves...his wife is at home expecting their first child right now. Too cute!! I'd be nervous too. She could go in to labor when he's up to bat. I'm sure he keeps that in the back of his mind.

I'm pumped for tomorrow night! Lots of pictures will follow!
Let's hope Scott Baker (who I think is the reason Kevin didn't give up any homers yesterday...he's taking them for the team instead) doesn't repeat his first two appearances this year. Let's hope he's Timmy on FIRE again! I want an awesome win with the awesome seats.

See ya all on Tuesday with wondefulness to follow!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Eternal Sunshining Happens Here

I'm sure I am no different than the Twins today. I was yesterday Eternal Sunshined right out of my mind. I want to think that it never happened. What a brutal beating...and they truly beat us when we were down. Boston players, that was not very nice.
I can only dish out 1 star between the two games today. 1. Michael Cuddyer (why?) not because of his amazing at bats (he was like 0-a billion yesterday), but for his one diving catch that he made. It was amazing. LOOK! That earns Cuddy a star in my book.

I am beginning to think the Twins like Matt Guerrier, Jesse Crain and Craig Breslow. Otherwise, their website person was smoking some crack when they put up the lateset appearances. I'm hoping these are typos, since those three players all just signed last weekend at the various pro shops. I'd love to still go meet Breslow, since I chose sleep over Mr. Breslow, but I don't think I need to stalk him and meet him three times. Besides, I may get my autograph and close up picture of him Monday when I sit in row 1 behind the bullpen (section 135). I prefer to not look like a stalker...just get stalker looking photos. :)
Twins Pro Shop Appearances
Saturday, May 2 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Saturday, May 2 - Come out to the Twins Pro Shops and see some of your favorite Minnesota Twins!

Matt Guerrier
Minnetonka Location
13037 Ridgedale Dr
Hopkins, MN 55305

Jesse Crain
Apple Valley Location
15050 Cedar Ave Ste 109
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Craig Breslow
Roseville Location
2401 Fairview Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113

Twins Pro Shop Appearances
Saturday, July 11 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Saturday, July 11 - Come out to the Twins Pro Shops and see some of your favorite Minnesota Twins!

Matt Guerrier
Minnetonka Location
13037 Ridgedale Dr
Hopkins, MN 55305

Jesse Crain
Apple Valley Location
15050 Cedar Ave Ste 109
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Craig Breslow
Roseville Location
2401 Fairview Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113

Twins Pro Shop Appearances
Saturday, August 1 from 11:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Saturday, August 1 - Come out to the Twins Pro Shops and see some of your favorite Minnesota Twins!

Matt Guerrier
Minnetonka Location
13037 Ridgedale Dr
Hopkins, MN 55305

Jesse Crain
Apple Valley Location
15050 Cedar Ave Ste 109
Apple Valley, MN 55124

Craig Breslow
Roseville Location
2401 Fairview Ave N
Roseville, MN 55113

Boys, use this off day today to reflect on the horrific trip you just took to Boston. Be the rain that has now probably moved out of Boston and MOVE ON...wash away the crappy crappy time you boys had yesterday.

Scott Baker, hunny...you better give me a win on Monday, or else I will not be terribly happy. I will be wearing my Jason Bartlett (TWINS) t-shirt, but I still do love the Twins...it's just my only opportunity to wear Bartlett other than around my own house. Gotta make the t-shirt worth the money it cost me. Plus the girls want to come out for Joe Nathan when they'll be so close to him.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Mega Monday Madness...aka Kubel's Mega Mojo

Well, today is going to be a recap of the Angels series. I'm sorry that I didn't get around to blogging over the weekend. My computer was incapacitated. It's getting a new brain...and a new name since she's not the same girl anymore. Dorothy...she should be up an running soon. I'll start with the 3 stars of the games and then go back to my thoughts on each of the games.

Friday 3 Stars:
1. Kubel
(duh! Read this cool article to go along with Kubs)

2. Mikko Koivu (Sorry, wrong sport) Denard Span (for getting the rally going. He didn't get enough credit.)

3. Joe Nathan (I've decided that any time Joe Nathan pitches a save and doesn't screw up, he's worthy of a star)

Saturday 3 Stars:
1. Kevin Slowey
(Why? Because he's Kevin, and because I think he did awesome. He's one of only, what now 2 pitchers after yesterday that can make it through the 7th inning without falling apart.)
2. Kubel (it's the mojo talking again)
3. Brendan Harris (he was in fine form...I liked it!)

Sunday 3 Stars:
1. Morales
(though Go-Go was up there too)
2. Glen Perkins
(hey, he's not getting the #1 star when he wears those ugly jerseys)
3. Joe Nathan

Back to the recaps of the games...

Friday night was a great game. I don’t feel bad for the idiots who left the game early thinking that the Twins were down and out. People, you should know by know that the Twins love the dramatic, “Coming from behind” win. This is how they’ve gotten most of their wins this season (if not all). I am ashamed to admit that because of my stupid allergy medicine that I took before the game was done (because I felt like I was dying) it made me doze off on the couch right after Denard Span was up to bat…I heard his double that scored runs…but don’t remember anything until after Kubel was finished with his grand slam. I was quite unhappy about missing him hit for the cycle, with not only a home run, but a grand slam! 7th man in baseball history to do that. What a accomplishment. I thought for sure (until yesterday) that the Twins must traded Jason Kubel and gotten a new guy also named Jason Kubel, because he surely wasn’t playing like he has in every other game (and I’m sure the Angels were thinking that too…especially after they walked Justin to get to Kubel.) Bad decision? Yup. Walks will haunt? Yup. I like it!


Saturday, what can I say other than Kevin Slowey was back in his fine form. He looked great in the throwback jersey, even though his socks were up to his knees. I did appreciate Crede, Cuddy, Brendan, and whoever else had the socks hiked up. They looked very refined. Kevin did what our other pitchers have not been able to accomplish, get through the 7th inning. What a pitch he had to end the 7th too and strike out the batter? It was great, and it was wonderful to be able to see him in High-Def on FSN. Thanks, FSN…err, I’m sorry, Fox Sports North.

My co-worker and the girls softball team from the high school I work at were in attendance at the game. Some of those girls, including my coworker, thought that they could get there at the opening of the gates and still manage to get a bronzed Joe Mauer statue. I told my coworker, people camp out. People are insane, and those, along with Bobbleheads, are usually gone within about 10 minutes after the gates open. It’s kind of annoying that it’s usually people who buy tickets to the game, but don’t actually go to the game that get the giveaways. BOO ON THEM!! Though, I did manage last year to get a Rick Aguilera Bobblehead. I’m still not sure what to do with the thing, other than to let it sit on my dresser along with my candle and a picture. It’s kind of awkward though…not gonna lie.

Sunday, well, what can I say other than to repeat myself to express how much I hate the cutoffs? No. I’m not going to go there. Glen knows that him and I are fighting. Why do you think he got clocked just above the knee? It’s gonna leave a mark and Glen knows why he did it to himself. KARMA, BUDDY!! I will give him some props for doing so well, which he has done in his other outings too, he just couldn’t get the win himself to prove that he was doing so amazing. Every game so far with Glen has seemed like a pitchers duel. It’s kind of neat, but it also makes the game go by faster. And who doesn’t like seeing Joe Nathan? I know I sure do (however better when he is in the Navy jersey)!

It’s great seeing Morales really step up since he’s been in the big leagues. You can really tell he wants to be here and he has got fight in him. He’s done superiorly better than Redmond, so I won’t lie when I say that I’d rather have Morales as our back up catcher than Redmond. I have nothing against Redmond personally…it’s just business. Some days I wish I ran the Twins front office. Brian Duensing would still be with us. Morillo (Armadillo, whatever his name is) would not have been acquired. Morales would be the back up when Joe returns. I don’t know why the Twins feel sympathy for these pitchers that are having problems where they think they can fix things at a major league level that other teams are not able to. It’s some what frustrating some times. Just dial back to Livan Hernandez, Sidney Ponson, Juan Rincon, etc, etc, etc…yeah, it brings a bad taste to my mouth too.

Friday, April 17, 2009

You Would Cry Too If It Happened To You!

I'm beginning to wonder when Twins' pitchers are going to start listening to me and NOT wear the cut-off jerseys? They are ridiculously hideous. I understand that Liriano likes them...it just makes me go more Livan Hernandez on his ass. Franny, you are now 0-3. How does that looks? It looks to me like you are a LOSING pitcher. I thought there was hope for him last night when I actually watched up until like the 7th inning. I thought maybe he was trying to pull a Joe Crede and get me to warm up to him...but then...then...he proved me wrong and gave up the run that would give HIM the loss.
Yes, Franny...we want to cry too. It was a sad, sad loss.

I do have my three stars of the game:
1. Roy Halladay
2. Michael Cuddyer
3. Brian Buscher

Yes, 2 Twins players were worthy of stars last night. Cuddy made an AMAZING catch in right field and if Casilla wouldn't have screwed up it wouldn't have scored a run...and Cuddy also was trying to put the Twins back in it, and he got them 1 more run because of a home run. Hey, I can't be too mad at him for trying.
Brian Buscher gets a star because of the amazing throw to Justin from his knees. I think it's all because of the facial hair that he is doing so well. I can't think of what else it could be. Just google Brian Buscher and look at the pictures of him without the facial hair...it's just not right.If Nick Blackburn decides to change up the wardrobe for tonight, I think I might cry. I sincerly need to see the Navy jerseys again. Hell, I'd even take the basic white ones after having two games within three days of the crap jerseys.

I will soon have some amazing pictures of the bullpen boys to share with everyone. (Sadly, no Brian Duensing in that "bullpen" note)...I sucessfully managed to get myself seats in 135, row 1. Hello, Joe Nathan! Woot. Can't wait to take in his beauty and just admire him from close up. It'll be nice. I miss my bullpen seats.

I do have a funny story...this is a friend of mine's status on facebook...(we'll call her Jessica) "Jessica is in such a good mood...she went to her FIRST Twins Game tonight...and She went home with two baseballs!"

Her friends' comment: Erin: Congratulations! How did you get the baseballs? Did you umpire?

Jessica: Our seats were behind the "pitchers bench"- I'm sure there is a name for it... One pitcher from the Toronto Blue Jays team tossed it to me, about ten minutes my friend got tossed a ball, and about 5 minutes later... another one was thrown to me! Lol- It was my first game, so we stayed to the end… and we were the only two women in the section at this point! hahaha

Mrs. Slowey's response:
you mean the bullpen? lol..

Thought that was funny and had to share...ahh the ones who know nothing about baseball...they crack me up! Gotta love it!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Okay Scott Baker...It's Not Entirely Your Fault

I don't blame Scott Baker last night for giving up 4 home runs. It may seem stupid of me not to, but I can't blame the guy who had to start the season on the DL and only had one start in the minors for his rehab assignment. Of course he's not going to be in top form...he's just recovered.

Okay I know I said I would be picking my top three stars of each game. Here it is...I'm not pleased that the Twins players didn't fill up the list again today, but when you get killed 12-2, guess it happens.
1. Scott Richmond
2. Aaron Hill
3. Alexi Casilla (come on...1 Twins player had to get a star!! He got out of his slump...got a hit, a walk and a run)

I am starting to feel like the Twins are starting their season the way that the Wild finished theirs...sucking. I am definitely not happy with this. I'm not happy we have let Toronto win the last 11 of 12 times they have faced us...and I'm not happy that we have a losing record right now. Boys, we need to get better. Let's face it, there are a lot of fair weather fans...
A LOT! If you want to have more people at the games cheering for you (which I'd rather have less...because that means better seat options for me when there are less people in attendance), then you need to start playing better as a team. THERE IS NO "I" IN TEAM. You need to get the hits consecutively and not individually. In order to get wins, you have got to give the pitchers support and runs. Without this stuff, you will likely lose fans. We don't want to see that happen.

Tonight, most likely I won't watch...mainly because I am so ridiculously tired and over Franny. He needs to prove to me that he doesn't suck so that I may let him into my good graces and at least tolerate him. I don't even tolerate him at this point in time. I groan when it's his rotation day...similar to how it was with Livan last year. I don't like when he pitches. I would like a win tonight. Losing is not acceptable anymore!!

Okay, I am done ranting now. Yes, I will still have a top 3 stars for you tomorrow. It motivates me to write daily. (the weekend is where it'll get tricky)

Check out Glen Perkins blog for some funny pictures...and just because Glen is quite entertaining.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh, Joe...Crede

Last night, I was not happy that Glen decided to go with the cut-off jerseys for his pick. I was quite disgusted. I hate those. It's kinda odd to hate something so much as I do these jerseys, but really quite frankly, they are hideous. I was told that they are super comfortable when it come to playing baseball in them, but it doesn't matter. I like aesthetically pleasing things.
I think this is why Glen didn't get the win for himself (yes, I know the Twins won, but Glen was left with the retched no decision.). Glen, word of advice...NAVY. Stick with what you know AND love. It's really best for both of us.

So with the Wild at the end of the game someone (usually Doug Johnson from Let's Play Hockey) picks the three stars of the game. Baseball doesn't have this, so I am going to start listing my three stars of the each game.

Last night:
3. Joe Crede
2. Delmon Young
1. Jesse Crain

I am going to justify why Joe Crede is ONLY the #3 star. Yes, I know he got the winning run in when we were in the horrific 11th inning, but Jesse Crain had 2 amazing innings. 2 strike outs, no hits, no walks, just 6 straight retired batters. He really looked like the Jesse Crain pre-shoulder surgery...which would be nice to see this year. Delmon Young...well, I know he didn't show us anything with his bat, but his fielding was excellent. I thought that he had gained weight in the off season with how slow he was running, but then he showed me fat men CAN run! I was proud.

Good job, boys! Way to pull through for the win.

In other Twins news: I am now 2nd baseball boyfriend-less. Brian Duensing has gotten sent back to Triple-A to make room for Scott Baker. Oh why couldn't they have shipped off Phil Humber. He's not as pretty or as good as Brian Duensing. I wonder if he was shouting on the plane "I'll be back!"...we'll see.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Twilight Zone?

Okay, last night while watching the game, I was either hit over the head or imagining things. There was a guy on the Jays that looked like a dimple-less Cuddy. I'm not gonna lie, it freaked me out. Every time he was up to bat, I wondered who I was seeing...Cuddy or Hill. (if you saw the game on TV, it was much easier to see the resemblance than in the picture MLB has.)
Now for some comparisons:
Full Name: Michael Brent Cuddyer
Born: 03/27/1979
Birthplace: Norfolk, VA
Height: 6' 2" Weight: 215
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
College: N/A
MLB Debut: 09/23/2001

Full Name: Aaron Walter Hill
Born: 03/21/1982
Birthplace: Visalia, CA
Height: 5' 11" Weight: 205
Bats: Right
Throws: Right
College: Louisiana State
MLB Debut: 05/20/2005
I don't know about you, but the sunglasses picture...I think it's Cuddy...the one with the "J" on his hat...not the "M". I wonder if Cuddy forgot what team he played for.
Maybe Cuddy dialed back to spring training and remembered being a winning team and not a losing one. 3-5?! This is not the Twins of Spring. What happened to the great offense AND defense. I'll give them credit for the good defense last night (minus Delmon Young...I think he gained all Boof's lost weight in the off-season and now runs slower than Derek Boogaard skates.). I know Kevin shouldn't have given up the 2 home runs he did, but hey, we ALL know he gives up at least a home run a game. I still love him, regardless. Maybe if the Twins bats were all producing during the SAME inning for a change, we could have muster up 3 more runs and beat the Blue Jays (who have now beat us 10 of the last times we've faced them...boys, tonight, let's not make it 11.)

I found it kind of funny that the day after my post about R.A. Dickey (and what the R.A. stood for) Bert made a point of telling all the TV viewers what it actually stood for. It made me laugh.

I will be making it out to another Twins game soon...if not this weekend, the Rays series at the end of the month will be in my forecast. I definitely need to see Jason Bartlett. Although, I don't think Kevin will be pitching in either of the two games I'm considering, I still need to get a Jason fix in since it's the only time we'll see the Rays this season again. Good thing the boyfriend has a birthday coming up. It gives me an excuse to pay full price for lower level seats. YAY birthdays! (And me remembering the boyfriends because it's 2 days after Kevin Slowey's...good times.)

Monday, April 13, 2009

My Additional Twins Boyfriend

Here's is my new...I mean ADDITIONAL Twins Boyfriend. Am I greedy for having more than just Kevin? No. My new boyfriend is married, so that doesn't entirely count. I was slightly bummed to learn that he is married, but I am still excited to sit in my usual seats (the ones near the bullpen.) I love eye candy while sitting next to the bullpen.
My funny story that goes along with Brian Duensing is when I saw him (without his hat on) on TV...I went "WHO'S THAT?!?!"...my boyfriend's response was "Gosh, you sound like you want him." to which I nicely responded..."he's hot!". It was fun.

So, I have also decided that Francisco (who I have nicknamed Franny) should be demoted...as Boof was. I hate that I am saying this, because I'm not the world's biggest Boof fan, but I'd rather see him starting that Franny at this point. 2 Losses?? WTF?!? That's not acceptable...especially when we are playing the White Sucks and we get whomped 8-0!! That is just ridiculous. Franny, for how to pitch well against the White Sucks, ask R.A. Dickey! (Side note: I was wondering this when the announcers kept calling him "R.A. Dickey" and not just "Dickey"...what does the R.A. in R.A. Dickey stand for?) (Google...err Wikipedia tells me it's "Robert Alan"). I'm going to call him Bob. It just sounds better.
What's not to love about knuckelballers? They are fun to watch...and the ball goes crazy (as do most of the batters.)

There isn't much to report on this weekend's games, other than the suckage of the boys not being able to produce more than 1 run after kicking Chicago's asses on Friday night. It makes the outlook for any series against them look dismal at best. Obviously we needed Glenn, or Kevin, or Scott Baker to take the reigns and get those guys out. It can't be left up to Franny any more.

Anyone want to start a petition with me? To get Franny to the bullpen (or Triple-A) instead of the coveted starting pitcher position? Keep me posted!

Tonight enjoy Kevin and all his beautifulness on the mound. I contemplated getting tickets, but I wasn't entirely sure springing that on my boyfriend at the last minute would be a good idea, so I opted not to. Unfortunately. I'm sure after tonight, I will have great and amazing things to say about the wonderful starter we have pitching tonight. It'll bring my Twins 2009 outlook into a more positive note. Boys, I'd like to finish above .500 and WAY above the Chicago White Sucks.

(PS...I noticed A.J. still stuck his head in a bottle of bleach for the season, so my sign that was made last year is still applicable. It's a great feeling.)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

For My Love

It's nice to know that this year Kevin Slowey isn't going to get hurt every time I watch him. Although, most of the time this happened when I was actually AT the games, but I've decided that if he lets me watch him on TV and we're okay, then all is well. He actually preferred me watching last night, because when I was making dinner and half-ass watching, he got smoked with hits and had a hard time getting out of innings, but when I put all my attention to him, he retired 7 batters in a row.
Kevin, I have learned my lesson. I will faithfully watch every game (with the exception of day games and me working...can't watch, only can listen) that you pitch. Ooh...note to Kevin: Please don't pitch between May 23rd-29th. I will be in Paris, and will ONLY be able to check scores, not listen since I don't think WCCO would come in. Unfortunate.

It was nice of the Twins to let Kevin be the first starting pitcher this year to get a win. He now is 1-0; Liriano is 0-1 and poor Mr. Blackburn is 0-1. I hate to mention this, but I'm okay with Liriano not being the best. I don't even know that I fully acknowledge him as a starting pitcher in the rotation. (which means, I'll get stuck seeing him at most of the games I go to, unless I really think and count things out before purchasing tickets. It's how it worked with Livan last year.)

Today, I plan to (possibly) torture some of my co-workers by forcing them to listen to the Twins with me on the radio at noon. If I can't be at the game watching, or at home in front of my TV watching, then everyone is going to have to suffer through with me. Go Glen.

I don't believe I mentioned this from my opener experience. I am fighting (already) with Michael Cuddyer. This usually happens (when he's not hurt) about 4 times a year and Cuddy decided that we needed to fight during Home Opener. I have this thing (if you haven't read past blogs, you should follow up with THIS entry) where I do "dimples" when Cuddy is up to bat. Well, at opener, I told him if he didn't get a hit (his first time up to bat) I wouldn't do it the rest of the season. Well...CUDDY STRUCK OUT. So now, I am fighting with him.

5 Things I love about the Opening Seriers:

1. Joe Nathan in the Navy.
2. The Navy Jerseys.
3. Being in first place after game #3.
4. Kevin Slowey winning.
and lastly...
5. Go-Gomez kissing his bat. (side note: I wonder if we should tell Gomez to get a room for his bat and himself. I feel like I'm invading a very private moment. AWKWARD!)

NOW...my pictures from Home Opener. (Please keep in mind, I was in section 223, row 25. My nose was bleeing...so this is all the better I could do with my stalker camera.)

The team...zoomed in close to Kevin (he was my main focus)

The view from our seats.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Give Me An "A"...

Okay, so I know, I know, it's been way too damn long. My creative mind has been too wrapped up in hockey this off season to think about what I could write for baseball. But as you all know, baseball is back baby! I was elated on Monday and constantly professing to my co-workers "Happy Home Opener"! To which most responded by giving me funny looks. Also, when I mentioned that day deserved cupcakes or cookies, I got even funnier looks. I think my co-workers think I am crazy. I may be, but that's beside the point.

Well, home opener sucked. There is no other words to describe this. When fans start cheering (loudly I might add) over the wave making it around the entire building, you know that the game is 1. boring, 2. at a loss, 3. hopeless. In case you didn't watch the horror, we lost to SEATTLE 6-1. Seattle, the team that got Carlos Silva 2 years ago, and that sucked monkey balls last year. HOW DID WE LOSE TO SEATTLE?!?! Last night, I thought we were going to see a repeat performance of the suckage. I don't entirely blame those "fans" who left early (which I NEVER do, because you never know with our MN boys). Last night's display was not as dreary as opener. We were not down by 5 runs, we were mainly only down by 1-2 runs. Not terrible. When Seattle scored in the top of the 9th, I was losing more hope for a come back. When the Twins went down 2 outs, even more hope. But then Gomez walked (if you followed this Twins, this was enough of a shocker for you...since Gomez was the "fly by the seat of his pants" guy last year...and swung at EVERYTHING.) (PS...Congrats to Go-go on the patience he learned over the winter.) , Kubel (who was supposed to get a home run) got walked, and then Brian Buscher came up...and ALSO walked!
I think it was the luck of the Irish, or something that Seattle's third baseman did not get Span out when he chipped it to him...or that the third baseman didn't get ANYONE out with that little bloop hit, RIGHT to him. And then Casilla knocks a blooper hit into center to let us pull an A.N.A.L. cheer and "come from behind!"

My side notes of the game are this: I have never in my knowledge of Brian Buscher thought he was cute, not even remotely attractive. He just doesn't do it for me. It's nothing against him. Last night however, the newly sprouted facial hair (beard resembling Joe Mauer's from last year), was working for him. It definitely bumped up his attractiveness some. It kind of freaked me out, I'm not going to lie. Who knew that facial could make someone somewhat more attractive. If I am able to locate pictures, I will post them as soon as I can.
Another side note: I'm still not sold on Joe Crede. He hasn't let me SEE him do anything impressive. I didn't see the great catch he made last night, and I didn't see him get on base (which, yes I know he did). Where is this powerhouse that the Twins got? I want to see that. Make me like you, Joe Crede and not still think that you should be a Crap Sox player instead.

Up tonight is my beloved Kevin Slowey. If you need some good entertainment in your life, check out his brother's blog Blogonoscopy (which is a riot). He's completely random, plus you get to check out behind-the-scenes photos of Kev. It couldn't be better.

As soon as I get my camera back, I'll post my photos from opener. Until next time (which won't be as long, I swear!)