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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Congratulations Cuddy

Wow...what a fantastic game...I am verty proud of the boys for being able to still get some runs and still score some runs last night to give Kevin another win and to blow the Brew Crew out of the water! I was especially happy since my friend from Milwaukee (and Brewer fan) was sitting next to me. He got to hear me call Cuddy's home run and hitting for the cycle. It made me happy.

I had a fantastic time meeting Kevin today...he was looking beautiful as always...and was so sweet. Made me happy too when I got checked out by him. I about fell over. (Pictures from game and Slowey will be coming...after I return from Paris)

I'll miss everyone while I'm gone and hope to hear about nothing but wins.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (obvious...he hit for the cycle! GO CUDDY!)
2. Kevin Slowey (he was amazing and did very well.  Plus, no home runs given up.)
3. Justin Morneau (went 3 for 5; 1 triple and 2 RBIs!)

Au revoir!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Kev, Carve Up Another Win

Thankfully, yesterday Jake Peavy told the White Sucks how much they suck and turned down the trade between San Diego and Chicago. I like Jake Peavy, he's a good pitcher. I don't want to have to hate him automatically because he goes to Chicago. Besides, why, oh why, would anyone want to play for them? I just don't understand. Granted I don't understand why players want to play for the Yankees either (then again...they just play for money, so that's why.)

I didn't like the one stat I came across on the Star Tribune's site: "Sunday's starter, Scott Baker, ranks among the AL leaders with 10 home runs allowed, and the Brewers rank among the leaders in home runs." Timmy...let's throw everyone off and NOT give up a home run Sunday...great. Thanks!

More after tonights game...Last post until next weekend. Don't miss me too much after tomorrow!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

You Get A Gold Star!

All I know is that the Twins better not use up their entire run quota today and then score NONE tomorrow night. I will not be happy if that is the case. I want this bashing to continue on through the weekend, and even through next week (even though I won't be able to witness anything after tomorrow, until next weekend.)

I don't know that I even want to talk about last night's game. We were doing so well (well Liriano was...) and then...then...he fell apart and just collapsed. It was bad. It was like watching a train wreck...I just couldn't turn it off either. I think that may be the worst part of games like that. I didn't want to watch any more because it was so ridiculous, but for some reason I never picked up the TV remote to turn it off an watch something (anything) better.

Their 3 Stars of the Game were revoked last night. Yes I know there were hits...6 of them...but no one got more than 1 hit. It was sad...and not what I like to see from the Twins.

Today...I'm listening to the game and I am speechless. Why couldn't they have used some of these runs and spaced them out over the 3 games. Really, did they need to score 20 runs? I'm not complaining, at all.

Highlights...Tolbert first ever MLB home run; Cuddy getting a 3-run home run; Mauer getting a grand slam!; Crede getting a home run.

Low notes: Justin and Punto going hitless...Justin 0-2 (though he did get walked 3 times) and Nicky going 0-4...with 2 K's. Tolbert getting an error to cost the Twins getting the shut out. Matt Tolbert basically broke even today.

3 Stars of the Game: (this is semi-difficult with how many runs and hits the Twins got today)
1. Joe Mauer (even though he got taken out in the 7th he still went 3-4 with 2 doubles, 6 RBI's.)
2. Michael Cuddyer (4-6 with 3 RBI's)
3. Nick Blackburn (7 shut out innings and pitched really well!)

High honorable mention: Jose Morales (he went 3-4, with 2 walks!)
Other honorable metion: Jason Kubel (he went 3-4 as well with 2 RBI's)

Way to go boys! Way to blow the White Sucks out of the water today and snap your 6-game losing streak! I was really tired of the losing, so I am very happy today came with a win. Let's keep the winning up and the minimal number of runs we allow the other team to have to just that...minimal. Non-existent would be the best!

Keep the winning in the Navy jerseys up! I love winning in them...it proves my theory of you boys playing better when wearing them. Stupid Liriano has to go and ruin my theory EVERY time he pitches. I don't want him to pick that jersey...everyone else can...just not HIM! I think it's my dislike for him that makes him not do good when he chooses the Navy...even though I LOVE the navy jerseys, my love for them can't out weigh my dislike for Liriano. He just doesn't thrill me at all.

Tomorrow night: Kevin Slowey against the Brewers and me in attendance. Boys, keep those runs a coming!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It Just Goes to Show You

Here is a special service note to Twins players:
Don't piss me off and get on my shit list. You will not withstand much after you keep yourself on the "list" for a number of days.

Craig Breslow got placed on waivers and was picked up by Oakland at 12:54 pm today. First Casilla on my list, then Breslow and now both are not with the Twins "active" roster (Casilla is in the minors, and Breslow is now with the A's.)

The writer for the 'Tribe thought that the move was surprising...I don't think it was. We have Mijares (left hander) and now Sean Henn (left hander)...why do we need 3 lefties? Breslow was dispenseable and has not shown he is a quality reliever this year. There are plenty of guys in the minors waiting for their chance and probably could pitch better...with lower ERA's.

Our new addition: Anthony Swarzak. Welcome Anthony...keep off the list, and all will be okay (until Glen comes of the DL.)

Vacation: Had to Get Away

I am starting to wonder if the Twins are mad at me for planning on leaving them (in their darkest hour) for a week and go to Paris. I think they have decided to take a vacation (these past 5 games). I just haven't figured out why they felt the need to let me watch them lose 5 games in a row when I am on cloud nine preparing for my vacation on Saturday.

In case you haven't heard, Delmon Young's mother passed away. Thoughts and prayers go out to the Young family. I know how hard of a time this can be, and I'm sure it'll be tough for him to come back mentally prepared so soon after losing her. It's definitely not an easy thing to get over and focus on something else, like work.

I don't even know if I can hand out 3 Stars for last night's game. It was quite frankly, disappointing. I know that the White Sucks are just like the Yankees. I won't ever hand out Stars to them. I'll maybe give them a bottle of bleach...but that's it. In case you haven't seen the posters I made for a White Sucks game last year, see the previous entry from last year. Thank you Katie for the idea for the sign.

3 Stars of the Game: (for lack of options, bare with me...)
1. Denard Span (got 2 hits and a walk...going 2-3.)
2. Michael Cuddyer (got 2 hits as well, an RBI and went 2-4.)
3. Joe Mauer (got his 7th home run of the season)

Boys, tonight, please come back from your vacation. Take back what you should have gotten last night and please, oh please bleach those stinking socks and kick their asses!

Timmy...take a nap...a break, whatever you need. Next time you pitch, I expect to see a win come through on my phone (end of game text message I'll receive when in Paris...)

Friday night, I'll be at the game again, and I expect to see a win!! My friend will be with me, and he is a Brewers fan (who is instructed that he is not allowed to wear or cheer for the Brewers while in my presence...he has to wear his Joe Mauer t-shirt and Twins hat.) and I really don't want the Brewers to get a win, so that he has any reason to gloat. Pictures probably won't be added from that game...we're cheap seating it, unfortunately!

Saturday, there will be no blog post. I will be leaving on a jet plane for Paris, France! So no blog while I'm gone! Please, try not to miss me too much!! Kevin Slowey is going to help me kick off my trip Saturday morning. WOOT!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Hating is Good

Let me start off with a list of the reason I HATE the Yankees. (it could be a lofty list...and I may leave some very good reasons off...after all there are MANY reasons to HATE the Yankees.)

1. Mark Teixeira (he is an arrogant ass who thinks he is God's gift to baseball...it makes me want to be the living daylights out of him and smack him back to reality.)
2. Nick Swisher (do I really need to explain this one?)
3. Johnny Damon (You mean, Johnny Demon? He is Satan's spawn.)
4. A. Rod (Who doesn't hate A. Rod? Madonna?)
5. Derek Jeter (He looks like Lance Bass from *NSYNC...that's enough reason to hate him right there.)
6. C.C. Sabathia (come on...$137.5 million, 6 year deal?? That's a boatload of $$)
7. Andy Pettitte (hi, can we say drug user?)8. Mirano Rivera (he just really bugs me...plus he's a Yankees player.)
9. The Yankees cheat to become better players (steroids...a good # of them have been busted for using.)10. They have no attractive players on their roster (yes, this is a good reason to hate them.)
11. They infuse their curse onto us every time we play them in New York.
12. They built a ballpark that looks nearly identical to the former park they had.
13. They are ridiculously overpaid players.
14. Players sell out and only play for $ when they sign with the Yankees.
15. They are the Yankees!!! I found a great website last night...it's about hating the Yankees too...apparently I'm not alone in this feeling. Yankees Hater check it out! They even sell merchandise.

I was appalled at Glen Perkins performance last night. I thought for a second that I had entered an episode of the Twilight Zone. It was a freaky reality and it wasn't right. When a starting pitcher gets taken out after facing NINE batters in the first inning and can not get a good out to save his life...I am floored. Speechless. I'm hoping soon to have these last four games eternal sunshined out of my mind too. I don't need to remember them. Maybe I'll consider keeping Nick Blackburn, and Kevin Slowey's games...even though they lost, they both pitched great. I am proud of those two boys. KEEP THAT UP!!

I found out this morning that Glen in fact is now on the 15-day disabled list. He felt soreness in his left elbow...even before last night's game, and didn't say anything to anyone. I HATE it when players do this. Yes, I understand you want to play and you don't want to let your team down, but really it only ever ends up hurting the team and costing them more than it would have if you would have just gotten yourself looked at in the first place. Why can they not understand this?

I don't know if I've said this while writing about any of the other games...but I absolutely refuse to give a star to any Yankees player no matter how well any of them did. Honestly right now...I'd rather relay a star over to Jason Bartlett (our still honorary Twins player) for going 3-3 in the Rays game last night and now having a .384 batting average! I am super impressed and so proud. I will always have a soft spot for Jason...I still love him.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Michael Cuddyer (a home run to try and boost us to a win!)
2. Denard Span (also got a home run...and broke out of his hitting slump he had gotten himself in)
3. R.A. Dickey (he pitched very well last night and when you are a relief pitcher that has to come in to save the day in the first inning, you are facing A LOT of pressure. He did very good!)

Still on my "list"
1. Craig Breslow
2. Jesse Crain

Flirting with the line to the "list"
1. Glen Perkins

Tonight: Chicago White Sucks. Go Twins. 'Nuf said.

Tell Me How You Want It

Okay, I swear after tonight (well tomorrow really), I will stop using the song titles of Damn Yankees songs. For now, they just seem too appropriate not to use. What can I say about yesterday's game? Joe Mauer was phenomenal, as was Nicky Punto. I was amazed to find both of them on ESPN's web gems this morning, and Joe Mauer's play come across Sports Center's recap of the game (in case you don't watch Sports Center, the Twins are NEVER on there unless they play the Yankees, Boston or some other high profile team that Sports Center actually cares about.)
Careful, Johnny Damon...don't show those devil horns of yours to everyone.

Kevin pitched great yesterday and I thought for sure that he was going to be the one Twins pitcher that didn't falter and conquered the Yankees. For so long he did SO well...and then stupid A. Rod. I hate that man with almost every fiber of my being. Nick Swisher, A.J. Pierzynski and a few others would probably get EVERY fiber of my being.

I have decided that the Yankees players are all very homely looking. I couldn't for the life of me over the weekend find any one of them that I remotely found attractive. Now, I didn't see their entire roster, or bullpen, but from what I can tell...I think the Yankees are the ugliest men in baseball. Isn't there supposed to be some kind of requirement for every team to have at least one semi-attractive player on the roster? If not, they are going to start having baseball players that look like Boy George...(or the woman, whom a friend of mine knows through another friend of hers...YIKES! Anyone else see the uncanny resemblance...) I figured the picture would at least cheer some people up. Just think...at least none of the Twins looks like this!
I honestly can't take much more losing. I hate losing to the Yankees. It just leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. YUCK! Tonight, hopefully Glen can pull through for us (wear the navy) grit his teeth and get those suckers out! Please Glen, don't rely too much on the bullpen...I think they just have been overworked and really...I don't want to have to see any of the fighting for their jobs (which I know some are pushing their luck with staying here if they don't shape up.) Really, we don't want to have to hire Juan Rincon back just because we are so desperate for new bullpen members. SHAPE UP, BOYS!!

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer (he saved the game in the bottom of the 9th! I know Jesse screwed it up in the 10th, Joe was unbelievable!)
2. Nick Punto (when he comes sliding onto my tv only to make a foul catch on his knees while still sliding...he's gotta get a star! Plus, he made web gems.)
3. Kevin Slowey (I really don't think he did bad. I think A. Rod got a pitch he liked...and Kevin had to get that usual 1 home run out of the way. It's unfortunate that the Twins couldn't capitalize on the bases loaded that they were given a few times...but it wasn't Kevin's fault. NO! I'm not just being partial 'cause I love the man.)

Honorable mention: Carlos Gomez. He had a few good, needed hits in the game! He was very unlike Go-Gomez. He played well too!

That's it for now...try not to focus too much on the Boy George look-a-like...it might scare you too much if you do!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Can You Take Me High Enough?!

Okay, sorry for the cheesy title. Every time I'm cursing the Yankees under my breath saying "Damn Yankees" it makes me start to bust out into song.

I thought today the Twins had it. After they had the come from behind to go ahead of the Yankees...stupid A. Rod had to go and ruin the nice win we should have had coming. I feel bad for Nicky Blackburn. He should have gotten the win. I thought for sure that Texeria was bound to get out too considering he hadn't ever gotten out by Blackburn. But no. Of course not...of course he had to go and spoil my Saturday afternoon and get a hit to score the tying run. BOO ON HIM!

I honestly don't think the Yankees are as good of a team as everyone thinks they are. They are old overpaid players that have more of an intimidation factor than an actual bad ass factor. I think they use the intimidation to the fullest extend. People get scared of having to play the Yankees because they are the Yankees. I say "screw the Yankees! Kick their asses!!"

PS...If anyone is wondering why no Yankees players got a star yesterday...well it's because no matter how well they do. I will NEVER give a star of the game to a Yankees player. It'd be like giving one to a Chicago White Sox player. It just won't happen. If you need someone to blame for this...Nick Swisher is a good option. After all, he has been a member of both teams.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he didn't get the loss and came oh so close at getting the win today. I think he pitched well over all.)
2. Justin Morneau (he's a bad ass...don't deny it.)
3. Joe Mauer (I don't think him and Justin like getting home runs without the other one getting one too.)

People who have not worked their way off my list:
1. Craig Breslow. (Hi, he did get the loss (again) today. I'm not happy about him giving up a home run to A. Rod to let the Yankees win today. It's unacceptable.)

PS...I think Cuddy got ripped off on the out they called him on (where he touched 2nd base and then went back to first base.) Even with the replays there was nothing else Cuddy could have done to not be called out. I also think Punto got ripped off on the stole base he should have gotten. He was safe (not by much)...but got called out. I hate the umps today for not doing well at calling the game correctly. It sucks that the Twins had to be on the losing end of their bad calls! Tomorrow and Monday, they better make it the Yankees on the losing ends of the bad calls!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Birtthday, Got A Blown Save For Ya

First off, I'd like to say Happy Birthday to Justin...and good for him for getting 2 home runs on his birthday. That's gotta be nice. Too bad the beautiful in the Navy, Joe Nathan had to go and blow the save. It's unfortunate because I really like it when the Twins beat the Yankees. I hate the Yankees...a lot.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (hey, two homers and a great defensive play to get Swisher out in the bottom of the 9th...yeah, he's golden)
2. Joe Mauer (home run, walk...he's just being Joe)
3. Jason Kubel (he kinda always slips under the radar...unless he gets a home run. Kubel is growing more and more on me)

Denard Span would have been an honorable mention if it wouldn't have been for the in the park home run, that was partially his fielding ability. I know he's better than that and that dude did run really really fast...even though he took a nose dive after turning 'round first base. I laughed a little at that.

I learned tonight that Justin Morneau like Rice Krispie treats. He was eating one in the dugout tonight...I giggled. It was super cute. Justin gets a star for being super cute.

I don't have much else to write about for tonight's game. I basically had it in the background of the restaurant I was at. I was shocked though that Liriano choose to wear the Navy jersey...I'm pretty sure it was GLEN who told me he would wear the Navy...not everyone but him and Timmy. We'll see what Nick Blackburn wears tomorrow. Also a note about the jersey's tonight...don't the Twins usually have jerseys that say "Minnesota" on them when they are away...and "Twins" when they are home??? Tonight, they had "Twins" on their jerseys and they were away. I'm confused.

Day Games and Emerging Heroes

So apparently when I yelled at Joe Crede early in the season saying that he really needed to impress me and prove to me that he was worthy of being a Twin, he listened. Granted it took him about a month for me to warm up to him, I am now approving of Joe Crede as a MN Twins player. Now, he better not get on my bad side.

Delmon Young will be out for a few days (family emergency)...I'm okay that he won't be playing against the Yankees. I'd rather have Kubel, Span and Go-Gomez playing against them. I would love to dominate the Yankees.

Yesterday I sat at work listening to the Twins on my radio, since I couldn't be at the game and since the game wouldn't have been on TV even if I would have been home to watch them. During the 7th inning, I got up briefly from my desk to talk to a coworker. Our conversation quickly got interrupted when Kubel got his hit to drive in a run and if not for the Ground Rule part of the double, would have gotten 2 rbi's. It was okay, because we loaded the bases up again, and then Crede came to the rescue and drove 2 runs in. It was like the night before's game just continued and wanted to be relived again. (except without the long drawn-out game that seemed to never end).

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Kubel (he went 3 for 4 with his ground rule double almost tying the game)
2. Joe Crede (come on, he drove in the 2 runs to give the Twins the lead in teh 7th inning)
3. Joe Nathan (he did pitch again, and very well again. He does deserve it.)

With how well Justin Verlander was doing against us, I didn't think we had a shot. He had 13 strike outs yesterday alone. That was his career high in strike outs...and of course it had to come against us. He was on fire. He even pitched 122 pitches...which I don't entirely blame Jim Leyland for doing...his bullpen is very fragile and they did use every single pitcher in the game before.

I found it kinda funny that I made the comment about Rincon from Tuesday night's game...and he got designated for assignment right after that game. HA HA!! See what happens to you Juan Rincon when I don't like that you tried to steal Kevin's jersey number. Better luck next time...or in Triple-A...or with another team (which is unlikely in my opinion...If I were a front office member of any other MLB team, Juan Rincon would not be someone I'd pick up off waivers.) Though this article seems to think his best bet IS free agency. Good luck.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nothing Like ANOTHER Night of Free Baseball

(Joe Mauer is really in the middle of the hand heart...)

So let me start off by saying this: Glen Perkins is a liar and I am totally fighting with him. He told me he'd wear the navy...and what was the first thing I noticed when I got to the game...cut off jerseys off all things. YUCK! Glen, this is why you didn't get the win for yourself. Maybe you would have gotten another win if you would have followed in Kevin's footsteps and honored your promise. Instead you just get to do this:Yeah, it sucked watching that home run from my view...can't imagine how much it sucked for Glen.
I found it funny last night with Detroit's pitcher. Every time he threw the ball, he had a funky little step at the end of his throw that made him look like a flamingo. It was humorous to my friends and me.Pretty, huh? lol...

I figured out a couple more at-bat songs. Brendan Harris had Kid Rock's "Bawitdaba" playing; and Kubel had "Sabatoge". Nothing too exciting, but I thought I would note that anyway.

The game last night definitely had it's ups and downs. Matty Guerrier and Jose Mijares switched gears with each other and switched who had the bad night. I got in a disagreement with the man sitting behind me. Matty G was one of the few in the bullpen lately that I have faith in, and I made that known to the man when he started bashing Guerrier and saying how he was going to give up a few runs. It reminded me of my brother and his comments on Sunday also bashing Matty. I turned to him and stood up for Matty, only to have Matty prove me wrong. Thankfully, R.A. Dickey didn't let me down. The man kept saying, "well here's three more runs for Detroit. Dickey's bound to give up a few." I told him he should start having faith in the bullpen. Dickey came through for me...gritted his teeth and got the batters out leaving the game unscathed. I began to feel a little bad for Breslow, who is obviously not just on my list, but Gardy's too...he was the lone bullpen member left in the bullpen...and he never got to see time in the game. Then I remembered that Craig still hasn't worked his way up to redeeming himself yet. Sorry, Craig.What a pinch hit for Jason Kubel. I usually try to tell Kubel he sucks when he's up to bat...and without thinking last night, I began to cheer him on when he came in for Go-Gomez in the 8th inning. Thankfully Kubel wanted to amaze us all and be a hero and get the game back within the Twins reach. 2-run home run to tie the game back up at 9 apiece.
When we started to go into the 10th inning, and I was yelling "Free Baseball...yay!" (with some sarcasm in my voice...I like quick good wins.)...my friend goes to me "Do we go into overtime in baseball?" I about died with laughter. No, J, we have extra innings...not "overtime". She claims she knew that after she said the wrong thing...I don't know if I believe it. :)
The other good quote of the night was from one of my other friends...I was chanting with one of the organ cheers...it's the "clap clap clap" cheer (yes, I know...it's hard to describe this cheer...but it's the one where you could insert words into it to go along with the clapping...like "AJ sucks, AJ sucks"...or "Get a hit, get a hit"...last night I choose "Detroit sucks, Detroit sucks..." to which my friend goes "What? Twins have sex?"

I would occasionally glance over to the bullpen to see who the Twins were warming up...and I got a little confused one of the times. I noticed the catcher wasn't Nate Dammann...it was...Brian Buscher.I think it's been so long since he's played that he got confused as to what position he now played. Buscher, Joe and Redmond are the catchers...not you. Though it was cute anyway.

I was also entertained by Justin last night...my camera liked taking dirty pictures last night...and I don't mean it rolled in the dirt first and then took a picture...I mean it got pictures like this...without me trying.
Justin, watch where you put your wood.

I stuck with the game through the brutal 4 hours and 48 minutes, and 13 innings to see Crede get the grand slam (which for a while, I thought for sure Detroit's pitcher was going to walk in a run with his erratic pitching.) and win big for the Twins.

Now, onto the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Crede (obviously...he won the game for us, but he also played well in general last night.
2. Jason Kubel (he got a walk-off pinch hit home run to tie the game.)
3. Brendan Harris (he played well in the field, he got the most hits for the Twins, and he's batting over .300 right now. All in all, he's doing well.)

Yes, I know what some may be thinking. Why didn't Joe Nathan get a star, since he did pitch and didn't screw up? Well, I decided that Joe gets an honorable mention for last night's game. If he would have threw 2 innings and kept his pace...I may have reconsidered moving him up to an actual star. It was a close call.

Okay, now enjoy some more pictures from the game. (Captions below)The beautiful Joe Nathan

Matt Tolbert at bat

Matt Tolbert from the right side...

Cuddy up to bat


Brendan scoring a run

Justin during warm ups

Matt Tolbert looking cute

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Twins Game Tonight...

I love free tickets...especially when they are section 133, row 5. Look for more pictures to follow tomorrow after my unexpected game tonight.

Go Glen!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

People Who Know Less Than Nothing About Baseball Should Not Be Allowed To Sit By Me

Sorry for the long title, but it's how I feel. You'll see why when I list some of the quotes from the crazy lady. She drove me crazy because she said the dumbest things and dissed Slowey too much for my liking. I wanted to turn to her and say, "you do realize that I have a Slowey t-shirt on, that he's my favorite AND he's got the most wins of all the Twins starters, right?" but I didn't.

During batting practice, I had to remind my friend that she needed to pay attention. Home runs (cause we were in the HR porch) are common and it's hard to see them coming if you don't watch them from the time they are hit. There were a few close calls, but thankfully, I didn't have to try out my (lack of) baseball skills and catch the balls.
I did however realize that Juan Rincon was standing in left field only a little ways away. It made me scowl and curse Rincon under my breath. I don't think there has EVER been a memeber of the bullpen that I have dispised to much. So I came up with a few reasons to hate Juan Rincon, other than the fact that he screwed us over many times, sucked, etc. while with the Twins.

Reasons to hate Juan Rincon (other than the obvious):
1. He's a Detroit Tiger
2. He's Juan Rincon
3. He stole Kevin's number and now wears #59 for the TigersDelmon Young has made my naughty list. The first inning (I will call it an error, even though they gave the Tiger player a hit) error was pathetic. I couldn't believe he missed that ball. He wasn't even close...I could see how far away he was...and I myself (even with my lack of skill when it comes to baseball fielding) could have probably even caught that ball. It was pathetic. If it would have cost Slowey a run, Delmon would have permanenately made my list. I think he's flirts with the line for Gardy shit list too...after all, he did get benched late in the game to be replaced by Go-Gomez. (that made me quite happy.) Another note of who is certainlly still on my list: Jesse Crain. Mijares at least pitched well to start working his way off the list. Crain just dug himself deeper.

I love home runs...except when they come to close to me. Crede's home run was to my right, and about 3 rows down, and a couple people over from me. Joe Mauer's home run was to my left, 2 rows down and a couple people over. I was hoping someone else would hit a home run and hit the lady next to me...and then I'd be able to recover the ball after (I like balls that gently come to me...not ones I have to try to catch without making an ass of myself.) Thankfully, I did not make FSN (I watched the replays of the home run, and pretty much only the people that actually caught the ball were on TV.)

I love that Nicky Punto plays "Thriller" for his at-bat music. It's humorous, but also makes me really want to run into Nicky so I can ask him why. It just seems like an odd song to have, but I can't complain...at least it's not a song that was specifically written for him and has his name in it. Kevin "warm up/intro" music, whatever you want to call it is "Slow Ride", also like Nicky's is kind of amusing. I understand the Twins (or whoever plays the music) is rolling off the pun of Kevin's last name being Slowey, but at least it's not a bad song.
Hmm...here's the list of at-bat music I know I have figured out:
1. Joe Mauer (song written by his friend...and not a good one in my opinion)
2. Justin Morneau ("TNT" by AC/DC...LOVE this song!)
3. Nicky Punto ("Thriller" by MJ)
4. Matt Tolbert ("Zombie" by the Cranberries)
5. Joe Nathan ("Stand Up and Shout" by a fake band made for the movie "Rockstar")
6. Kevin Slowey ("Slow Ride" by Foghat)

I know that I know Joe Crede's and Jason Kubel's songs, but for the life of me, I am either too tired or just having a dumb moment this morning and can't place the songs. I'm sure there are probably more too that I know, but my mind is still asleep this morning. In reference to Joe Crede...here's the best quote ever from him: "I never knew what the songs were. Before, in the past, when I have picked them, for me personally, I'll go up there and I'll hear it and think, 'Yeah, that's the song I picked out,' and all of a sudden my focus is way off. Now I'm concentrating on the song. For some guys, it helps them a little bit, especially at home, but for me, I did it for a couple years and it just seemed that my focus just wasn't what I thought it should be. That's just me. I just prefer that I not pick it unless they start playing something like Justin Timberlake. Then I'd have to go up there and change that."

NOW...what you've most likely been waiting for...Quotes from the lady sitting next to me. (As seen here)** "Oh, that must be an infield fly ball!" (the ball went foul into the seats)
** "Good thing he got out of that jamb." (2 outs already, 2 guys on....and 2 strikes to the current batter.)
** "There's no one on base, right?" (she asked her son after only Joe Crede had been up and had just gotten out.)
** "Uh oh, that's not good." (after a Tiger got a base hit off Kevin, with no other guys on base and 1 out already.)
** "Nice." (she said when a Detroit Tiger got a hit to Delmon Young.)
** "Oh there goes another one." (when the ball was a shallow fly ball to center.)
** "Oh he doesn't have it." (When Delmon Young was RIGHT underneath the ball and ready to catch it.)
** "Oh it's fine; he'll be fine" (she said when Mijares had 2 balls and no strike count...but when Kevin pitched a ball to a batter, she freaked out.)

She didn't realize that when pitches were hit foul they counted as a strike (provided there wasn't already 2 strikes to the batter.)

Just a random fact...Kevin pitched 98 pitches; 27 were balls and 71 were strikes. It's amazing that he had more than twice as many strikes as balls and the lady bitched the whole time Kevin was pitching whenever he threw any balls. It was annoying. I wanted to hit her...repeatedly.
If you see this lady...change seats (SEE ABOVE PICTURE) (the blonde lady who is blinking...I'm the one in the fore ground.)

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Mauer
2. Kevin Slowey
3. Joe Nathan

*honorable mention: Joe Crede.

Now, enjoy some pictures...captions are below.
Joe warming up before the game...

Kevin's warm up pitches

Kevin...uhh...not sure. I just know this picture makes me look kinda like a stalker...oh well!

Joe playing catch

Kevin getting mentally prepared

Kevin's glove needed some TLC

Stalker photo #2

Whoever likes Joe Mauer, you're welcome. I took this for someone...Joe doesn't strike my fancy.

Oh, Joe.

Some more fixes to the glove

Haha...I had to (Kevin)

Stalker photo #3

NOW JOE NATHAN AND HIS "Routine"...aka when he arrives in the bullpen.

Some pound and explode with fellow teammate R.A. Dickey

Drinking some liquids (I think it's just water, but I'm not certain)

Some more pound and explode with Ayala.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day...Magic to Make You Happy

Here I was thinking when they said Justin would be wearing "pink" shoes, that they meant they would be primarily pink, but instead just the logo parts of his Rbk shoes were pink. Picture these: (but pink instead of white)I was listening to most of the game on WCCO because I was at the Saint's game, which was more of watching the dogs at game bark at the mascots than watch the Saint's get destroyed, and I heard John Gordon say that the past two years for Mother's Day, the Twins had won. I would like to note that I was at both those last two games, and this was my first year in three years that I wasn't at the Mother's Day game. I shall not repeat my mistake. (Side note: I heard that there were some scouts for Seattle in attendance at the game. I am guessing they weren't scouting any Saint's player...maybe players from the other team.)

If you're looking for someone to blame for the loss yesterday (other than Crain or Mijares), I'll let you blame me. Like I said, I shall not repeat that mistake again. I did miss seeing the boys wear pink. It's always enjoyable watching manly men wear pink.

Nick Blackburn did extremely well in yesterdays game. Pitched 7 shutout innings and let the game after the 7th with a 2-0 lead. If I were him, I would have figured to get the win and figured that I had nothing to worry about. The only part of the game that I was nervous during was the run down with Endy Chavez, and an MIA Matt Tolbert not covering 2nd base, like he should have been leaving Brendan Harris to chase down the runner and amazingly get him out. The picture of the play did make me giggle a bit.Good thing Brendan is speedy.

My list seems to keep growing (as far as day to day games is concerned...it takes a few games screw-ups to get on the list permanently (or "semi-permanent" I guess) on the list. Right now, there are a couple new additions to the list-until they win back my love.
1. Jesse Crain. (He's been there before...he knows how to get off this list)
2. Joes Mijares (just when I thought he was in his fine form of last year, he looked like he did during spring training. I hope this was just a "bad day" for him and there isn't a repeat performance of this.)

Moving onto the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (he did amazing yesterday. 7 shutout innings, only to be let down by the bullpen and get another no-decision.)
2. Brendan Harris (that run down alone may have earned him that star, but he didn't too terrible at the plate. He took a few walks to get on base. No hits, yes, but walks are what haunt those pitchers.)
3. Ken Griffey Jr. (again, I hate giving stars to the other team, but he did get a 2-run blast that not only went through the Subway sign, which I find funny since I just made the comment the other day about how Justin's was the closest I've seen one come...but Griffey also tied the game up at 2.)

Now in case you need some cheering up and something to watch Twins-related during this reflective off day, I suggest you watch Cuddy's magic tricks. It provides some good entertainment, but you also get to see Cuddy in action with his magic. After a loss like yesterday, we all could use some cheering up.

Tomorrow, Kevin Slowey will try to knock some stripes off Detroit Tigers and I will be there to photographically document his journey. Pictures will follow after the game tomorrow. Enjoy the day off today!

SIDE NOTE ABOUT JUSTIN'S SHOES: (Here's a picture of him with the shoes...courtesy of Justinmorneau.com) His shoes look more red than pink. I am disappointed, Justin.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


So I was trying to remember where it was that I read an article about how the Twins were lacking in home runs. (okay, so it was a Twins game recap saying how it's been 5 games since the Twins have failed to homer.) I think the Twins players got kinda mad and really were out to prove whoever the writer was that they can hit home runs. Seven home runs in the past 2 games. I am impressed to. Cuddy's home run was the most impressive tonight. It went so high, it went over the foul pole and it went so far that it was at most only 10 rows from the top of the home run porch. It was very impressive.
Justin's home run was the closest home run to hitting the Subway "hole". I've never seen anyone get a home run in that thing. Not even during batting practices where there are tons of home runs hit.

I think it's kind of funny that Joe and Justin got back-to-back home runs again tonight. I think Justin didn't want to be overshadowed by his BFF that he had to show that he can hit home runs too. It made the song "Anything you can do I can do better..." play in my head. Justin, I know you were worried that you were going to get on my naughty list too with those couple days you weren't using your slugging abilities. Don't worry, you're doing good at staying off of it.

I was having a conversation with my mother (who claims that she called Cuddy's home run...) about Delmon Young. I guess my dad was saying how much Delmon Young was sucking this year and how he really wasn't doing that well. My mother then proceeded to inform him how Delmon Young is hitting over .300 (after tonight .287 actually...but it was like .308 before tonight). I will give my dad some credit, because of the fact that when we picked up Delmon there was all this hype about how he was going to be a power house for us, and basically be a right-handed Joe Mauer batter. He's failed to produce the power hits like Joe, but he has done well with the piranha-like hits, which is in fact Minnesota Twins baseball M-O. Now don't get me wrong, Delmon Young is still on my list. I still don't care for him, but it's mainly for the fact that he can either hit well in a night, or play well in the field. He doesn't usually do both. I am just looking for him to be a well-rounded player.

Onto the 3 Stars of the Game:

1. Joe Mauer (he did good. 2-3 is really good...and Joe is just an impressive player. I think he has a good shot of making a star of each game considering he's a very consistent player.)
2. Michael Cuddyer (seem pretty obvious that this "power house" gets a star for that amazing home run blast.)
3. Joe Nathan (hi, he got the save, didn't he?!)

I wish I was able to watch the game tomorrow. I really want to see Justin play in his pink shoes. I think I would be highly entertained by it. Unfortunately I'll be at "dog days" at the Saint's game, so my brother can bring his pug to the game with us. I will however have my radio in my ears listening to the game, and hoping for the sweep for Nick Blackburn.

Monday: off day
Tuesday: me sitting in the home run porch (about where Cuddy hit the home run to...a little lower) and being able to see Kevin Slowey pitch for a change! (Pictures will follow.)

Side note from the rain delayed/rain called game: Did anyone see when they went back to Robby to get an update, and they showed Ayala, Gomez, and Mijares in the dugout pretending to drive a car or navigate a bobsled? It was the funniest thing I have ever seen (Gomez was "driving" with Ayala behind him and Mijares bringing up the rear. The announcers made a comment and called them the "Jamaican bobsled team"...only all three are not from Jamaica. Gomez - Dominican Republic; Ayala - Mexico; Mijares - Venezuela. Just a little off, but the site of those three was nonetheless hysterical!

Here's a picture of Glen's autograph on my baseball that I got from Glen Perkins (tossed to me after batting practice one game.)

You Get A Gold Star

So I think Glen Perkins thinks I'm insane after meeting him (again) today. When I went through to get my ball signed, I told him how I thought that they should always wear the navy jerseys, because they look better in them and also play better when wearing them. He laughed and said "alright, the next time I pitch I'll wear those." So I will take FULL credit for the Navy during Glen's next go-around. I also proceeded to tell him "I'm really not insane" after saying the comment about the jersey. He just laughed. I was happy to at least get him to smile. He didn't seem like he was too excited to be there, but that's alright. He was late anyway (30 minutes) and was only supposed to be there for an hour. Good thing his line wasn't too long.

Onto last night's game. What a game! I was so happy about Brendan Harris getting a 3-run home run that the game could have been over right after that. Also Matt Tolbert had an outstanding fielding play whipping the ball over to first base to get the out. It was something Alexi Casilla totally would not have been able to get that ball over to Justin as fast as Mr. Tolbert did. Again, the Twins should have had some top-10 plays, but I doubt the Twins even crossed ESPN's radar, yet again. It's sad that we have such a low-market team, because when they play good, they play great! They deserve to be recognized.

I was very proud of Scott Baker last night. He was calm, cool, and very confident. He gave up minimal hits and pitched through 7-shut out innings. It was great to see him back in his normal form.

I almost had called Jason Kubel's
almost home run. I told him he sucked (he likes negative reinforcement) and then the ball flew, and hit the TOP of the short wall baggie. I would have been so frustrated if I were him. If it would have fell down the other way, it would have been a home run, instead it fell toward the field, and was a double. It's too bad for him. Next time, Kubs. Next time.

Okay onto the stars...though it was incredibly hard to pick just 3.

3 Stars of The Game:

1. Scott Baker (he really gets a gold star for the 7 shutout innings and listening to me when I said he was in need of a win finally.)
2. Brendan Harris
3. Joe Nathan (only cause he automatically gets a star, but also because I couldn't decide between EVERYONE else who got a hit! It's nice to see everyone get at least one hit.)

Tonight: Liriano up against Seattle. I'm not thrilled to watch the game, but most likely I will. Tomorrow will be my day where I'm going to have to rely on a recap to know what happened. I have to go to the Saints game with my family. Unfortunately. I wasn't able to convince them to go to the Twins game, which would have been a ton more fun.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Just Say No...to Women's Fertility drugs

It made me laugh when I learned that Manny Ramirez got busted for performance enhancing drug use. I don't like Manny...he quite possibly is the epitome of all things I hate. Not only did he get busted...but he got busted using the "female fertility drug human chorionic gonadotropin, or hCG." Maybe he just wanted to get in touch with his feminine side. It makes me think of the movie John Tucker Must Die where "John" has estrogen put into his protein shake mix...and then he starts crying and acting like a woman in the movie. I would have been highly entertained if Manny would have been "Manny" doing that. (carefully, Manny...you might start doing this!)

Okay, off my rant about Manny. I have decided that Denard Span is truly an unsung hero. He is an exceptional player and I don't think anyone truly sees how great he is. Last night again, he had some amazing fielding plays. I thought for sure his tumble catch (seen here) would make ESPN's top 10 plays. No, but Adam Jones' catch did. Span was ripped off. Just like he was the day before when he had the spectacular outfield assist in getting the out at home. Denard, you are special in my book! I appreciate you even if ESPN doesn't.

In lieu of the navy jerseys, I have decided that tomorrow when I go to meet Glen Perkins, in the ghetto, at Cub Foods, that I am going to tell him this: "Glen, I think you should always wear the navy jerseys. I like them better and you guys look and play better in them." I'm not sure he won't think I'm insane, and I'm pretty sure he will laugh at me. I don't care. I'm not scared to speak my mind or tell someone what I'm thinking. I'm just being honest, and hoping to affect his future jersey choices. Hopefully all the subliminal messages I'll be sending will get the other guys to choose them every time too. (well all but Liriano...I don't like him, so he doesn't need to try and get on my good side...he's never going to be there.)

Well, Crede is trying his best to get off my shit list. He did great last night and clocked the ball most every time he was up to bat. He got some good key hits and tried his hardest. I appreciate his efforts and his attempts to get off my list. Delmon Young, yes, he got some hits too, but his fielding still needs work. He needs to learn how to hit and field in a game...not just do one or the other. I'm tired of that display.

Last Night's 3 Stars: (I know you've been waiting for it)
1. Denard Span (not only did he have the great fielding plays...he also went 2-5, which is way more than Mr. Morneau can say. Justin, you better be careful...you might make "the list"
2. Matt Tolbert (he was a shining star last night! He definitely is a good breath of fresh air for the Twins. Good fielding and 2-4 last night...which any amount of hits is better than Casilla did. Plus did anyone see his first bunt?!? Holy crap, quite possibly the best bunt I've ever seen. (no video on MLB, but it literally was hugging the 3rd base line and the Oriels were waiting for the ball to go foul, when it hit something and rolled into the grass in fair territory. It was great!)
3. Joe Mauer (he really got a key hit of the game, allowing Span to score and tie the game up...even though we lost, Joe pulled his weight.)
Crede was an honorable mention for the stars. It honestly was between him and Joe Mauer for the 3rd star. Crede, I'm proud of ya!

Tonight: I am optimistic for a win for Scott Baker. He has paid his dues and is due for a win! I'll be cheering you on, Timmy! I know you can do it!

I also found out that the next game I'm planning on going to, most likely I will finally get to see Kevin Slowey pitch. I am elated.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Stand In The Rain...Don't Mess With Me

I officially hate rain delays. They don't help with me needing a distraction at this point in time. I really am in desperate need to see Kevin Slowey. He makes me happier.

I find it somewhat amusing to learn that Alexi Casilla has been demoted. (Casilla, see what happens when you get on my shit list?!?) I am extremely ecstatic to learn though that Matt Tolbert (my dear friend whose beer I spilled last year) is back and in the 1 3/4 innings they have played so far, has played exceptionally well. I love Matt Tolbert, not like I love Kevin...more like how I love my family. He's a cutie, but not my Twins boyfriend (s).Yup, somehow right before this picture...I knocked over his beer. Oops.

Now onto more Twins baseball...Lord, let the rain stop until the game is over! I want baseball!

(The rest of the blog...the remainder of the game will be below here.)

NOTE: Denard Span may have earned himself a star of the game for the throw to home plate that got the runner out. That was a Cuddy-like throw and just reinforces every reason I have to appreciate him as a player.

And the good news...oh wait, bad news...more rain. I hate rain.

Denard Span definitely gets a star of the game (even though they've only play 3 full innings). He's been amazing in the little time of them. Matt Tolbert is brushing up on my good side. I like it.

To be continued.....

Okay, 3 Stars of the (unfinished) game:
1. Denard Span (if you saw any of his unbelievable plays, you'd agree.
2. Nicky Punto...I mean Superman. He had a very Nicky-like diving...err flying catch that he made in foul territory. It was superb.
3. Matt Tolbert (just because I can...and because he made an out on the same type of play Alexi Casilla got an error on the night before.)

That is all. Hopefully rain won't keep baseball away again tonight.

OY With The Poodles Already

Okay, there are a few of the boys who are on my list. My shit list that is. It's going to take some serious ass kissing for them to get off my list.

1. Alexi Casilla (need I really say more?? Look at his average, and lately his sloppy play if you need a reason.)
2. Joe Crede (yes, although he's listened to me a couple times, he hasn't been the "big star" the Twins made him out to be yet.
3. Delmon Young (why, did we EVER have to get him? He's still too green to be playing every day. I think that giant ass of his is slowing down his "range of motions"...there are days where he plays well in the field, but then there are days like last night. Error. Error. Error. (yes, I know he only got one error, just trying to make a point))
4. Michael Cuddyer (just for last night's performance)

That was an embarassing and awful game to watch last night. If I would have been at home instead of at Buffalo Wild Wings, I might have thrown something at the tv, or shouted so loud at it that the Twins actually heard me IN Detroit. I was amazed that it was only the 3rd inning and we were already losing 6-0 and we only had 1 hit to go off of. Boys, we can't win when we can't get two people to hit the ball in the same inning. Consecutive hits are what we need to be those pesky pirahanas that Ozzie called us (yes, I am also aware that Nicky Punto is the only one left).

I hate (today) that I have to give out 3 stars, because let's face it...there is only going to be 1 Twins player on it. Sad, sad day.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Miguel Caberra
2. Rick Porcello
3. Jason Kubel
(he went 3-4. The Twins totalled 5 hits, and 3 were Kubel's, he definitely gets a star for trying to carry the team.)

I am midly disappointed that Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau haven't been the powerhouses I know they are. They both were 0-2 last night and got taken out (I'm guessing to try and get something going, not just because of the horrendous lead that Detroit had on us.) I'm not going to lie, I turned off the game by the end of the 7th. I just couldn't bear to watch any more of the beating. I honestly did have little faith that they could turn around a 9 run deficite when they couldn't string together any hits. You can't score runs if you're not hitting the ball. That seems obivious, I know, but someone had to say it!

Tonight: Kevin Slowey is up for the Twins. Hey! At least we have 1 pitcher with a winning record and who has done good in his outings! I feel much more secure with this game in hand tonight. Kevin, WIN! (PS, Navy is always a good jersey option too...just saying)

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cino De Mayo...celebrating a WIN!

So last nights game...I was shocked that Liriano went into the 8th inning pitching. I am not a Liriano fan just because he finally got a win last night. Honestly, I don't think I'll ever be a Liriano fan. He's just not my favorite player. I sorta loathe him. I will admit, he did pitch fairly well last night (even though he gave up a home run to tie the game at 1 apiece), I will admit...it's nice for him to finally get into the win column.

I thought (up until he fell apart in the 6th inning) that Detroit's pitcher Jackson pitched very well also. I thought for sure it was going to be a badass pitching duel and be a brutal 11-12 inning game, so Detroit fans would have to suffer like I did, but no such luck! The boys shined and then took 9 batters through one inning.

I am happy to learn that Jerry White just suffered a contusion on his foot. I thought for sure getting drilled in the ankle area would mean a broken bone, especially with how fast and hard he went down. I bet Joe Crede just felt terrible since it was his foul ball that hit that into Jerry's foot. It did seem weird (and looked it) when Joe Vavra took Jerry's place.

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Michael Cuddyer (notice how well he's been playing since he's "Nesheked" his socks?? over .400 batting average in the last 4-6 games...whenever he started hiking the socks up. Coincidence? I think not.) *I have since learned that he wears stirrups like Dickey, but I still approve cause you can't really tell.
2. Denard Span
3. Francisco Liriano (as much as I don't want to give that to him)

Joe Mauer went 0-5 last night which was not only disappointing considering how he did over the weekend of his return, but also very damaging to his batting average. He was (at one point) .800 over the weekend, but now is sitting at .467. Not as good. Joe, you need to keep getting those great hits and knocking in some runs...you could blow the entire MLB away with an amazing average if you keep up your weekend threats!

Tonight, Mr. Blackburn is up for the Twins...I believe he's ready to knock some stripes off of those Detroit Tigers and kick some ass! Navy, Nick Blackburn...NAVY. :)

Enjoy some Tequila today and pre-celebrate the exciting win that will be coming our way tonight! Woo!