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Friday, July 31, 2009

Drink Up Me Harties, Yo HO!

So after watching part of the re-air of Tuesday nights game late Wednesday night, I have decided that Go-Gomez needs to have the Jackson 5's "ABC" or "Want You Back" as his at bat music. He's got the hair for it...and I'm fairly certain when saying...I think he probably has the moves for it to. It would definitely compete with Nicky's old song "Thriller"...and it may win, hands down.Another note about walk-on music...I figured out Cuddy's! (Finally)...it's The Champ by Whiskey Falls. Download it...it's pretty good...and don't let the soft ballad-like intro fool you. It'll get rockin'. Now to figure out Joe Crede's. (If anyone knows his, please let me know...)

I was thrilled with (and called) the sweep of the White Sux. I was also thrilled to have AJ pinch hit late in the game so Katie and I could bust out our Anti-AJ cheers...and loudly. We were elated to have a gentleman behind us who despised AJ as much as we did. We contemplated asking him to join us in our "Who Hates AJ" cheers...but we passed.

I do have pictures from Wednesday night's game, but I have no internet at home and I currently have no idea where my camera's usb cord is (I just got finished moving all my crap up 2 flights of stairs to the third floor of my building). Hopefully I'll remember to look for the cord at lunch, otherwise everyone will have to wait until Monday to see these pictures. (I have no cable or internet until Friday of next week...sadly that means no Twins either since I don't have an antenea to watch Sunday's game with.)

It was such an honor to be blessed with Brian Duensing as the last minute stand in for Fran on Wednesday night. Since he is currently my back-up for Kevin Slowey (since Slowey is on the DL until the end of the season), I needed to be ensured that I would get my baseball boyfriend fix when I was at the game. Thank you baseball gods for hurting Liriano so he couldn't pitch...and for Duensing wearing the White jersey allowing me to go back to my appreication of the Navy.
Now back to your originally scheduled program...3 stars of the game.

Wednesday Night's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brian Duensing (sure he didn't get the win, but he pitched an outstanding 5 innings and only gave up 2 runs.)
2. Denard Span (2 for 3 at the plate and was great all around!)
3. Alexi Casilla (yeah I know he got the RBI for the go-ahead run, but I make the rules here and I still don't like him well enough to give him #1 Star of the game.)

Boys...just a note to you. Lose a series again...I'll take away stars for 4 games; keep winning and we'll all be happy.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ozzie Hates AJ?

Well first let me start by saying...we should have rung Mark Buehrle up earlier than we did so that Mr. Baker could have gotten the win, but I'll take the win and ringing up Buehrle with 5 earned runs, any way they want to give it to me. (Yes, I realize how dirty that sounded, but that's alright.)

Thank you, Cuddy, for taking one for the team and getting hit by a pitch! I always appreciate it when one of the boys does this. No, I don't like seeing them get hit, but hey...it's another way to reach base and it usually helps throw a pitcher off his game some.

Last night was day 3 of winning. Tonight is game number 4...the magic number of games won that the Twins need to get to get back to recieving the 3 Stars of the Game. I am looking forward to being on this winning streak, plus I'm having a good day so far...so all signs are pointing to a win!

I got made fun of at Buffalo Wild Wings by our server. I was yelling at the boys and telling them to do something. I was desperate for them to throw off what could have been another perfect game for Buehrle. I didn't want to see this.
1. Because a friend of mine had him, Span and Morneau on his fantasy team, but wanted Buehrle to do good.
2. Because Buehrle is a Chicago White Sux player.
3. I don't like Buehrle.
4. Because we've kicked his ass before.
Thankfully my boys were able to pull through for me. I know I should cheer against players like Span and Morneau because I really do like them and love watching them get some great hits, but I was kind of hoping that the rest of the team would carry the run support (which for the most part, they did. Justin got an RBI because of getting walked, and Denard had only a 1-4 night.) Tonight, I am back to being faithful and cheering for the entire team! I will be there with Katie again tonight and we will PROUDLY be shouting our Anti-AJ cheers (we're sitting right by the Pressbox) and PROUDLY holding up our "Launder the Sox" sign. (KATIE, IT'S ALL YOU TONIGHT! :))

Thank you, Joe Nathan for coming in and saving Bobby Keppel's ass and getting yet another save. I also was very happy to see you again.
Thank you, Scott Baker for wearing a jersey that was not the Navy. (don't get me wrong...I still LOVE the navy jerseys...but they have been on navy overkill as of late and they've lost too many games in them. I just needed a change to appreciate them more.)
Thank you, Alexi Casilla for getting a walk and being the end to Buehrle's "perfect"...not so perfect game.
Thank you, Jose Mijares for not sucking and having a win put in that column.

Bring out the brushes and brooms tonight, folks! I smell a sweep! (knock on wood)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Two...Then Three...Than Four

Okay, so the Twins after last night are officially on a "winning streak". But they are not back to receiving stars of the game. Remember I said they had to win 4 in a row to get back to getting these stars of the game? After Sunday's game and last night's game (which both Cuddy and Joe Nathan listened well to me; Cuddy got a home run when I told him to and Joe Nathan only faced three batters, respectively).

I am very proud of Anthony Swarzak kicking up his A-game and kicking some ass against the Angels on Sunday. He did an excellent job of pitching. I don't think he really fumbled in the 7th inning either with the base runners. I think we had some fielding blunders that should not EVER be repeated. (cough::Alexi Casilla::cough)
Good job to Justin for getting another multi-home run game! Big high-five to him (since stars will come later).

Last night, I joked at one point in time with Katie about how at least one Alexi was doing well for the Twins. It wasn't Casilla either...Alexi Ramirez had a few fielding boo-boos. He got an error on only one of them, but I heard that AJ Pierzynski wasn't too pleased with him not being able to get the pick off at second base. I proudly thanked AJ for helping us out, like he did so wonderfully as well at the plate last night with an 0-4 night! Great game, AJ. Just great! Thanks!

I was fearful last night a few times with Glen on the mound. It wasn't the best outing from Glen that I've seen all season, but it wasn't the worst either. He did well enough to appear to still have some A-game potential and seemed to calm down after both home runs he gave up. Thankfully he didn't want to surrender the lead after Cuddy got it back for him.

What a great catch by Denard Span in the top of the 9th, to help Joe Nathan get yet another save (with me there)...and also a fantastic catch to snare a line-drive by Brendan Harris! Great job filling in for Crede at 3rd base! I don't know that Brian Buscher or Delmon Young would have made those plays...I don't think they would have.

At least two more games, boys...and those top stars will come back!! I've decided on games where they completely biff it...no stars will be awarded...on games they at least give an A effort...they may get the stars. But until they are on a winning streak...I remain on my power trip. :)

In some sad Twins news: Kevin Slowey will definitely be out the remainder of the season. He'll undergo surgery to get the bone chip out of his wrist. Poor Kevin! Keep him in this time in your thoughts and prayers for speedy recovery and that the surgery goes well when he goes in for it.

Friday, July 24, 2009

But Why Is All The Rum Gone?

Dear Twins,

All privileges and stars of the game have been revoked until you start winning games. I am tired of losing...it's heartbreaking and I refuse to accept it.
I don't want to lose series (Anaheim) and I don't want anymore starting pitchers to be day-to-day or on the DL because of a poor performance on their part. (Kevin is the exception since he has an actual bone chip in his wrist.)
Until further notice (at least two-three wins in a row) I will not be posting stars of the game. Please win today in Anaheim. Thank you.


Every real Twins fan in Twins Territory.

The Bucket List

So I don't have much to say about last night's game, frankly because I am quite disappointed to see them lose that game that I thought for sure was in the bag when Joe Nathan came in. I squeeled so loudly when Punto couldn't field that ball in the 9th (that score the tie run) and Casilla didn't back up the play well enough that I'm sure my neighbors loved me! Yelling "NO!!!" at the top of your lungs at 12:30 am, probably doesn't go over well with people.

I didn't think that the Twins played poorly last night. I think they kept up with the Angels (well with the exception of how fast those Angels can run). Timmy did decent in his outing and got out of a few jambs without being scathed too much.

I wasn't however disappointed to see Buscher out of the lineup because it meant that Harris got to play, who I prefer over Buscher any day! So this is for you Brian Buscher...it's good to see you're feeling better. Here's a bucket in case you need it though.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Jason Kubel (showed us again that running is indeed stupid.)
2. Joe Mauer (3 for 4...good outing for Joe)
3. Matt Guerrier (he's still being a all-star and doing great! At least he held the game and didn't allow any runs.)

Disappointments of the game:

Still on my shit list even though he's back:
1. Jesse Crain

Thank you...that is all.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Total Annihilation

While listening to the game yesterday it felt like I was playing baseball on the Wii. I usually do horrible and get my butt kicked so fast I don't even know what happened to me. I think that may be an understatement for the Twins yesterday...12 runs in less than 2 innings, their heads had to be spinning. Mine sure was. I was going around to coworkers who hadn't turned on the game and told them to not even waste their time because they would be so disappointed and mad that it's not even worth it! I told a couple other people (who don't have the...uhh...pleasure of listening to the game at work) to be thankful they were at work and not able to watch the game.

Later when the beating continued, I just started to laugh. The game just turned into a hopeless mess and I started to find it funny. I guess it was better than crying about the game, for sure! I laughed a little more when I saw this morning that the Twins sent Kevin Mulvey back down (now all hopes for him getting booted when Kevin came back from the DL instead of Duensing are gone) and are bringing Jesse Crain back, I laughed a little more. I'm sure I'm pointing out an obvious, but the Twins need another solid bullpen member. I don't know that Jesse Crain is going to be that guy. We have a couple of those guys, but you can't use them every night or else you risk screwing them up like Mulvey. I'm sure the front office would like a time machine to go back to the day they decided to bring up Mulvey and make a different decision! Maybe they just need Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith to come in and use the men in black mind eraser on them. (I think the Eternal Sunshine department is getting a little overused lately.)
I wonder if Glen is going to blame every outing of his on some sort of ailment? He's now seeing a specialist for his "sore shoulder" when they get to LA as well. Anyone else want to call his BS with me? Hop back on the DL train, Glen! Maybe you should just send us your replacement instead of coming back. I'm so glad you pitched 1 inning (well that's all he got credited with yesterday) if you felt "sore/hurt" or whatever. Thanks for helping us to look like a joke in Oakland.

NO STARS OF THE GAME...the closest one to try for a star was Justin who hit a first inning home run...but the fact that they couldn't do jack any other inning...nobody gets one.

I'll be thinking about Timmy (who will probably be in the navy if they keep that trend up too) tonight while I'm at my audition to be a Timberwolves dancer. I'll check updates on my phone. Please oh please don't screw this one up boys!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Revenge of the Nerds

I feel like I am Sunday School today. I'm listening to my boss sing along to kids-sounding gospel songs and it's not too terribly pleasant. 1. It feels like I'm listening to Kidz Bop. 2. She's not the best singer. 3. It's giving me a headache. 4. The Twins aren't on until 2:35pm for me to listen to. It's unfortunate that I have to suffer.

I was worried last night when Bert decided to pick Cuddy for his pick the stick a second night in a row. Cuddy, though he didn't fare as well as the night before, he at least got revenge on Oakland by getting a triple that scored the go-ahead run, which eventually won the game for the Twins. I guess it's better than him going 0-4 or getting called out on a bogus play at the plate. I'll take it. Kind of ironic that the same guy who called him out the night before called him safe (after the winning run scored) last night.

I had sworn I wasn't going to go to bed until the go-ahead run was scored, which I failed at miserably, but I did wake up from sleep when Cuddy's bat hit the ball for his triple, so I "technically" did see the go-ahead run...I sadly didn't make it though any longer to see Joe Nathan pitch in the 9th, which is always enjoyable.

I am really starting to wonder why all the pitchers are jumping on the Navy bandwagon...are they trying to wish Kevin a speedy recovery? Are they wearing them because they read my blog and want to please me (crossing fingers this is the case)? Did they forget the grey jerseys back in Texas and UPS hasn't shipped them yet? I guess today will tell us if the last one is the case or not. I'm hoping one of the radio announcers make mention of what they are wearing, so that I know today...and don't have to wait until the photos from the game appear online. (I guess I could also stay up until 10pm when FSN finally will show the "Squeeze Play" of the game...why 10pm, you ask? I have no idea! Guess they want us to feel like it's still a late night west coast game.

I do think that hell has frozen over. Katie and I were watching the game and out of my mouth came a comment about Joe Crede...referencing how with his new hair cut and shave...he looks "hot". I, personally, have never found Joe Crede hot. He's not my type at all. He's my cousin's type, for sure...but her and my taste in guys couldn't be more different. (she also think Kubel is hot...which I hope to God I never utter out of my mouth because I don't know that I would believe myself...)
Did everyone see our favorite STOCK PHOTO is online again.

Okay, onto everyone's favorite part of the blog posting...(those who read it)
3 Stars of the Game:
1. Joe Crede (he went 2 for 4...sure he got credited with an error...but I'm going to call that a bad hop on the dirt instead.)
2. Joe Mauer (also went 2 for 5 and was drove in by Cuddy to score the winning run. Mauer had as many hits Tuesday night as he had in his previous six games combined (2 for 23). Maybe this is the end of the slump?)
3. Matt Guerrier (he's been the unsung hero lately...and I still want to give props to him for being fantastic!)

Honorable Mentions: Delmon Young, Joe Nathan, Michael Cuddyer and Anthony Swarzak.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Where's the Heimlich Maneuver?

Wow, nothing like laying down and taking one some place not kind. Last night's game was...uhh...sloppy at best. Sure we had 13 runs that we scored and 4 home runs to speak of, and Cuddy standing up to the Curse of Blyleven and going 4 for 5, but really...Nick Blackburn didn't have his A-Game, nor did Duensing (though I love him still) nor did Keppel and nor did Mijares. Were they all half asleep during the game? Did they feel sorry for Oakland (which may have had less fans in attendance than a game for the Marlins)? Whatever the reason for that disaster, I hope we never allow that to be repeated...EVER!

When one goes to bed with the Twins leading 13-7, you feel pretty confident in a W. Needless to say, I was a bit miffed when I woke up (thanks to the genius who thought it'd be fun to shoot fireworks off) at 2 am and happened to browse my phone, (Internet on it that is) since the genius lit off the fireworks for about 15 minutes, and I saw that the Twins LOST 14-13. A million questions flew through my mind...what? how? why? who? seriously? wtf? Yes, at one point in the game, the Twins had a 12-5 lead. I figured if they scored too many runs last night, that it would blow their chances tonight. 13 runs should be PLENTY to win a game...at least that's what one such as myself would think. Well, I'll never think that again! Score as many runs as you would like next time boys...just make sure you win in the process! If you only need 2 runs, great...if it's 20, so be it!

I now know how Josh Hamilton must have felt getting all those home runs in the first and second round of the HR Derby last year only to lose in the final round of it to Justin, whose HR tally came nowhere near Josh's. It's not a good feeling at all...kind of like being told you are going to get a pony for Christmas only to get nothing but coal instead. Sad...depressing...NOT COOL!

I did find it amusing that Bert finally realized the curse that he brings to players...the curse that I realized so very long ago. Hearing him go "yeah, I was beginning to notice how ever guy I pick goes 0 for the whole night." Ya think, Bert?! You just noticed this?? Wow...

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Justin Morneau (2 home runs (one a grand slam) and went 3 for 5...he showed us all how he thinks running is stupid too!)
2. Jason Kubel (3-run home run and went 3-3! Way to go, Kubes!)
3. Michael Cuddyer (he wanted to prove the Bert Blyleven Curse to be beneath him...and went 4 for 5 with a home run as well! Thanks, Cuddy for stepping up to my challenge!)

3 Failures of the Game:
1. The homeplate umpire Mike Muchlinski (ohh...Mike...I'm remembering you...I will bash your face in if I ever see you...) He must have either been high, blind or not paying attention at all, because I was watching and re-watching and then watching some more the play at home where he called Cuddy out, and still can't see HOW he saw "out"...when it couldn't have been more blatantly "safe"...if this were hockey...I'd make this sign for him.
2. Bobby Keppel (looks like he's not Mr. Perfect anymore...way to give up a GRAND SLAM to Matt Holliday!! Sure Holliday is a good hitter, but really...a Grand Slam?! Come on!!!)
3. Jose Mijares (you're first batter you face should be an out...not a home run. Thanks for this screw up!)

Now some cartoons for the very blind umpire.

Lone Star State

So I was trying to figure out if I should really blog about this weekends series against the Rangers since I was in Milwaukee for the entire weekend and only saw about half the game on Sunday night...I haven't completely decided. I don't know that I can give accurate intel on the game or not, so bare with me.

Friday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Carlos Gomez (bringing up that average with 2-3 night!)
2. Justin Morneau (also went 2-3...it was hard deciding between him and Go-Gomez who got #1!)
3. Jason Kubel (2 for 4 with a home run!)

Saturday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Scott Baker (8 innings and only 1 run...good job Timmy!)
2. Michael Cuddyer (2 for 4 with a home run)
3. Carlos Gomez (2 for 4 as well! Good job, Go-Gomez!)

honorable mention: Jason Kubel for his stolen base! lol...those don't happen often!

Sunday's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nicky Punto (how can I not give him #1 star with his first home run of the season?)
2. Delmon Young (went 2-4 and somewhat surprised me with getting clutch hits.)
3. Matty Guerrier (I don't think people give him enough credit for how great he's been doing all season)

10 Betsy notes:

1. Bert Blyleven should continuously pick Alexi Casilla as his "Pick the Stick"...he's going to do horrible anyway, so might as well not affect the rest of the team...plus I don't like him, so I'd like him sent back to Triple-A. Yes, this may not seem fair or right, but I just don't understand what Matty Tolbert did wrong to be sent down for someone who has already had 2 strikes against him this season.

2. It's fun to banter and smack talk teams such as the Brewers, White Sux and Cubs when you are not in your home teams' state.

3. I like it when Scott Baker wears the Navy jerseys...he looks cute in them.

4. I don't like when Liriano wears the Navy jerseys...he gives them a bad name.

5. I love the commerical Scott Baker did. He looks so serious it makes me giggle.

6. I can turn most conversations into something baseball related.

7. Miller Park is cool, but not as cool as Target Field is going to be.
8. If ever in doubt...always wear your Twins hat proudly!

9. I like Ian Kinsler and CJ Wilson, but not when they do well against us.

10. I don't like losing in extra innings.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Off-Day/Week Video

For fun...here's a video from the KTIS Faith and Family night of Kevin (sort of) dancing with R.A. Dickey's kids...but also getting tackled by Elijah and then Elijah taking a spill.

Jars of Clay is playing in the background.

Go HERE (my video)
Katie's video (which is slightly longer) HERE

And another video (courtesy and copyright of Erin) go HERE

Monday, July 13, 2009

White SUX Weekend

If you sit in the cheap seats in section 212, and you see these guys (they bring the P-U-N-T-O signs)...move. They are quite possibly the biggest twat waffles I have ever sat by. The one wearing the Justin shirt called me "Obama" when I asked him (nicely I might add) if he would just pick a seat and sit down (my parents who were down a few seats had already had one of his buddies stand for about 5-10 minutes during an inning, so they were already annoying.) I didn't completely understand how calling a female "Obama" was an insult, but maybe he thought he was clever. I don't really know...all I know is maybe I should have replied with something along the lines of "Okay, OSAMA" since he fit that bill more than I fit an "Obama" one. I got my justice however...a different way. Dip shit smuggled in some beer (in a can nonetheless), so I was the good patron of the game that told the usher...so the twat waffle had to pay to get drunk like everyone else...so sad...and too bad. Maybe you should be nicer to women? (if you were the girl who asked "why would you tell on someone for that?" might I suggest that you mind your own business because not only did you get me to respond to you...you damn near got bitch slapped from me too. Thanks.)


Friday's Game:
We'll start with Friday. I am slightly bitter with Glen Perkins that he had to get sick and then make Nick Blackburn get moved up in the rotation and making it so I didn't get to see the incredible Nicky "Pumpkin Tits" Blackburn, whom I might mention, I have never seen. Nick was in his top form, and although he didn't pitch a 4 complete game, he still was outstanding. (He did allow 4 runs, which bumped his impressive ERA that Jim Souhan liked to rub in Slowey's face up.)

3 Stars of Friday's Game:
1. Nick Blackburn
2. Jason Kubel (went 3-4 with 2 doubles and 2 RBI's)
3. Joe Mauer (he got the base hit we needed to take the lead in the game)

Saturday's Game:
Well...Saturday started off good. Katie and I made our way (bright and early since we're losers) to Apple Valley Pro Shop to meet Brian Duensing. We packed our materials for sign making (we opted to make a different sign than I was initially planning) and picked up poster board from Target and then got in line. If anyone from the blog world would have seen us waiting at the Pro Shop, you would have probably laughed. We were sitting on the sidewalk outside the pro shop waiting in line and there we were cutting out letters and spray mounting and taping them onto our neon lime green poster board. (see the sign below with the pictures from the game)
We couldn't apply the (very heavy) accessories to the sign until we got back to my place where the hot glue gun was. All in all, I think our sign turned out great and I loved it!

At the dome, our night started off with the douche bags who like Punto (a little too much if you ask me, considering they are guys and he's definitely not our best hitter). Joe Crede tried to make me a happier girl by hitting a couple home runs against his former team (which my mother also told me that he had quite the smirk on his face when he hit the first one.) I personally am a bit surprised that Gardy didn't use Morales more in the game than he did. With the history that Morales has against the White Sox, you would have thought he would have been in the starting line up one way or the other...but no such luck. Morales had to be a White Sux killer in the 9th inning, bringing two guys in with his hit! I don't know that Punto could have accomplished that. It was unfortunate that the Twins were unable to capitalize on the bases loaded in the 9th with only 1 out. Instead, double play ended the game causing the Twins to lose by 1 run. I am not sure what factor to blame...
Do I blame: KTIS Faith and Family night (which the Twins have lost all three years of the Faith and Family night)? Twat waffles in front of us? White Sux Killer Morlaes not playing more than just the 9th? Oooh...maybe the bullpen? Glen's illness and crappy pitching? Do I blame Jars of Clay (who claimed that any time they play a professional sporting event, besides basketball, the home team loses)? Or better yet, blame someone like Slowey or Blackburn or someone else who didn't pitch (if I was Jim Souhan...this might be my pick.) I'm not sure what I'm going to pick...but it wasn't fun losing to the White Sux Saturday night...not at all!

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Joe Crede (hi, 2 home runs against his former team)
2. Jose Morales (who I have affectionately given the nickname "Killer" to. He got a much needed clutch hit and got two runners in!)
3. Denard Span (sure he hit into the double play that ended the game, but he also went 2-5...which is more than Mr. Morneau can say.)

Sunday's Game:
With being out of the cheap seats and in regular seats that didn't suck (though we thought for sure the old people in front of us would hate us by the end of the game...if they did, they didn't say anything!)
We decided that every time A.J. was up to bat...we not only would boo him, but then we would also chat "Who hates AJ?" and respond "We hate AJ." It was quite entertaining. Also, it was fun telling A.J. how great of a job every time he got out! Mike decided to also yell things to A.J. when the dome was silent and probably was heard through the TV broadcast of the game (unfortunately Katie didn't have Sunday's game DVR'd.) Another note about A.J. I found out...he only has had 6 successful pick offs this whole season...and around 50 missed attempts. Looks like he's doing real well as a catcher this year. He makes Mike Redmond look outstanding at pick offs (and he really isn't that great at all...)
It was great to see power bat from people like Go-Gomez, Denard Span and Brendan Harris...since Joe Mauer and Justin Morneau (who I am fighting with by the way...) couldn't hit much to save their lives. Joe Mauer had a career high of 4 strike outs during the game. It was very unlike Joe and it baffled me. I wonder if he got the curse of the HR Derby in him pre-derby. Maybe after the All-Star break and the Derby tonight, Joe will kill it and be hitting .500 by the end of the season. Hey, I can hope for such lofty goals for Joe.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Carlos Go-Gomez (not only is he Super Go-Gomez? but he also was only a triple away from hitting for the cycle. He went 3 for 4 and made Joe and Justin look like fools. Good job, Go-Gomez.)
2. Denard Span (yes he got an error that allowed A.J. reach base, but he made up for it...he hit his first ever lead off home run...and I think he's an all-around cool kid who went 2-3!)
3. Brendan Harris (he went 3-5 and also was the other Twin who got a home run during the game bringing in 3 RBI's.)

Now we'll move onto the videos of the faith stories (as well as an update from Kevin about his injury) including R.A. Dickey, Slowey, and Denard Span...and then following those are the pictures from this weekend with captions below. Sarah: the pictures of the kids are for you! They are the closest I could get to getting you pics from the Family Day!

R.A. Dickey talking about his faith: HERE
Kevin Slowey talking about his injury and faith: HERE
Denard Span talking about his faith: HERE

Me, Katie, and Erin at the game with the new sign and the "Circle Me Bert" sign.

Matty Tolbert...uhh..."playing" with his bat...
Joe grabbing himself. Real nice, Joe.
Target practice.
The boys standing to honor Radke being inducted into the Twins Hall of Fame.
Dickey (who dresses like my dad) telling his faith story.
Kevin...uhh...not knowing how to close his mouth while waiting!Kev trying to get R.A.'s little boy to stop running around...
Kev thinking the little one was following him.I guess he was tired...lol...he just would randomly lay on the terf.
Kev dancing with the little one.
Elijah dancing in his socks
R.A.'s daughter Mary attacking Kevin (he was going for high fives...she jumped into his arms instead.)
Sad face on Elijah...did he get in trouble from Daddy again?
Elijah and Lila running around the field!
Elijah dancing with daddy while he wore Lila's hat.
Kev getting pulled around by Elijah while dancing with the girls.Twirling Mary around
Elijah got in trouble for jumping on the dirt pile in the bullpen...that didn't stop him though!
Denard and Kevin deep in thought.
Dancing some more...in his loafers...lol
Whoever said white boys can't dance...was right. :)
Doing the Twist...I think!?
Twist some more...
Jars of Clay
Come back here!

Enjoy this week of rest, boys...and please oh please, be back on your A-game come Friday. Glen, rest up! Everyone else, enjoy the All-star break and the HR Derby tonight! Go JOE MAUER! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Who To Blame Now?

It feels like every time the Twins lose (multiple games), reports grip on to a couple certain players and "credit" them with all the losses. Like for instance blaming Scott Baker and Liriano for the 3 games we lost to the Yankees. I didn't know Scott Baker's presence affected the other two games that he didn't pitch, or Liriano's affecting the game I was at or the one Scott Baker pitched. That is some talent right there in the midst of our starting rotation.

I know Scott Baker has had his brutal bad outings, but then again, he's also had his outstanding outings where he barely lets up a run. Honestly, I don't think the outcome of a game can be blamed entirely on a pitcher (unless it's all home runs they are giving up, or walking in every run.) Sure Scott Baker got credited with 5 earned runs against the Yankees (those 3 of those runs were let in by Brian Duensing, Baker got them on base however) but the start before that, he had 1 earned run. I'm not trying to make up excuses for him nor for Liriano, because I know that everyone should know, I'm not the biggest fan of Liriano. I don't think he's shown his potential that he had pre-Tommy John surgery...I think since that surgery, he's been mediocre at best. I don't know that I could fully blame him for the loss yesterday however. (the fact that he likes to try and give the navy jerseys a bad name, I can blame him for.)

I think yesterday our bats against a guy who was only a spot starter were weak. The team was 1-9 with runners in scoring position (RISP) and they left 8 guys on base! Why was this loss not blamed on the fact that Denard Span, Matt Tolbert, Justin Morneau, Mike Redmond or Nick Punto couldn't hit the ball. Everyone in the line up besides Tolbert (and Harris's 1 AB) struck out once. How can we win a game if we can't capitolize on runners on base and in scoring position? I know the night before Cuddy going 0-4 and striking out when the bases were loading helped us lose that game, also errors or lack of catches (foul ball) has helped us as well.

I just think that there are many factors to consider when posting blame for losses. Do I think we should start playing better? Yes. I think we need to be like Nick Blackburn and bring out A-game out when playing. I think the boys need to stop acting like they are intimidated by teams like the Yankees or Boston, and stop being overtaken by starters who are newbies (either haven't pitched against us or are recent calls/spot starters). We've struggled with hitting those pitchers all season long. They get a scouting report on these pitchers, why can't they figure out the best approach and then work on hitting them. If their approach doesn't work the first two times at bat...maybe consider figuring out another way. During the Yankees series, Justin (who obviously is one of our power hitters/big threats) went 0-11. He needs to bust out of this slump he's in and start hitting, walking, or whatever to just get on base! No more of this pop-outs, strike outs or ground balls! Get on base, and get the runners in! (That message can be said for all the players).

So I found out that my sign that I made was on TV not only just on the Wednesday night game that it was at, but also yesterday afternoon as the game started! My mother watched the replay of the game last night (when FSN rebroadcasted it around 7 pm) and said she saw it, but didn't see me (yes, Mom, that's because they didn't put me in the shot...which is fine...don't need anymore enemies!).

3 Stars of the Game: (these will all be Twins because I refuse to give stars to Yankees or other teams I don't like.)
1. Joe Mauer (went 2-4 and still is the batting leader.)
2. Brendan Harris (pinch hit and went 1-1, sorry, I had to!)
3. Michael Cuddyer (only went 1-4, but had a double to get into scoring positiong.)

Tomorrow: I will be going to meet Jason Kubel (and attempt to throw Joe Nathan into that equation) and then I am going to be going to our amazing Twitter/Blogger party at Jen's place.
Here are the details for that (though I know some of you already know about this from Katie, K-bro, Lipgloss and Baseball or Those Girls blogs as well):

What: Twins Fan/Blogger/Twitter Party
When: July 11th, 2009 12:30-3:30pm
Where: Jen's House (please email parkavepirate@comcast.net for address and info)
Who: Anyone who wants to come! If you're reading this, you're invited. We're a very inclusive bunch!

This is pre-game before the 6:10pm White Sox game, which happens to also be the Twins Hall of Fame induction night for Brad Radke. It's pretty laid back. We're planning to hang out and meet some new folks who share a love of Twins Baseball. I'll be bringing some materials for sign-making and perhaps some Twins trivia. People are free (and encouraged!) to bring any outdoors-y, tailgate-y games they might have. We'll just be doing snack foods, so folks are welcome to bring a little tasty something to share if they're able. Some bloggers/tweeters have purchased (or are planning to purchase) cheap seat tickets to the game, and are going to be sitting together as a group. If you already have tickets elsewhere, or don't plan to go to the game (shame on you! Brad Radke!), you can still swing by pre-game for some fun and frolicking. It will be good times. I promise.

Katie and I will be attending the game (as well as other bloggers). Katie and I are cheap seating it, and will be sitting in section 212 (Justin Morneau's home run section) as low as we possibly can (since I'm busting out the sign that Sarah requested last year). If anyone would like to sit by us, shoot me an email to 9love59@gmail.com so we can be on the lookout for ya! We'll be the ones with the neon-pink sign that says "Bleach the Sox...no on second thought they'd enjoy that."...if that changes, I'll let everyone know!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Yankees = Evil Empire!

Thank you K-bro for taking a picture of the TV as it showed my sign at the game! It's nice to be able to see it, since I don't have a DVR or a VCR to tape the game. Plus knowing my luck something would have f'ed up and made it so it didn't tape the part that the sign was on. I got high praise from a high school student about the sign...he said "that was yours?? sweet! We were just talking about how great that sign was." Which coming from him, this is the highest praise! I am very proud of my three-hours I spent on all (technically 4 signs, only 3 different sides) of them. (another note: I was also told that Bert and Dick made comments about my sign too...that was nice of them! Thanks, guys! :))

Okay so other than the fact that we lost (though we came very close at the end to tying it), I can't bring myself to find too much to complain about when it comes to the game last night. Sure compared to those watching the game at home, I did have some advantages to make my night better, even considering the loss.
. I was there, no I'm not trying to rub that in, just stating all my facts.
I had a fantastic sign, that even Derek Jeter snuck a peek at, and Yankee fans wanted a picture with.
The unbelievable view behind homeplate that we had. Thanks to Katie who scored the tickets from work.
4. Making frenemies with a Yankees fan...who tried to talk smack and make fun of my "May the Force be with you" sign, but it didn't bother me.
5. Being there when Joe Mauer finally made enough plate appearances to top the AL in batting average!

I knew that when one of the first things that happened to me before the game started was a Twins personnel on the field beckoning me down to the front of our section to tell me how to get the sign on TV, it was a good sign that the sign would appear at some time during the game. I giggled at the thought of this, and felt like my goal of pissing off Yankee fans could be completed. I had around 5-6 people ask to do one of three things, 1. Take a picture of the sign. 2. Take a picture of me with the sign; or 3. Have a friend take a picture of them with me and the sign! I laughed at this and willingly obliged.

Katie and I about died when we got down to "row 9" (as the ticket said, which was more like "row 5")...we about peed our pants with how fantastic these seats were. I don't know that I will ever be the same now...though my vision is still working it's way back to seeing things without squares around them, I still loved those seats! I also got to become one of those people who flinch when a ball hits the net right in front of me. (Thanks, Go-Gomez for two foul balls that made me flinch and then laugh at myself.)

After last night...I have decided that Bert should permanentaly be banned from their game of "Pick the Stick". It just isn't good for the Twins as a whole and it also isn't good for the player that he dooms. The latest victim: Brendan Harris. (0-4 night, with a strike out and an error). This isn't cool, Bert. Let's stop this now while we still have a chance at taking over that covet #1 spot in the AL Central race. I don't like being behind the Tigers or the White Sucks...and I especially don't like being behind BOTH of them and being in the middle of the AL Central. That blows even more.

I thought the Twins played well last night. It was unfortunate that we couldn't come back late in the game, but once Riveria came in, I knew it was only downhill from there. He's an outstanding closer, even though I hate the Yankees...I do know a good player.
"No one likes to lose to the Yankees," Twins outfielder Denard Span said. "It is a tough one to swallow when you're in the game the whole way, you lose by one." Denard, we don't like you losing to the Yankees either. Especially when both the Tiger and White Sucks win. This pushes us further behind them.

Oh the things you wish you could take back: I'm sure Justin Morneau is wishing he would have caught the foul ball of A. Rod (whom I had a much more affectionate name for during the game, but I'll refrain from posting it here.) That additional strike/foul ball/pitch (whatever you want to call it) gave A. Rod another chance and he capitalized on it, getting a RBI that eventually would be the run that won the game for those stupid Yankees. I wish the game would have got tied up at 4...I wouldn't have cared how late I would have had to stay out at the game last night, or how tired all the boys would have been today. I wanted a win last night, and now, best we can do is not get swept (for a second time this season) by the Yankees. I will give Anthony Swarzak some credit. I expected much much worse! With how wet behind the ears he is, I thought for sure it would be another soul crushing loss and we would be blown out of the water. Thankfully he stepped up and proved me wrong.

Okay, on to pictures from the game last night...You'll have to bear with the pictures (I know, that's difficult to do) to get to the end where the 3 Stars of the Game are at.)
Mauer stepping up to the plate
Look at that contact he made with the ball (which is almost sitting on his bat in the pic)
Justin, I'm guessing, swinging and missing
Kubel steps up
Foul ball for Kubes
Span in the on-deck circle
The pitchers talking it up during the game...I wondered if Kevin (the chatter that he is) was giving Swarzy pointers.
Justin admiring his "big stick"
Joe's love tap to Swarzy (Nicky almost looks like he's gonna flip the bird to someone any moment.)
Go-Gomez, whom I tried to get talking/kissing his bat, but he didn't when I had the camera ready.
Harris and Keppel having a pow-wow
Speedy Go-Gomez
Kevin and high high-water, waiting for a flood, pants in the dug out. He looked lonely...(I could have remedied that for him.)
Justin with the boys watching in the dug out.
Buscher eating sunflower seeds.
Buscher playing peek-a-boo with me.
Keppel pitching
Crede in the on-deck circle.
The hero? Morales...(not a hero last night...I was hoping he would pretend the Yankees were the White Sucks and stick it to them as well...but no such luck!)

Joe Nathan warming up in the 'pen...with Brian Duensing fielding balls...

3 Stars of the Game:

1. Joe Mauer (AL Leader now at .390. Went 3 for 5, with a much needed home run...and Katie didn't even have to promise him anything first!)
2. Joe Crede (fantastic #10 ESPN top ten play, with his diving catch to cheat Jeter out of a hit.)
3. Bobby Keppel (he acquired some points with me last Saturday...he's still not my favorite bullpen member, but the focus got taken off him when Duensing got called back up.)

Day game today with Liriano pitching on the mound. Get well soon Glen! I want to finally see Nick Blackburn pitch and the only way is for you to be healthy and pitch Friday, so they don't move him up! If you need a card, I will be on it.