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Monday, August 31, 2009

My Boyfriend's Back

It was nice last night to see Joe Nathan back in fine form with a 1-2-3 inning. As much as I love my Joe-Betsy time (when he gets one runner on base), I've been tired of the edge-of-my-seat-nail-biter-are-we-gonna-really-win-this-one Joe. Every once in a while, it's understandable, but nothing that should be repeated on a regular basis.

It's kinda of fitting that I used the above image for my humor, because Ozzie Guillen referred to the Metrodome as a funeral home (not really sure why, other than the fact that his team SUCKS in the dome). I guess he wanted (rather wants) to take the 4 down from the number of home game remaining (since the number would then be 13, his jersey number). If this happens, I will document it (Katie and I will be there, near the bullpen tonight)...I wonder if he'll get booed.

I (like most people) was quite surprised when I heard the news about Jim Thome going to the Dodgers. I'm happy for the fact that it's a very rare occasion that the Twins face the Dodgers (and Jim Thome definitely has our number and loves hitting home runs off our pitchers), but I'm also a little sad about the trade (Jim Thome was the ONLY White Sux player that I at least respected. You can't hate that classy guy.). I'm wondering what the White Sux are up to with also getting rid of Contreras.

I enjoyed seeing Nick Blackburn pitch well last night. I'm not sure if it's the mountain man look that rocked him into being a seven strike outs machine, but whatever the kick in the pants was...I like it, and it's how he should regularly be pitching. Keep it up Pumpkin Tits.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Nick Blackburn (7 innings, 1 Earned Run, and 7 Strike outs...he was solid!)
2. Joe Nathan (he was lights out...and got his 35 save)
3. Jason Kubel/Joe Mauer (TIE) (both went 2 for 4 with a home run, Kubel with a two-run shot and Mauer with a solo shot)

The best news of the night: the Tigers lost to Tampa Bay Rays earlier in the day, which after the Twins' win, brought them up to only 3 1/2 games back from Detroit. Thank you, Tampa Bay (especially Jason Bartlett cause I miss and love him so much!) Do we call this a pennant race or is it still better to call it a pennant chase? Whatever you want to call it, I sure hope and want the Twins to finish first!

Joe-Gasm Weekend with Super Span

Yeah, the title today might be a little wacky, but that is half the fun of this blog. I thought for sure the Twins were going to win this whole series, I was hopeful. After watching the game and learning the Detroit AND Chicago lost on Saturday night, I hoped they kicked it in gear and took out the Rangers ( I do like the Rangers...they have a few cute players too!), but much to my desperate pleas and hopeful thoughts, the Twins were unable to capitalize on losses from our two rivals.

Saturday morning, Katie and I waited in line for a few (I won't tell you exactly how many cause it was a while...) hours to meet Joe Crede. When we saw that the player appearance calendar listed both Span and Crede at Best Buy (only Denard at the "mobile store"), we thought maybe we'd get lucky and have both of them at Best Buy...nope, Denard was across the street in the mall. We figured after meeting Joe Crede (who's appearance started a half hour after Denard's), we'd run over to the mall and at least try to meet Denard (he was on my list to meet).

I took pictures of the line for Joe Crede because we had plenty of time to kill while we waited...if you look closely in the third picture, you can play "Where's Waldo" with Katie...(the first picture was where we were in line...only about 30 people back).
Katie and her nephew Skylar who was overjoyed to meet Joe Crede. He told me he wants to meet the Joe's, Justin, and Cuddy (who was the only player before Saturday that he met).
They told us "no posed photographs" (with Joe), but I was sneaky and got a not-so/semi-posed photo of Joe. I needed it.Skylar and what I think is his new bff...Denard Span. He's a super cool dude and I think I like Denard even more.

Side note: If Joe Crede is a reader EVER of my blog...I'm sorry for picture stalking you. Katie and I were just in awe of how good looking you were in person...though we hoped for our own sake, you weren't (not for any bad reasons either.)

I'm not sure if Saturday's game was worthy of Stars for Twins players...our bats were all too silent and we were shut out (I hate shut outs...). But I'm going to give Stars out anyway. Twins fans, I'm going to apologize in advance...the stars of the game were more Rangers players than Twins.
3 Stars of Saturday's Game:
1. Scott Feldman (I don't know why Ron Washington took him out after only 5.2 innings, but he still pitched very well.)
2. CJ Wilson (he...well most of the time...is outstanding against us...which is the reason I tweet him to tell him I love him, but that he needs to start doing not so good against us.)
3. Carl Pavano (though he did take the loss, he only gave up 2 earned runs , pitching 6 innings with 7 strike outs and only 1 walk.)

Sunday was a fabulous day to watch the Twins. When the Rangers started bumbling plays up (especially Ian Kinsler), I knew we were set to win the game. Call it a prediction, call it a hunch...call it, well whatever you want. Ian Kinsler is a fantastic second baseman...and although his is in need of a partial hair cut (it's cute...just a little long), he still is a great player.

Now the Twins' record when Mike Redmond starts is dismal at best. I don't like thinking about the numbers, because it makes me fearful, depressed and a whole lot more, so I just try to not think about it, so I can stay positive. Watching Mike Redmond hustle out a triple, only the triple of his ENTIRE career, was amusing and outstanding to watch. Gardy and the rest of the dugouts reaction to the triple was the best however. They all couldn't stop laughing. How could that not boost the spirits of the team into winning the game...in none other than Twins fashion of a come from behind win.

When CJ Wilson entered the game yesterday, I thought the Twins were done for. Instead the Twins proved to have possibilities and rang CJ up for 3 runs to take the lead 5-3. The Twins played outstanding small ball and got the job done. Joe Nathan coming in however made me nervous once again. I love Joe Nathan, as I'm sure everyone is aware, but he just keeps making me have heart palpitations which are driving me crazy.

I noticed that Joe Nathan has a little grey facial hair on both sides of his chin...does anyone else think that this is recent, and maybe has been because of his nail biter outings? I am going to assume this and maybe buy Joe Nathan a little Just For Men so he can fix this...uhh...issue?

3 Stars of Sunday's Game:
1. Jason Kubel (he went 2-3 with his 21st home run, which is his career high for home runs!)
2. Denard Span (went 2-4 with an double)
3. Mike Redmond (yup, for his triple alone, he gets star #3.)

Keep this up boys! Tonight we face our division rivals the Chicago White Sux! Now is the time to keep this winning up! Tomorrow, I am still hopeful for Jeff Manship to get the call to start. Katie and I will be at the game, and this is why we wanted to go Tuesday...to see Jeff Manship start!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

You're Killing Me Smalls

Okay, seriously why does Joe Nathan insist on keeping me on the edge of my seat the past few times he's came in to close the game? Once in a while it's exciting...but wondering EVERY time he comes out now whether or not he's going to pull through and save the game is starting to get annoying.

Carlos Go-Gomez gave me a good laugh last night when he took his "Joe Mauer on a stick" and put it in front of his face. Joe Mauer definitely doesn't look good with a fro. I don't recommend it. EVER. I am slightly disappointed that I didn't go to the game last night. As lame as this sounds, I kind of want a "Joe Mauer on a Stick". It'd make me giggle enough to be worth having more crap around my house.

Seriously huge props to Brian Duensing for pitching an outstanding game. I would have loved to see him come back out in the 8th inning, but I understand that his pitch count was getting up there, hence why Matty Guerrrier came in to relieve him. I don't necessarily consider last night's game one where we "used" the bullpen. I think we used our set up man...and our nerve wracking closer, but they are guys we use repeatedly, so they will be able to pitch again. Thankfully, Brian's fantastic start is allowing Katie and I to be able to see Jeff Manship start on Tuesday night. I hope Jeff doesn't continue to be nervous when I'm watching, because I'd really LOVE to see him finally pitch, live.

I am happy to report that Bert is mathematically eliminated from Pick the Stick. Hopefully this means that he will no longer be a curse to the Twins' offense and make them do poorly...since he SHOULDN'T be allowed to pick players anymore. Hopefully this doesn't mean that Michael Cuddyer won't keep being a rock star (considering he was the only one who ever did anything when picked by Bert).

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Brian Duensing (7 solid innings, 1 ER and 8 strikeouts. Plus he was one of ESPN's top performers of last night's assorted game.)
2. Brendan Harris (he went 2 for 3 last night...sure he's no Joe Crede in the field, but I like Brendan, so it's okay)
3. Denard Span (he went 2-4 last night and started the game off right with a fantastic double off the right field baggie that Nelson Cruz had no idea how to field.)

Today, Joe Crede and I are going to meet. Maybe this is the medicine Joe Crede needs to get well. I am going to attempt to meet and greet Denard Span too, but it's not certain yet. Pictures from today's outing to come later.

Tonight: Pavano goes up against the Rangers. (Seriously, I like the Rangers...well not when the play the Twins, but in general...and I would much rather see them take the Wild Card spot than the stupid Red Sox, so I'm hoping I can jinx the Red Sox and make them continously loose so that Texas can take the Wild Card.)

Currently: The Twins are in second place once again. The White Sux lost in the bottom of the 9th inning with a walk-off 3-run home run that the Yankees hit. As much as I HATE and LOATHE the Yankees...Thank you for beating the White Sux. Now the goal is to reach and take over the Tigers first place spot. GO TWINS.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

You've Just Crossed Over Into...

K-bro and I were talking last night and she came up with a solution to our Bert's curse problem. Bert should only be allowed to pick players from the opposing team for Pick the Stick. This way it'll solve the problem of his pick going 0-_ and it'll leave the away team with this dilemma. Do you think I should write FSN about this?

So I will admit, I didn't get to watch as much of the game as I would have liked to have. I had my fantasy football draft last night, so I was huddled in a corner with some of my friends picking players for about two and a half hours. I wasn't thrilled learning that it was Todd Tichenor who would be behind home plate made me nervous, at the very least. For those who may not remember read here...another quick ejection (well 4 really) during the Boston series. Maybe Mr. Tichenor should stop and think for at least a second before throwing his arms and tossing people...otherwise I have a feeling, his car or himself is not going to fare too well with fans (of whatever team he picks on for the night).

Big props to Michael Cuddyer who is a huge rock star. I tried finding a video of Cuddy playing second base last night, yes I said second base. Katie didn't believe me when I suggested that maybe Cuddy would have to come in from right and play third, that he started off playing third. Instead, Gardy shook it up though and threw him in at second. I have to admit, it would have been super fun seeing Cuddy dive for a ball, I would have been highly entertained, but all I got to see was Cuddy turn a superb double play. He looked like a natural...and showed us all that he truly is a rock star.

I feel like I've stepped into an episode of the Twilight Zone with how well (knock on wood) Alexi Casilla has been playing, both in the field and at the plate. Last night's gems were both in the field....(yes he lacked at the plate, but really most of our bats were lacking there). When ESPN was recapping the Twins game, Stuart Scott was pretty much patting Casilla on the back and thought that both of his outstanding plays would be in the top ten. Unfortunately, only the one linked above made the top ten....at number one...He was number one on the web gems top 5 too.

Thankfully last night, even though we lost (I think it was a somewhat unfair game...I know our bats were lacking too, but good calls help boost spirits), Detroit and Chicago White Sux decided it was best to not gain any ground on us and lost as well, so we are still 4 1/2 games behind first place. I think we can get ourselves back up in the standings and above .500 if we keep this power magic inning kick going throughout the Texas Rangers weekend series. I know they can do it.

3 Stars of the Game:
1. Alexi Casilla (for above stated reason)
2. Joe Mauer (Joe went 2-4 and kept his cool as he had to watch fellow teammate Orlando Cabrera get throw out of the game)
3. Michael Cuddyer (why? because he is a Rock Star. Sure he only went 1-4, but he stepped up and became a second baseman and a very well-rounded utility player of not only the outfield, but infield as well.)

Off-day today, returning on Friday with the Rangers in town. Enjoy your night off, everybody!

Breaking All The Rules

Last night, not only did Katie and I get to witness the Twins getting to a new accomplishment of the year, we also got to see the new stadium. Granted we broke some rules viewing the stadium (there was a no loitering sign...and I climbed a chain-link fence to get high enough to see over the wall in the parking ramp)...but it was fun and super cool to see part of the sod on the field. Here are some pictures before I move onto the game.

The field with the sod in left
Terrace level seating
Left field/bullpen area
Away team's dugoutTwins dugout (first base side)The bullpen!Bullpen again
The infield diamond...so cool!
View of the field
Looking into home plate

I was a bit nervous going to the game last night when the pitching rotation changed and Armando Gabino was listed as the starting pitcher for the Twins. Now, if you are like me and said "who?" when his name was written...you have a right to ask that. Gabino is a rookie call up from Triple-A Rochester who's only appearances this year in Rochester have been in relief. Yeah, I'm not gonna lie...I was VERY nervous about him starting. The Twins have recently gotten back into a kick where they are on a winning streak. They had won their last 4 games, and 6 of their last 7! I wanted them to keep winning and keep moving up in the standings to catch those blasted Tigers.

I think last night's game was the longest, non-extra inning game I have ever watched or been to. The game in Milwaukee (that a couple of my friends were at) may have came close...but nonetheless this one felt never-ending. My hopes were starting to falter when we just couldn't seem to do anything with guys on base. We were trailing 5-3 (though not a huge deficit, still enough) in the 4th inning. The relief staff (mainly Humber) seemed to only know how to throw balls...not strikes. It's not a good sign when two of the pitchers get booed in one game.

Much to my surprise, Bobby Krappel came in and pitched a fairly solid outing going 2.1 innings (not terribly shy of the starting pitchers 2.2 innings) and only giving up 1 earned run. Jesse Crain (whom I actually cheered for) relieved Krappel and I felt we might actually have a shot.

I will admit, it was still hard to stay positive when Delmon Young and Alexi Casilla were leading the stats with the most hits. Everyone else seemed incapable of getting more than 1 hit. I however have NOTHING bad to say about Delmon Young (at least not in reference to last night's game). Justin Morneau was also tired of hearing me complain that he probably wouldn't hit a home run after just coming back the day before from an inner-ear infection. With the next pitch, he clocked the ball into the upper level cheap seats in right field. Thanks, Justin for proving me wrong. I like being wrong about those things.

I enjoyed watching the bullpen scatter like shrapnel when Denard Span came flying over into the bullpen area again to try and field a ball. That bench was cleared so fast it was funny! I don't think any of them wanted to be Denarded like Jesse Crain was the night before. Katie and I did think it would have been funny (at least slightly) if Jesse would have went on the DL with a concussion because of getting Denarded. Thankfully, he was on the bench and in fine form last night and ready to pitch.

Thankfully Brian Bass reminded me why I didn't like him as a Twins player and with the five batters he faced, he couldn't muster an out. See, Brian Bass...this is why we never liked you in MN! Thank God he's no longer on our team...our bullpen is suffering enough.

Okay, onto the 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Delmon Young (he went 4 for 5 with only 1 RBI, but the game winning RBI. I told him, if he got Cuddy home, I would give him the number one star and say nothing bad about him.)
2. Alexi Casilla (yes it is hard for me to write this...and I feel like I'm in an episode of the Twilight Zone with my top picks for the game, but what can ya do? Casilla went 2 for 3 with a walk, RBI and a stolen base.)
3. Justin Morneau (he went only 1 for 5, but it was a home run, and it added a run to our total. Plus no one else did much worth receiving a star.)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who's Got The Magic Stick?

Okay, so last night our bats weren't as chatty as they were the previous games, but at least we got a win! Scott Baker did a fantastic job pitching and kept us in the game by only allowing one earned run in 7 innings. The players in the field were making fantastic plays and impressing (I am assuming) non-Twins fans. If you are not a Twins fan, take a look at the ESPN web gems and pay special attention to Denard Span's running catch in left. I sure hope Jesse Crain's headache goes away...I'm sure he had one after he was the padding for Denard.

I am proud of the boys for getting back onto a winning streak (from previous posts: I give away 3 stars of the game and said only after at least 4 wins in a row, would I bring them back). Last night marked game #4 for wins for the Twins. I think secretly they were missing those 3 Stars of the Game and each wanted to shoot to obtain those stars. I've gotta say, I'm happy to award these again (as painful as the third star from last night's game will be to give).

I won't hold you in suspense any longer. Moving on.

Monday Night's 3 Stars of the Game:
1. Scott Baker (he pitched 7 solid innings with only 4 hits, 1 run and had 5 stikeouts)
2. Denard Span (he went 2-2 with 2 walks...and he has been really getting this team going in the lead-off spot. Glad to have him here.)
3. Alexi Casilla (I know, I don't like him...and I still have a hard time believing he made the catch on Saturday night's game, but I'll give him some credit last night. He went 2-3 with a triple, and also made good fielding plays. Good to see he's back in the 2nd half of the year gear that he was in this time last year.)

Just a thought about Casilla...maybe he should start the year next year in Triple-A (even though I think he's technically out of options after this year)...and then after the All-Star break be called up...he should be in his good stage at that part into the season. He seems to suck the beginning half of the season...so why not start that part of his season at a non-major league level.

Last night in the final inning, Joe Nathan wanted to keep us all on pins and needles again by allowing two runners to reach on WALKS. Joe Nathan doesn't give up WALKS. I was surprised that his slider didn't fool those batters better than it did (which it fooled them a lot). I'll cut him a little slack though. After having a very rough outing his last time, I'm sure he was a bit more nervous getting out there. Hoping he didn't have to wave Gardy off again.

Tonight, our rookie, newbie call-up goes up on the mound for the Twins. I don't know what to really think of this, because I haven't heard much about this kid, other than he's from the same place in the Dominican that Carlos Gomez is from. I wonder if he'll do the hip/butt bump with Go-Gomez and Casilla after the game is over (provided he wins). Armando Gabino, I wish you all the best otnigh tin your major league debut. You better not let me, or any other Twins fan down.

Monday, August 24, 2009

With That Double Vision

No, I'm not talking about Bobby Keppel and his ability to give up a massive amount of doubles to players on the other team. I'm talking about the amazing Michael Cuddyer and his amazing ability to get two home runs in one inning. He's the first twins player to ever do this, so congrats to Cuddy!

I enjoyed watching Friday night's game. Seeing Joe Nathan wave off Gardy (after he blew the save and had two guys on with two outs in the 10th) was the funniest thing I have ever seen, and I also don't think any other player would EVER be able to pull something like that off. Can you imagine is Bobby Keppel (Krappel) was on the mound and Gardy came out because Krappel sucking again like he usually does and Krappel waved Gardy off. I think Gardy might actually smack him upside the head. At least I hope he would.

Friday night's game was definitely a nail bitter. I'm pretty sure Joe Nathan and I said the same thing after he gave up the home run to blow the save. Ask Katie, she got it in a text message to (she was in KC for Saturday and Sunday's games.). I wish Nick Blackburn would have gotten the win, since he finally got his ass in gear and starting pitching like he did before the All-Star break. It was wonderful to see him getting back into the groove of things. Guess his chat with Pavano really did help him. Who knew that was all he needed.

Span's "triple" or really rather his in the park home run (courteosy of Josh Anderson erroring on fielding and not being able to hold the ball in his glove long enough to throw it in.) was a blast to watch. I thought for a second that he was out at the plate, but it was because I didn't see the ball go between Olivo's legs.

If only the Twins could have taken the last game in Texas, they would be on a 6 game winning streak, but now it's only a three game one, since they lost the last game of the Rangers series. One more win, and they will be back on for stars of the game.

Saturday's game was nearly as nerve-wracking. I was very proud of how Brian Duensing did as a starter, and really think he should have another start in his future. Sure he got into a few jambs, but he also worked his way out of all but one of those jambs. He had great fielding behind him to go along with his good outing. Alexi Casilla even scored the #3 web gems on ESPN for his diving catch. I swear it wasn't really Alexi in the field that night...I swear it had to have been Nicky Punto, because I'm sure he's the only Twins player that can fly.

A special thanks goes to Kyle Davies for allowing Joe Mauer to strike out, but still reach base on a wild pitch. We like extra outs that we're given, and we'll capitolize on them too. It's what the Twins do. Another thanks to Cuddy for being the 4th Twins player this season to have at least 20 home runs. The last time the Twins had this many players was in 1987. One of the Twins' World Series teams. Way to go Joe (Mauer), Justin (Morneau), Jason (Kubel) and Michael Cuddyer! Big probs to all of our big guns!

Finally yesterday my nerves were saved. Through the first few innings, I was a bit on the nervous side...we didn't act like we remembered how to score runs, nor did the Royals. It looked like it was going to be a pitchers duel. I don't like those kinds of games, because I think they are the hardest to lose. KC tied the game up at 1 in the 6th inning, and the Twins were using their 6th inning magic that they had found in a few of their previous games. Instead, the Twins used their 7th inning power and rang up Kyle Farnsworth (a former Twins player). Pavano went 7 innings, which was fantastic for our bullpen and all of the Twins players had at least one hit.

If I were giving stars...Michael Cuddyer would have definitely earned his stars...quite possibly in a couple of the games in the sweep.

It's good to know that the Twins CAN actually beat the second to worst baseball team in MLB.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Got 'Cha With The Slider

No, I'm not talking about White Castle here...we're talking about Joe Nathan...about Jose Mijares...about Scott Baker. Boy was it easy to go into despair with the game last night. We were losing 4-0 and it didn't look like we were every going to capitalize on our base runners. Scott Baker had moments where he looked like he was going to fall apart and be the latest pitcher to only go 2-ish innings and then have to have the bullpen relied on once again to pitch the remainder of the game...(especially when Gardy came out in the 2nd or 3rd inning and met with the whole infield). But the Twins pulled through in good old Twins fashion and got the job run. Sure we only won by one run, but that's all ya need to win 'em!

Denard Span had an amazing sliding catch in the field last night, and I am proud and happy to report that he was the #6 top 10 play on ESPN today. Way to go, Denard! That was fun to watch and a much needed out.

I will admit that I was a bit bummed that Jeff Manship didn't pitch last night. As much as I love Scott Baker and wanted him to go deep into the game (yes, he didn't go too deep last night...but still a solid outing), but I really also wanted to see Manship, who has pitched 2 games...both of which I was in Milwaukee and the Twins were not on TV there, so I didn't get to see him pitch. I have a feeling that he is going to be used on games where I can't watch (for whatever reason)...just because it would piss me off!

I'm sorry to my dear Texas Rangers fan and friend Lucky (Sarah)...I really do want the Twins to win tonight. I know I said that we could split the series...but I want to win now. Winning these past two games has felt so good, I am craving more. It's like I'm a hungry vampire who has smelt fresh blood...I need it! :) (yes, terribly cheesy comparison, but oh well!) I feel bad for being so needy with these wins and I really do want to see the Rangers as the wild card team (and not the Red Sox, Yankees or any other team I hate), but just think...even though Boston won last night, they'll be playing the Yankees this weekend...and they haven't beat them really this season at all. You win your series this weekend (heck, even sweep this upcoming series) and you'll be on top of Boston again! There are your wins. :) Hope this helps.

Tonight, Swarzy takes the mound and tries to recover from his last start. I'll be cheering for the boys for a win tonight, and also cheering for Austin BlueSox as they play in the State Tournament! Good luck to the Twins and the BlueSox! I make cupcakes for winning teams (okay, for winning teams that I like...) Just saying.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Attention K-Mart Shoppers

I think the funniest thing about last night's game was the comment I made to Katie after Joe Mauer hit his second home run of the game. I said, "After the night Mauer's had, I'd have his babies if he asked. I'd be like K-mart's blue light special for him. Good for one night only." This is coming from a girl who isn't Joe Mauer's biggest fan, or even on the Joe Mauer bandwagon. Yes, I like his as a player, but I'm not attracted to him (though my mother wishes I were so that I could meet him and marry him.).

Who would have thought that a normal 9 inning game would feel longer than the 4 hour and 48 minute 13-inning game I was at back in May. It however wasn't quite as long...but it was 3 hours and 36 minutes long. That's a long game especially considering it wasn't longer than the normal 9 innings...nor was it that terribly high score game (yes, I know we scored 9 and they score 6, but games that have scores of double digits that were shorter than last night's debacle.)

I about flew to Texas after watching our latest call up
, Humber show how Rookie he is when he fielded the ball and threw it to 3rd base where Joe Crede was not at. Joe Crede had sort of a stunned expression on his face and he just stood there befuddled like I was. Did Humber think that the base runner was his teammate (Hey, Humber...you were wearing grey jerseys last night and the Rangers were in ROYAL blue...you guys don't EVER wear ROYAL blue.)? Did he imagine Joe Crede at the bag waiting for his miraculous throw (well...not really miraculous)? Did he want to look like a giant jack-ass on TV? Did he hope to get sent back to Rochester faster than anyone could sneeze or say boo? I'm not sure what he was thinking, but he needs to rethink things like that before acting on impulse. That could have been the most costly play of the night. Thankfully Joe Mauer did seem fit to lose yet another blasted game. He decided he was going to carry the team and carry them well. Thanks, Joe.
I don't really understand why Kubel was credited with the strike out in the first inning (when Brendan Harris came in after Kubel fouled a ball painfully off his left knee and left the game with a full count.) I think the strike out should have been Harris's because a base hit or anything else would have been credited to Harris. Seems odd, and Dick agreed with me on that one.

I think it's funny that Michael Cuddyer is the only one who is above the Curse of Bert Blyleven. (For those who haven't seen previous posts: Bert's pick in "Pick the Stick" usually goes 0 for how many times they are up.). Cuddy had to be his wacky bad ass self and go 3-5, with two doubles. Thank you Cuddy for being the only one who has been known to rise above and let Bert score points in FSN's game. Maybe Bert's pick should always be Michael Cuddyer...and Dick should always pick Joe Mauer (Joe has FANTASTIC outings when Dick picks him.)

Delmon Young was a surprise at the plate last night. He had a 2-5 night, with 4 RBI's. His homerun was well needed and gratefully appreciated by all of Twins Territory.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Maybe If I Hold My Breath

Okay, so maybe holding my breath wouldn't be the sensible thing to do with the Twins considering 3 of our 5 starters from the beginning of the season have now landed on the DL, I should maybe hold my breath for when it'll look something like this for our starting rotation: Baker, Pavano, Duensing, Swarzak/Krappel (against my wishes) and Manship. It has felt like this for a while now, but when our pitcher sucks, he lands on the DL. Glen played that game several times, and is once again on the DL. I am wondering if maybe some of them (I won't name names...) need to take a trip to the psych ward instead of the disabled list. Get their heads examined instead of their bodies.

It was disappointing coming back from a weekend away in Milwaukee to find that only once did we win. Sure it was a fantastic win (thank you, Timmy for being awesome!)...but one fantastic win and two crappy losses will not get us into the post season. We need to win series...and sweep teams like Kansas City, Cleveland, etc. (lower quality teams) I have low hopes of post season at this point in time...is that negative of me? It might be, but how is one such as myself to remain optimistic when the team doesn't act like the contenders it wants to be. Could a great winning spree take over and kick us in the ass and get us back in to contention? Sure, it could...I also could win the lottery this year, or find out a rich relative of mine passed away and left me millions. Chances of that happening? Slim...but go ahead and be optimistic if you'd like.

Joe Crede and Brendan Harris had a fantastic play they made last night. Crede dove for the ball at the third base line and threw it (high) to Brendan Harris (who was at first because Justin left the game early with diziness.) Brendan jumped for the ball and landed with his foot on the bag to get the out. It was outstanding and I thought for sure it would have been a web gem on ESPN today, but nope. Not on their radar, nor the highlights from the game...and I can't find a video highlight of that at all! Boo on that.

In other non-baseball related news...it looks like Jet Favre will be a Viking after all. I was hoping maybe he was coming to sign with the Twins since we're in desperate need, but most likely it's to play QB for the sucky Vikings. Goodie.

Hopefully tonight won't be a full blow out against the Rangers. I would like the Twins to at worst split the series. I'd be okay with that, but I'd still like the win of the series. Sorry Rangers...you can have the Wild Card!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Twins or a Twin

I swear last night was not Francisco Liriano. It must have been his twin brother Outcisco Liriano. Fran doesn't pitch like that guy in the game last night. I will admit, I almost felt defeat when Fran gave up the first inning home run, but thankfully our bats came back and did a number on Bannister. Thank you, Joe Crede for being a power house last night. Even though you hadn't played in a few games, and hadn't homered since July...we appreciate a job well done. Good game!
New Picture.jpg
See...even Cuddy wanted to give Joe Crede a "good game"...except he looks like he is trying to be casual about it...and it looks more like a lingering butt tap than anything. Thank you, Cuddy for making me giggle today.

Now, don't get me wrong. I am happy about our win last night, but I also know that we're not on a winning streak yet. Happy we won in the navy jerseys again, yes. Happy the navy was worn, yes. Happy the Twins kicked a** (mlb blogs sensor me) and actually scored runs and got consistent hits, yes. Does this mean the 3 Stars of the Game are back, no. I need three more games (in a row) before those are back. The boys have today (and me listening to them on the radio) with Carl Pavano and then a weekend (including Friday) without me to get back to getting those beloved 3 Stars. Boys, you can do it!

I'm not sure who Bert picked for pick the stick last night, but to me...based on hits and such, it seems like it was Nick Punto, but I don't know for sure. All I know is that it couldn't have been Joe Crede! The only entertaining part of Qwest Twins live was post-game when Bert threw curve balls to the FSN announcers for the Wild and Wolves...Atta boy Darby for rocking the first ball he threw at you like it was a hockey puck. I think Bert thought that it was going to be hard for any of them to hit. But it wasn't entertaining because Darby (aka...Zach Morris) hit the first ball...it was because Mike Greenlay and Dan Terhaar both were barefoot. Imagine if they would have fouled a ball off their foot...ouch!

Today: Day game against the Royals. Go Pavano! Kick some a** again! I'll be listening.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where's My White Flag??

wve-white-flag-260.jpgWatching the game tonight was brutal...and that might be an understatement. To lose to the Royals 14-6 is horrible. They are a team that is sitting LAST in our division. LAST. Why can't we beat the worst team in the AL Central, you ask? I'd like to know as well. Not only are they the worst team in the AL Central...they are the worst team in the entire AL...and are almost the worst team in MLB...they are only in front of the Washington Nationals.

I was impressed, not with Delmon Young's fielding during the entire game, because the two "catches" he missed made he look like a fool. The one, he wasn't fast enough with his running and the second fly ball (that ended up being a home run)...well he looked ridiculous because he wasn't even close to catching that one. He jumped too early, and his glove was on the opposite side of his body that the ball was. I'm not sure if maybe he just got confused with the holes in the Metordome's roof so he didn't know which one to look at. Delmon however did have an outstanding outfield assist last night. He got the double play when Kansas City's guy tried to run home on a fly ball. Delmon Young threw a rocket ball to home plate and had the guy out by a mile! It was unbelievable...and more of a Cuddy-throw than a Delmon-throw.

I don't know what happened with our pitchers last night. It was like they all broke down and melted under pressure. It wasn't the pitching I like seeing and it's not where our pitching should be this late into the season. I know it's easy to say this, but we need something/someone else to lift the team from the bullpen. Joe Nathan can't do it alone...nor with just the assistance of either Matt Guerrier or Jose Mijares (they both struggle every now and then...and pretty much take turns sucking.)

The Baby (aka...Glen Perkins) got placed on the DL (finally). I think the Twins should have placed him on that a while ago. I don't think Glen thinks he has what it takes to pitch well in himself anymore, so he finds some excuse every time he has a bad outing in order to place the blame on something else. Glen, own up to your own mistakes and your own crappy pitching! You pitch once a week (pretty much)...I wish I had a job where I got paid as much as you do and technically only had to work once every five days. Must be rough. Oh yeah, and if you're going to complain about your shoulder hurting, maybe you should golf or play hockey. It makes me think that you are making up your "problems"...because last time I checked...you use your shoulders for both hockey and golfing. Get a pacifier and suck it up, buddy!!

Jesse Crain last night looked like the Creeper (instead of the Reaper). Here's a screen cap Katie took for me of Jesse with his Creeper look.
Katie was also kind enough to take a picture of Timmy (Scott Baker) with his newly cut hair! See here. I appreciate his hair cut...it was needed. Now, give the razor, scissors, or whatever you used to Joe Nathan.

In other Twins related news: Jeff Manship is the latest call up (with Glen going on the DL). Thank you Twins front office for taking my advice and calling him up. Give these guys a shot. We can't do much worse than we already are!

Fran, we still need to get on a winning streak...so why don't you start it off for us tonight. Thanks.


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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

An Off Day Joe-gasm...and a baby

Enjoy (courtesy of Joenathan.com)

Now...my addition is to... Glen Perkins...here's what I'm going to buy you.Grow up and stop having something else to complain about every time you do poorly. I'm tired of listening to it, so suck it up.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Bring Out The Big Gun

It's been good to see the past couple games and the Twins bringing out the "big guns"...Cuddy's gotten home runs, Mauer has, DELMON YOUNG has (yeah, I about died of a heart attack yesterday when Delmon tried to show Cuddy up with a homer after his.) We've scored 8 runs, 11 run, and 7 runs in the series games against Detriot (losing 2 of 3 by only 1 run). Now why is that we can't win, you ask??!! Well, out pitching has been mediocre at best. With the exception of Pavano, we haven't had A-games in our pitching department. I can't even cut Joe Nathan slack (though he only pitched one game). Mijares (as a relief pitcher is concerned) is the only one who made it through the Detroit series unscathed (no hits, walks or runs allowed). I think the only guy I can let off the hook in relief (besides Mijares) would be Duensing for keeping us in the game on Friday night. He was outstanding...and had the call went our way at the plate instead of being ridiculous and wrong and going Detriot's way, he wouldn't have given up those 2 unearned runs.

I am tired right now also of listening to Glen Perkins and his ailing shoulder problems. It always feels like he is crying wolf whenever he pitches poorly. I am wondering how many MRI's, cortizone shots, etc he is going to get before he feels "healty" and stops bitching about being hurt. If you're that hurt, go on the DL...Lord knows we could use the extra spot on the roster to bring up/bring in someone else who can get YOUR job done and not bitch every time he's in the spotlight.

In other, non-Twins news...if you need a good laugh...(thanks to Katie for sending me this link). Read about Ozzie's dumb interview where he's told the media how his pitchers are going to start intentionally hitting batters (if the White Sux keep getting hit). Real smart, Ozzie...get your pitchers suspended when your hitters get bruises. HERE's the link.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Tall, Dark and Dreamy

Who the hell were these players on the field, and where did they come from? Was it Mr. Tall, Dark and Dreamy that was needed to give them a kick in the pants and make them look like the team I have grown to love? Well, whatever it was, I hope it continues...and for a long time.
They played great and seemed to be able to beat a team again.

I do like our new acquisition of Carl Pavano. I hope it doesn't cost us R.A. Dickey, but we do need someone else to fill in for a rotation spot. I am a full supporter of Brian Duensing taking over for Anthony Swarzak for the rest of the season. I like Swarzy, but I just don't think that he has it in him to be outstanding and help our team win as much as we need to from here on out. The one thing Pavano could do to make me like him even more...wear the navy jerseys when he pitches for the first time (and every time after) at home. Pavano...I LOVE the navy jerseys! :) (hopefully him, or someone close to him starts reading too.)

Big props go out to Joe Mauer, Denard Span and Carl Povano for knocking stripes of those Tigers. Thank you for playing amazing and bringing outstanding abilities to the game yesterday. We needed the boost.

Still not giving away the 3 Stars of the Game yet...we need to get back on that winning streak and then at least take series wins. Hopefully with the ease in our schedule at home (Cleveland and Kansas City) we'll be able to get back on a roll...but with the Twins luck this season...they'll beat us the hardest. I hope that last statement of mine was wrong.

Welcome Newbies

I just want to say welcome to Orlando Cabrera (yes, I missed that boat)...and to Carl Povano (thank you for bringing up our cuteness factor). I'm not sure why the Twins front office didn't think about picking up a pitcher before the trade deadline, but whatever...at least now we got someone. Hopefully it'll be Bobby Krappel that gets dealt away and not Dickey (and yes, I know Dickey got demoted currently...but it doesn't mean he'll go).

I think the owners of the Twins really need to reconsider the members of the front office who make decisions...and maybe look into what the Wild did with the coaches and staff members too. I think we need a makeover and I don't think it's with our players necessarily. I think they are trying, but I think there is always more behind doing well than just the players doing what they can. I think they need good direction and I don't know that they are getting that. (please no tar and feathers here...just voicing what I've been thinking lately)

I will give the Twins props for yesterday's game. Yes, they didn't win, but boy did they sure put up a fight to the end. Denard was on fire, Joe Mauer was too and watching Brian Duensing keep the Twins in the game after Swarzy put us so far in the whole was pleasant. I was shocked seeing Joe Nathan give up a run and have a few base runners. It was not like Joe Nathan...but then again, they haven't given him much of a chance to pitch lately with how poorly they've been playing. I think they Twins also had the umpires against them last night. There were some horrible calls, and for a while I wondered if it were the same ump that called Cuddy out (when he was safe by a mile) that called the Tigers player safe when he was out by a mile. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on the Granderson play call (yes, I know Granderson admitted that he felt the tag after the game, but it isn't his job to say "yes, he got me"), but the play at home where they called the runner safe when he was out by a longshot, was ridiculous and I think it really cost us the game. Nothing we can do now, but move on.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Did I Shave My Legs For This?

So who wants to jump on my bandwagon that I have going and try to get Fran demoted to the bullpen, or Triple-A? Anyone? Well though I haven't had cable since last Thursday night, I do know that watching the score turn into a blowout is not a good outing for a pitcher. When that pitcher is also on his last shot as a starter to prove themselves before getting replaced in the rotation, you know they're not doing well again!

So why is it that it has taken Gardy this long to realize that Liriano needs to NOT be a starter. He doesn't have it in him anymore. He's not the flippin' awesome pitcher that he was before he had the Tommy John surgery. I don't think he even remembers who that pitcher was. My next question for Gardy...who is going to take his place in the rotation? I am giving my thumbs up approval for Duensing. He's been doing good lately, and look, we got the win the last time he started...sure he didn't "technically" get the win, but Gardy didn't want to use him more than 5 innings. It was in the bottom of 6 we came back to take the lead. If he's capable of going 5-6 innings, isn't that longer than most of Liriano's starts? That still gives the rest of the guys in the bullpen a break from pitching too much and screwing things up.

I'm also on board to ship Bobby Krappel BACK to Triple-A, or wherever he came from before that. I think he is a waste of time and a big fat joke! Sure he went 6 outings in the beginning of his stint with us, but now look at him! He's lucky to escape with just two runs scored...and lately, he's been what has cost us the game (with the help of NO hitting/run production as well).
What about bringing up a couple of guys like Jeff Manship (who I might personally vote for a little more cause he's super cute and nice...so he brings up the cuteness factor that Cabrera has brought down) and maybe someone like Rob Delaney? I don't know how well either of them would fair in the majors, but it's gotta be better than Krappel and Liriano!!

Krappel, FYI...you are on my list, buddy.
Yes, as much as it sucks to not have cable and not be able to watch the Twins, I have found that I would be highly disappointed in them and would be getting upset if I had to watch these downfalls happen.

BIG PROPS to Scott Baker for doing an excellent job the night before. I would have blogged yesterday, but my computer at work was on the fritz, and I have no internet to speak of at home to blog there. I am VERY proud of Timmy...and for the almost shut out game. If they would have left Crain in (yes, I am surprised I wanted that too) They could have shut out the Tribe...but NOPE...Gardy had to bring in my least favorite bullpen pitcher...Bobby Keppel.

BIG PROPS also to Carlos Go-Gomez...who was only a triple away from hitting for the cycle yet again this season. Man...guess bringing Cabrera in was a good idea. He's been a mentor for this kid, and apparently must also be teaching him to get on fire with his bat...and in the field lately. Good job to Go-Gomez for having a hot bat and hot glove. I'm proud.

Again...no stars of the game because the Twins haven't gotten back on a winning streak. Until those 4 games (at least)...the 3 Stars will be M.I.A.
Today: Day game against the Tribe. Bring your A-Game, Mr. Pumpkin Tits Blackburn. PLEASE?!?!