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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hockey Unplugged (the second edition)

Last night was Hockey Unplugged at Moose on Monroe in NE Minneapolis, which by far was the hardest place in the world to find. Everyone that was in my group got lost getting there, including myself. Detours, and intersecting 7 St NE and 7th St SE made for confusing directions. Plus the place was a dive bar and right amongst a bunch of houses. It was a bit small to have hosted Kaptian Koivu, whom I knew would draw a large crowd even if he weren't the current Captian of the team.

If you were unable to be there and would still like to listen to the interviews by the Fins, you can listen to the Pondcast, which also has my question in the audio version. (I asked if Mikko had any advice for Antti since it was his first time going to the Olympics.)
If you'd like to listen to the Pondcast go HERE or download the current Pondcast on iTunes (under the Minnesota Wild Pondcasts).
(Also, feel free to skip over the repetitive question of "Mikko, do you think your brother Saku will come play for the Wild next year?" Which seems to be asked every year, and as we found out during the off season, the Wild were uncapable of signing him THIS year. Thanks for playing though.) The funniest question was the girl right after my question that freaked out and was like "Oh my God, I love Koivu!" and then asked if he was taken. Rest assured, ladies, he's single...or at least that's what he said!

All in all hockey unplugged: the Mikko Koivu and Antti Miettien edition was fun. We had to deal with some jackass people who tried to fight with us because I asked them to keep their (yelling) voices down a bit so I could hear the interview that I was there for (along with them)...they kept acting like 6 year old later in the evening and shushing each other to try and mock me. I tried to get a picture of them, but sadly was unsuccessful. (to show some more of their immaturity, they had on Versus' show 'Wacked Out Sports' at Moose on Monroe, and every time a bikini clad girl appeared on the TV, they acted like it was the first time they had seen boobies before...and they weren't under the age of 21.)

I was successful at getting some pictures of our Finnish Olympians and am here to share them with you! For your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

Mikko and Miettien (they paid a lot of attention to the Rangers vs. Devils game)
Kaptian Koivu and his adorable smile!
Miettien smiling! (It was hard to get these boys smiling!!)

Oh so cute, Mikko!

Mikko was making some comment to Mittens...I don't remember what it was however...just thought his look was cute.

From the autograph line...
autograph line

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