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Monday, March 22, 2010

All Is Fair In Love and War

Over the years of being a Twins fan, I've learned one thing: Never get too attached to a player on the team. Don't get me wrong, I've had my favorites over the year, and I have my favorite player now as well (and a few backups now too), but I know that the Twins could ultimately trade them away in order to "better" the team.  It's like the line from The Godfather III movie: "It's not personal. It's business."

Believe me, when your favorite player is offered up for trade (even when you think they'd be the least likely candidate), it's hard to not take it personal and to see the (possible) good in the situation.  Eventually, you (like any dating relationships that end) will move on.  You need to move on.

I am somewhat indifferent to the Twins signing Joe Mauer to a 8-year, $184 million contract. I think there are both positives and negatives about this deal.  What if Joe gets hurt next year? (I know, it's not something I'm hoping for either!), What if Joe's knees won't let him play more than 3 more years?  He is guaranteed his salary (which eats up a lot of the Twins' payroll.)  He also has a no-trade clause, so for at least the next 8 years, ladies, you can get attached!

What will this mean for the Twins a few years from now when Justin Morneau, Michael Cuddyer and others (who will deem large salaries as well)?  Well, quite frankly, I don't know.  I don't think anyone does know.  We could see both Morneau and Cuddyer signed longer than their current contracts take them (especially since we don't know that there would necessarily be anyone ready to replace them.)  There are some good candidates waiting in the wings in the Twins' farm system (Ben Revere, Aaron Hicks, etc.), but just because they look "promising" doesn't mean they will be guarantees.  Look at what a "promising" future the Twins' had thought Delmon Young would have...so far, it hasn't been the case.  He's left us all feeling a little empty at the end of the day, and also a little frustrated.

Well I'm happy for Joe Mauer to sign, so the Twins and the fans don't lose focus on the current season, I'm sad to see that Joe Nathan will not be able to play this season.  He'll miss out on a lot of things: the new ballpark, a great team to work with, etc.  I feel bad for him, I honestly do. I think this year, Joe Nathan should work with Bert and Dick and commentate the games.  He was quite entertaining to watch on Sunday, when the Twins were on WFTC.  Hey, he could be the "on-the-field" commentator, like Robby or Marney...I know I would rather look at him, than the other couple options! (no offense to either Robby or Marney).

Also on another note...there will be another Twins Centric blogger meet up/viewing party.  I stopped by the last one (at the end of the game) and it was fun! It's always great to meet fellow bloggers out there in the Twins world!

Here are the details:

TwinsCentric Viewing Party
APRIL 10, 12:05 p.m. 
Twins vs. Chicago White Sox (in Chicago
Major’s in Blaine
*There will be drawings for several great prizes, including Twins 2010 Annuals, Major’s gift certificates, Twins/Target Field tickets and more.


CapitalBabs said...

a) I do worry a little bit about the concept that nearly a quarter of the entire payroll next year will go to one - however important - player.. makes me wonder how the rest will fit.

b) Joe was HILARIOUS in his play by play commentary and I hope he DOES take advantage of the year off to have some fun in the broadcast booth. He was quite seamless and very entertaining - partly because it was so unexpected. And I too would appreciate the opportunity to see him once in awhile. http://knuckleballsblog.com/2010/03/what-to-do-whe…t-go-on-the-dl/

c) look for me at Majors - I didn't get to meet you at the first one. We should catch up.

Betsy said...

CapitalBabs - It is concerning how Cuddy, Morneau and co will fit now into the budget. Let's just hope the Twins continue to sell tickets, so they can afford to pay these other guys that we love!

I think Joe's comment about Morneau having lead in his feet was a riot. I laughed so hard! And he looked...SO good too in the booth.

Look forward to meeting you at the next meet up! it's a drive to blaine, but the last one was fun!

Bryz said...

Holy crap, that next viewing party is ALMOST RIGHT IN MY BACKYARD! Well...5 minutes away from my house, at least :-P Too bad I need to drive from college to get there, but I suppose it will give me an excuse to see my family again.

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