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Friday, March 26, 2010

The Marketing of The Letter "J"

I think, this season, the Twins are going to introduce a new marketing campaign.  They have already issued the new Twins commercial (Minnie and Paul) that left out Twins players, so what makes anyone think, they are going to be on the same level as previous years?  This year, my friend (Deanna) thinks that they need to market all of their campaigns around all the Twins players that have a first name that begins with a "J".  Did you know that 10 players of the 25 man roster have a first name that starts with a "J" (I am including Joe Nathan because he's still "technically" on the 25 man roster).  

Can anyone say, JJ Hardy, double the pleasure, double the fun. (being that he has 2 J's in his name and is beautiful)??

Deanna also had the genius idea to write the Twins' front office if they focused the roster more on J named players.  Here's what the letter might look like: "Dear Minnesota Twins Front Office, While I appreciate the obvious benefits of all things “J”, I am concerned about you leaving yourself open to lawsuits from the other letters of the alphabet and your lack of being an Equal Opportunity Employer.  To rectify this, I would suggest bringing to the team the likes of… (and this is where she ran into a problem...the only players she could come up with were Jason Bartlett, Josh Hamilton and other players that at least had a J to their name.) 
Note to self: If/when having children...if ever considering the child to be a professional baseball player...name them J names to ensure a baseball career.

Ridiculous you say? I say, yes, this is all just a bit of ridiculous fun, but hey, that's what I like to do and do best.  Plus, it's Friday and only 17 Days until Home Opener at Target Field.  I'm still working on securing tickets to home opener without paying significantly about face value.  If anyone has a hook up for me, I would appreciate it.  If not...I do have a plan.  I can't share my plan yet...but if it works, maybe I'll share it after Opener has come and gone.

In case you are looking for some different but equal ridiculous fun.  Go see the Joe Mauer "Salary Crunch" on ESPN's website.  It's sure to make you feel like you don't make enough money...and also is sure to make you want to marry Joe Mauer (even the men out there) just to share his salary.  If Joe Mauer would like to share just 1/4 of a years' salary with me, I wouldn't object.  It'd still probably be more than I'll ever make in my lifetime.  For the record, Joe wouldn't even have to hit 1 home run, and would have to play close to .2 games...and no, NOT 2 GAMES...POINT 2 (this is what Joe would have to do to make my yearly salary.)...Does this mean he would play 2 innings? Or is it less than that?  I guess either way...it's just sad.  

Alright...ridiculous fun is over for the day.  In case you missed it, here's the info again about the next TwinsCentric Blogger Meet Up.

TwinsCentric Viewing Party
APRIL 10, 12:05 p.m. 
Twins vs. Chicago White Sox (in Chicago
Major’s in Blaine
*There will be drawings for several great prizes, including Twins 2010 Annuals, Major’s gift certificates, Twins/Target Field tickets and more.


margo said...

I heard that Johan Santana would like to come back and pitch for the Twins, but only if all the J-name Twins agree to pronounce their names with the Spanish J.

Jammer said...

I did the salary crucher too, and it is almost painful to see what Joe has to do to earn my salary lol.

I'm pretty sure he could drop a foul ball and have me beat lol.


Betsy said...

Margo- thank you for that fantastic laugh. I sat and went through how their names would be pronounced. I like that idea. :)

Anonymous said...

Happy to bring you a little laughter and inspire a blog entry. All in a days work, it's what happens when I turn the filter off for a minute and just let my ideas run away. I’m calling dibs on that marketing campaign and demanding a cut of the fees the Twins pay to outsource it. - De

Betsy said...

I wonder if we could get the Twins to just use Joe Mauer (with the Spanish J) for a marketing idea...YO Mauer...maybe it could be like Yo, MTV Raps, since Joe raps too.

De, if you get a cut you better be sharing! :)

Andrea said...

Your "Yo Mauer" commercial idea made me think of that Yao Ming commercial (from really long ago) with the guy in the store going "Yo" and Yao going "Yao". Anyways, I totally think the Yo Mauer version would be better.

Also, last year Sarah and I were very impressed by the number of "Joe"'s in our lineup. It was high I tell you. J is the way!

Heidi said...

1. I call Joe Mauer "Yo Mauer" sometimes because I don't like pronouncing "Js" I do this for other players and its fun.
2. One year my sister and I realized the abundance of J names and we just added J to the begining of every player's name. My favorites wre J'Torii Hunter and J'Michael Cuddyer.
3. Salary cruncher did give me another reason to want to marry Joe Mauer.

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