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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No Stand Up and Shout, Let's Sit Down and Cry

I for one am a very big fan of Mr. Stand Up and Shout, Joe Nathan.  He's fun to watch when he pitches for several reasons.
1. He motorboats the air.
2. He plays a very crowd revving song, "Stand Up and Shout" when he comes out to pitch.
3. It almost always means the Twins are wining the game.
4. He's pretty to look at.

I was sad to see this morning's announcement that Joe Nathan could be out for the season with an elbow injury that could cause him to have Tommy John surgery.  We all remember what happened to Pat Neshek (first when he didn't get surgery and then when he finally did.)...it's been nearly 2 years since Twins fans have been graced with the wonderful sidearm pitcher named Neshek.  Too long, if you ask me.  While I want everyone to be good and healthy and ready to win, I am sad when they do get hurt and are out for extended periods of time.

I think the big question of this ordeal is, IF Joe Nathan is out for the season, who will be the Twins' closer for the ignaurgal season at Target Field?  The rumors are that Jon Rauch would step into that role, which would make me want to vomit and leave games early (so that I didn't have to watch that d-bag pitch).  I am putting in my vote for Matty Guerrier.  I think he's perfectly capable of handling this job, plus he's been with the Twins for quite a few years as well, so he's put in his time.
I don't think the Twins should go after a free-agent closer just for (most likely) one year.  It would eat up a lot of the payroll, because I think someone else would cost a boatload of money, but I also don't think that anyone within a decent price range, would be worth it.
So here's to you, Joe Nathan.  I hope you get well VERY soon and I hope so very much to see you at the Opening of Target Field!  It would be a very bland season if you were watching from the sidelines...

Be sure and check out the other Twins blogs I have listed as well! I know these posts come few and far between, but it's still "technically" the off-season...Spring Training has only just begun recently! I can't wait for the new regular season to begin!


Heidi said...

the thought of facing the season without motorboatin' joe makes me want to throw up.
my word verification for this comment is "ortho" like orthopedic surgery, the kind of surgery joe will probably need. I'm not taking that as a good omen.

Betsy said...

Heidi- the word verification thing is a little funny...lol

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