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Monday, April 26, 2010

'Cause It's Broken

Apparently the Twins have broken brooms and can't figure out how to sweep a team.  I'm saddened with the fact that Kevin Slowey took another loss in yesterdays game.  Do I entirely blame him for the loss? Absolutely not; and this is not my adoration for Kevin talking, this is the fact that we left numerous guys STRANDED on base.  How many times were the bases loaded yesterday and no one could get that "clutch" hit? With runners in scoring position, the Twins were 1 for 11!

I am pleased that the Twins have now won 6 series in a row.  That's a great accomplishment and it's never been done in Twins' history.  As much as I would like them to win every game and sweep every team, I am realistic and know that it probably wouldn't happen (for any team really).  They're just reminding us that they are not perfect, but are pretty high up there!

I'll give you the 3 Stars of the Series before moving onto some highlights (and maybe some low-lights) of the KC Royals series.
3. Justin Morneau (he's been somewhat of a hero this who season so far. I'm liking his offensive numbers, his home runs, and his golden glove worthy sprawls)
2. Orlando Hudson (he made good defensive moves and had a couple good nights at the plate)
1. Joe Mauer (baby Jesus has just been himself and produced and played well each and every night he plays.  He went 5-6 on Saturday nights-game that would never end-bash.)

*JJ Hardy getting a homer on Friday night
*Jim Thome going deep Friday night as well (now you only owe us 54 more, Jim! Keep up the good work.  I think you're setting a decent pace.)
*J'Michael Cuddyer racking up a few more RBI's bringing the total up to 17 for the season so far!
*Carl Pavano not having a meltdown and holding his run give-a-way total to a mere 2!
*Justin Morneau going deep two games in a row. 1 game I asked for the homer, the other, he just knew I wanted it.
*JJ Hardy getting a hit while my mom and I were talking a bit of smack about him (it was out of love, I swear!)
*Orlando Hudson for selling that 3rd out at second base to end the brutal 12-inning 4 hour, 15 minute game.
*The Twins for coming back and winning the 4 hour marathon game on Saturday.
*Pat Neshek for being a bad-ass and coming out to save the day. (it was unfortunate that Gardy didn't use him more than just that one lovely inning on Saturday)
*Jon Rauch blowing the save (yes, I'm not a fan of this, but it made me laugh, plus the Twins won, so no one get their panties in a bunch.)
*The Twins running Gil Meche out by the 4th inning on Friday's game.
*Pat Neshek for still having a 0.00 ERA.
*The Crain-wreck for not having a melt-down and giving up oodles of runs against us.
*The Twins for being the Twins and being so much fun to watch.
*Winning 6 Series in a row!

*1 for 11 with RISP
*1 for 13 with RISP
*Jim Thome only having hit 3 home runs this season
*12 inning games
*Games that last 4 hours and 15 minutes
*Leaving the bases loaded.
*Jon Rauch blowing the save and our lead.
*Bert and Dick continuing to jinx players with their "calls".
*Bert's "calls". (they ALWAYS result in the player getting out.)
*Losing yesterday
*Kevin Slowey getting the loss
*Being unable to sweep teams that we should be able to DOMINATE.
*Being told I spelled a player on another team's name wrong (I flopped two letters around) and being told it was a "major fail".
*Never sweeping a team (so far).

Off day today...and Detroit Tigers Tuesday - Thursday!

Meanwhile, this is totally off the subject of my blog, but I have a prayer request (for those who pray).  A friend of mine was shot and killed when her's and her husband's house got broken into.  I am also good friends with Nick (the husband)'s sister Emily.  Please keep the family in your thoughts and prayers! This is such a terrible tragedy.  If you want to read about the tragedy, GO HERE.


CapitalBabs said...

you know I have the same family in my prayers too. It's always a shock when the tragedies you see on the news are so close to home.

if this wasn't such a serious issue I am sure this would be the time to point that yesterday's game was the tragedy on the news - but that is a separate issue.

You know I feel the same way about the 'calls' and there is no excuse for the number of men left on base. Hits are the same as strikeouts if no one ever crosses homeplate - just saying. *sigh*

Betsy said...

At least I know that Heidi went to be with Jesus! Her and Nick were firm believers in their faith, so I'm sure that will help in this time of sorrow.

Yesterday seemed like a repeat of the previous weeks' game. The Twins just couldn't get things done to save their lives.

I hope the tables turn for them in the RISP category. Good things it's still early on in the season and they still have time to work on that!