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Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Opening Day

Happy Opening Day everyone! 
(No, I don't consider the Boston/Yankees game last night to be considered "Opening Day"...it's today.)

So I was watching ESPN the other day and they were talking about opening day of baseball, then they pulled out a list of Opening Day starters that all had some bit in common (I don't remember what it was).  I found it strange that Carl Pavano was listed on this list.  Carl is our home opener starter, but he is not the Opening Day starter...(Timmy) Scott Baker is.  I wish I had a way to call them out on their lack of fact checking.  It's fun to do that with magazine and papers and such.  Mostly, it just makes me laugh at how lax our entertainment world has become on fact checking.

On Saturday, I got to check out Target Field for myself in the second of two exhibition games against the Cardinals.  I was super excited to finally get to go into Target Field (without having to scale a wall to see into the field.), I was stoked that Kevin Slowey was pitching in Saturday's game (for those who don't know...he's my absolute favorite player...though it shouldn't be too hard to tell) and seeing baseball live made me realize that Opening Day (and home opener) are just around the corner!
 Saturday was a fun game, the Twins looked ready to go.  Joe Mauer and Michael Cuddyer both hit homeruns (and I fully believe that Cuddy's was a result of Katie talking about him getting Skittles for homeruns last year.  He wanted some this year already!)  Even though we had Cardinals fans in abundance around us, they were pleasant and we were still able to fully enjoy the game!  By the time most of the starters had been benched for the players (that won't make the Opening Day roster), Katie and I decided to leave the comfort of our seats and go wander around the stadium to check out different views around the park.
Here are the various places I took pictures (all lower level areas)
view from our seats
center field (or about) view
skyline of downtown Minneapolis view
home plate view
Random billboard you can see across the street from Target Field (on the 7th Street N side)

Only one more week until the Twins are at home again!  This week: Angels (9:05pm start times Monday-Thursday) and Chicago White Sux (Friday-Sunday).  Be sure to welcome back baseball with me and cheer on the Twins tonight!

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