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Friday, April 9, 2010

I'm A Big Kid Now!

Thankfully last night was the last night on the West Coast for this week.  I don't think my body would've have taken many more games that last until at least midnight when I have to work in the morning!  It's rough getting up when you have little sleep! (I'm sure at least some of you can relate to me!)  Although last night was not the best we've seen Kevin Slowey do, he wasn't terrible in his outing. Sure he got into a few jams (which make me nervous) but at least he was able to work his way out of those jams only surrendering one run in his 5 1/3 innings. 

I did have to remind Kevin, that while we all are aware that he has balls (he threw a lot of balls last night, compared to how he normally pitches), that I prefer strikes when pitches are thrown at the batters.  Walks are not something I ever like to see one of our pitchers give up.  We all know that walks can haunt!

I thought Pat Neshek looked good last night in his outing.  I realized how much I've missed seeing him pitch.  He starts his windup on the pitching rubber and ends up at the front of the pitching mound by the time he's done throwing.  Before he throws another pitch, he has to walk all the way back to the back side of the pitching mound.  I'm not sure if this is just a habit of his, or if it's a superstition of his.  Either way, it amuses me.

With all the home runs our teams has been hitting in the first four games of the season, it makes it feel like we're as big and powerful as a team like the Yankees (yes, the comparison is hard for me to write with how much I loathe the Yankees, but they are power hitters for the most part.).  This was the first time since 2003 that the Twins won a series against the Angels, and I think that says something too.  It's a good feeling to take a series.  Jim Thome finally blasted one out of the park last night, J'Brendan Harris and J'Delmon Young did as well!  Home runs that have extra runners make me very happy.

One thing I've noticed on MLB's site for the game recaps now (HERE) is that they display the Tweet volumes too during a game.  I'm not surprised that the Twins have a high Tweet volume with how many tweets I see during games.  I never am out of the loop with what's going on, that's for sure!  For those of you who don't currently have Twitter...it's a good thing to have.  I wasn't sure about it at first, but I've grown to love it and get a lot of news and information from it.  You can follow me on Twitter as well! (I know, shameless plug, but it's my blog so I can do it!)

I think this year, I'm going to do the 3 Stars of the series, rather than the 3 stars of the individual games.  This gives some players a little more of a chance of making my star list!

So onto the 3 Stars of the Series:
# 3. JJ Hardy (He hit home runs in a couple of the games, and had some good defensive moves as well.  It's good to see him in a Twins uniform and doing well in it!)
# 2. Delmon Young (Delmon hit a couple home runs too during the series and apparently can run a lot faster after shedding some pounds!)
# 1. Justin Morneau (Justin showed us all that Spring Training numbers really don't matter.  After struggling this spring, he's really found his groove.)


Dan Cook said...

Sadly, Denard showed that Spring numbers don't matter too.

I'm sure he'll get going soon though. Must be something about the Pacific time zone!

Betsy said...

Oh Denard has just been awful! It makes me sad 'cause I like Denard. I'd like him to do better so I can take him off the bench on my fantasy team!