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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oh What A Crain-Wreck!

I'm really beginning to think that Gardy needs to start toughening up with the veterans.  For example, with Justin Morneau, Nick Punto, Michael Cuddyer.  He needs to stop being so soft with them and letting them blow some opportunities right out of the water.  Justin was 1 for 8 going up against Okajima before today...now he's 1 for 9.  Gardy had options on his bench to substitute for Justin.  He could have had Thome come in (who yes, would not be quite as good as Justin at first, but can play first), he could have had Brendan Harris come in (who can play first) or he could have still had Thome pinch hit, and then give up the DH after the inning, putting Kubel in the outfield and Cuddy at first.  Yet, Justin stayed in the game, doing nothing more than Nick Punto could do.

I remembered today why I don't like Jesse Crain.  He has horrible meltdowns and screws games over for us.  Sure he has some great outings, but his meltdowns are incredibly bad!  Those 3 runs he gave up, lost us the game.  Yes I know that Slowey (sadly) got credited with the loss, but I think the Crain-wreck should really get the loss.

I think Kevin Slowey had some disadvantages today working against him.  I don't think that he showed us his best outing by any means, but I think the weather played a big part in his pitching.  Anyone else remember the game last year where it got called in the 5th inning due to rain, and he got credited with the loss?  I think he's got bad luck when it comes to games where it rains.  I still love him even though he lost today.  I love that he wore the Navy jerseys today!  They all just look SO sharp in those jerseys...I love it.  I've decided that every time Kevin is pitching, regardless if I have to work, I will wear my Slowey (navy) jersey while the game is on.  I think this will help bring him more luck. (yes, I know I'm crazy, but I like to think it's just me being a superstitious fan)

My Twins (attended games) record is 2-0 (one was an exhibition game) while in attendance at the new Target Field.  Without me there, the Twins are 0-1.  Hopefully tomorrow will change that, but I'd still like to keep my winning record going as well on Saturday when I'll be at the game again, and then Tuesday as well.


Karleeee said...

LOL awesome photo shop skills chica

Betsy said...

glad you like it! :) hehe...it was fun to do. haha!