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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Perfect Day

What could Twins fans ask for yesterday that we didn't already get?  It was a gorgeous day outside, a little breezy and sometimes a little cloudy, but there was not a drop of rain in sight the whole day.  For a day that all the weather channels were predicting a 30-50% chance of rain, I was sure yesterday was going to be the day I was going to miss the Dome for the first time.  Thankfully, I was wrong and so were the weather people!

Downtown was a zoo...there were crowds of people lining the streets, lining the outside concourses of the new stadium and filling the concourses to the brim on the inside.  For any that were at the exhibition games and not at yesterdays game...the concourses were worse yesterday!  Did I expect it to be a slow day at Target Field, absolutely not!
Katie and I were probably two of the last people down to Target Field yesterday.  I was surprised by how few of people were on the Light Rail with us (it didn't get more full until we were at the Metrodome station).  We got all the junk that AT&T and Target were giving out and went to the gate to go into the field.
Katie and I were not fortunate when we got our tickets to get two seats next to each other.  We could only find single tickets which left me in section 140, and Katie in section 109.  Katie 1, me -100.  If you ever have an opportunity to sit in section 140...if it's one of the first 10 seats of a row (seats 1-10), don't bother.  The foul pole blocks a lot of your view of the infield, the rows do not sit much more higher than the cheap seats in the dome do, so it's hard to see over people in front of you (especially if you are like me and are shorter).  Plus, which I kind of figured, anything from Left-Center over to the foul line in right field, you can't see.  Michael Cuddyer was right in front of me, and I could not see him if I wanted to.
 view from Section 140

Although I would like to try some of the cuisine at Target Field, I doubt I will.  I was in line to get a burger in fries when I saw the price for both was $9.25. $9.25! I can go to a sit down restaurant for that price...and get a soda to go along with my food.  I refused to pay that much.  I settled on just getting fries, which still set me back $4.50.  Last year at the Metrodome, I could have paid $4.75 and got a Dome dog and chips.  I am shocked by how much they hiked the prices in food this year.  I guess they have to make money somewhere.  Sure they kept ticket prices reasonable, they just raised the cost of food.

It was a beautiful opening ceremony!  I loved watching the large flag displayed on the field, the jets flying overhead, along with the fireworks (which were hard to see in daylight).
It was also great to see the whole roster out on the field with the Opening Day Starters...especially Joe Nathan!  I realized how much I already miss him, and we're only a little over a week into the season.  It's going to be a LONG season without him.
I'm not gonna lie, when Kubel hit his home run in the 7th inning, I had told Kubel how great his two singles (though the first one was a long single that could've been a double with a faster runner) were great, I wanted something GREATER! (I do have Katie as my witness to me saying this.)  The next pitch he got, flew out of the park into the right field.  Kubel, you are welcome for me telling you to be the first person to hit a home run in Target Field!  Glad it could be you...for my cousin's sake.

Alright, time for a few more pictures from me.  (Sorry for no posts over the weekend, had no time to blog, but Kubel would have certainly gotten a star for helping us win the game on Saturday).  Enjoy the pictures!
flags in left field
view from Katie's seat (which also became my seat after the 3rd inning)
Cuddy hitting the ball
Justin pretending to be a pitcher
Carl Pavano with Nicky Punto in the background (I figured Karlee would like this picture!)
Rod Carew statue
Kirby statue (my late grandparents were both at this game in the '91 World Series that this statue is from.)


Heidi said...

its so pretty! also I was thinking more flamingo in the picture of justin pretending to be a pitcher.

Betsy said...

I was tainted by the other pictures I got and watching him finish the pitch to see the flamingo! but now i see it! :)