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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Persistence At It's Finest!

"The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it."

 In my previous post I had stated that I had a plan for getting tickets to the Twins' Home Opener.  My plan worked!  I successfully managed to score a seat in Target Field for Home Opener.  Don't worry, on Monday when I pick up my ticket, it will be one of the many things I take pictures of that day!  I am so incredibly excited and happy that I finally managed to score a ticket without having to pay over face value!   
Note to those who are "selling" tickets (above face value): You are ripping off a lot of people who would actually like to be there by charging $200 for a $10-$20 ticket.

How did I get the tickets you ask?  Persistence.  Checking the Twins' site every day (2 to 3 times in a day) in hopes they would release more tickets.  They, like every event involving tickets, hold a set number back for various reasons that they don't sell right away at the sale date (ie for promotions, giveaways, players, etc).  When they know what will not be used, they release the extra tickets.  Word to the wise...if ever a concert says it's "Sold Out" check the day of the event (early in the morning) and there is a good chance you can get a ticket.
Onto the games from the last two nights.  I would like to stay how I stayed up late watching both of the games, but I would be lying.  I didn't make it through Monday night's game, but can you blame me?  That was not a good game.  It was hard to watch when I knew Scott Baker had so much more, and better stuff in him than he was showing us from the get-go!  He didn't perform like an ace (please don't get me wrong, I LOVE Timmy!

I knew the game was doomed though.  I had a bad day, work and everything else kinda sucked...all day long too! Whenever I have bad days, my sports teams are doomed and fail to win to pick me up and put me in a better mood.  It's like their way of throwing a big f-you to me in their own, non-intended way.  Butler lost, The Wild (though the have sucked a lot lately) lost, and the Twins...well I knew before it was even over it was not going to end well.  I'm sorry everyone.  It is my fault.

Last night however seemed to redeem the night before.  It was a night filled with J's sending the ball flying into the seats. (Yes, I know the chances of someone with their name starting with a J is high, but I don't care).  Joe, Justin and JJ all hit long balls out of the park and helped the Twins to win against the Angels (whom they tend to struggle a lot against).

Our beloved pirate Nick "Blackbeard" Blackburn gave us a little scare, but he blew the Angels away with his ARRRGGGHHH! Congrats, Nick Blackburn.  You are not a pirate.
Tonight: Carl Pavano (aka Tall, Dark and Dreamy) takes on the Angels once again at 9pm.  Whether or not I'll stay up to watch the game, I'm not sure! Last night's midnight bedtime is slowly catching up with me.  I need to save all my energy for Kevin Slowey tomorrow night!


Topper said...

Prefer the "Pumpkin Tits" nickname to "Blackbeard"

Betsy said...

lol so do I, but he is starting to look like a pirate and I just made pirate-like earrings last night. I'm running off little sleep today...bare with the babel! :)

Dan Cook said...

I know I'm strange like this, but I love staying up for West Coast trips.

Feels like I'm cheating or something (and I don't mean Tiger-style).

By the way, Betsy, we were all wrong. Blackbeard was the first to get through seven innings!

Betsy said...

no no...he got thru 6 2/3 innings! it's not 7! 7 to me means 7 solid innings.

margo said...

Definitely prefer the "Blackbeard" nickname. That other one (can't even say it) kinda grosses me out.

And anyway, pirate-like earrings and a little "aaarrrgh", that's just plain fun!

Eric Folsland said...

My brother said he got tickets for the home opener on the Twins site last night too - here's to hoping they release a few more between now and Monday

Dan Cook said...

Doh! You're right. Hope for Slowey lives!

Betsy said...

Margo - yeah i had to find a way to laugh about the "other" Blackburn nickname...comparing it to those little pumpkin candies at Halloween helped :)

Aaarrrgh is definitely fun to say! lol...and I might have to wear my pirate earrings on the 17th (cause I think Nick will pitch that day)

Eric - Did your brother get you a ticket to go too? He should have!