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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Welcome to the Freak Show

Last night it felt like I was watching a three-ring circus.  Okay, so maybe not entirely like that, but it was an odd game.  First of all, the Twins' runs were not scored on hits.  Justin Verlander got the loss (which I'm thankful for), though he allowed 0 earned runs.  Denard Span got tossed quickly (though none of us know exactly WHY he was tossed, I for one don't believe it was necessarily that he said anything.  I think it was his action that led to him getting tossed.)  I was thankful that I was not at the game, because it was have been a score keepers nightmare!  Having to move Cuddy from RF to 1B and then out to CF, and then Young in the game to LF, Kubel from LF to RF and Brendan Harris from 3B to 1B. OY!  What a blunder.

Thankfully the inability to get hits with RISP did not bite us in the butt last night.  We capitalized on the errors the Tigers made and scored our runs on their mistakes.  The best entertainment of my night (besides putting the TC logo on beads for a bracelet and earrings I was making), was a tweet I received in response to saying this: "Wow with how slow Jim Thome runs, I think I could run faster than him. And I don't run fast!" The response from Bennyc50: "Jim Thome doesn't run, the earth moves beneath him."  I don't think I've laughed so hard.

Not much else to say  about the game last night, other than I'm glad we won.  I'm hoping we secure the series with a win tonight.

Here's the bracelet and earrings I did with TC logo's! (If anyone is interested in them, I will remake it, it is for sale.)


Dan Cook said...

Minus the errors, I love watching a pitcher's duel like that.

The game moves quickly, and each at bat becomes more and more critical to the outcome of the game.

I'm a bit worried about the pitching match-up tonight. I saw Scherzer pitch for Arizona, and when he's on, his stuff is nasty. Given that the Twins haven't seen him before, I'm concerned.

Here's to hoping!

Betsy said...

i'm hoping that pitcher then has a bad outing! :)

Kristin said...

Totally interested in those earrings! Let me know about price and such! Thanks :)


Betsy said...

Kristin - earrings alone would be $6; bracelet is $12. Email me at 9love59@gmail.com with what you would like. :)