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Monday, April 19, 2010

Well Joe...They Say It's Your Birthday

Well first I'd like to start off by saying Happy Birthday to Joe Mauer, who turns 27 today.  Happy Birthday Joe.

Okay, on to other Twins goodies.  First, is anyone else as happy as I am that we have won 4 series in a row now?  This is the first time that the Twins have done this!  I think it's an excellent start to an exceptional season!  Are there some quirks and kinks they still need to work out?  Obviously there is after the performance they put on yesterday when they lost miserably to the KC Royals.  With the exception of the game yesterday, I think the Twins have handled all these teams really well.  Now the big quest this year will be beating the Yankees in May.  I think they have it in them to do!

Well Saturday I got to explore Target Field some more.  I got to show my parents and my boyfriend the field for the first time.  I felt like a tour guide, and I really don't know the field all that well yet, but I still knew more than them.  I think they all liked it and had a blast at the game.  My mom kept telling people like Thome, Justin and others to hit a ball to us!  (We were in section 140...which is in FOUL TERRITORY).  I had to constantly remind her that they ball would be foul if they did hit it to us.
I did ask Jim Thome to get a home run, right before he hit the ball into the trees.  It made me like Jim Thome a bit more.  I've noticed that no matter how many games we get into the season (and the new field) the concourses and the main Pro Shop do not seem to get any less busy.  Hopefully that'll change over the season because quite frankly, it's hard to get around the concourses before the game.

Let's move on now to the 3 Stars of the Series (Against KC Royals):
3. Alex Burnett (he pitched great in yesterdays game. He kept us in the game not allowing any runs.)
2. Jim Thome (loved watching his 2-run blast Saturday!)
1. Birthday boy Joe Mauer (He's easy look over just because it's unusual when he does poorly. Joe didn't though...he played well and had good numbers at the plate over the whole series.)

 Kevin Slowey warming up on the field Saturday

 Brian Duensing

Last night I had the privilege of going to the first Baseball Unplugged of the season (which I learned that this year there will be a total of 6 of them, rather than the usual 4).  It was Drew Butera, Delmon Young and Michael Cuddyer.  I hadn't ever met Drew or Delmon so I figured why not?!  Here are some highlights from the night:

*Delmon Young looks MUCH better in person and in street clothes than he does on TV (or at games) in his uniform.
 *Drew Butera looks A LOT like his dad (who was sitting near him at the event.) (SIDE NOTE: Drew can walk around a huge crowd of people and no one questions if he's a baseball player. He did this and no one bothered him.  I wonder if Joe Mauer envies him.)

*None of these three players wear sunscreen...or as they called it "sun tan lotion".  (A little girl asked them what SPF they wear.)

*Because of Cuddy's response to the SPF question, I will now call him J'Michael Cuddyer for more reasons than just the "He needs a J name".  He said he wanted to look like that guy (pointing at Delmon Young) so he doesn't wear an "sun tan lotion".

*I have WAY too many J'Michael Cuddyer autographs (if anyone has something they want him to sign...find a way to get it to me and I'll get it signed for ya!)

*Delmon Young and Drew Butera are both single...and unattached to a girlfriend.

*Drew Butera liked watching the Mets/Cardinals game on TV last night.

*Drew Butera is HOT in person.

*J'Michael Cuddyer liked his skittles he got last year from Katie!

*J'Michael likes wearing hats.
*The host from the event (not Cuddy) must recognize me cause he walked past me twice (while I had my hand up to ask a question) and never let me ask my question to Drew.

*I like Baseball Unplugged.  It's entertaining and fun to see the guys in street clothes.

Here's a little extra Unplugged love for those who haven't seen it yet.  Last year I asked J'Michael Cuddyer to do a magic trick for me (using cards).  Watch the video (link below) to see his magic trick and see if you can figure out how he did it!  Enjoy!

Cuddy the Magician


Anonymous said...

Drew is hot! Is he kind of short though?


Betsy said...

Patti - He is hot! :) He's around 6', but I do think he looks shorter than that!

Anonymous said...

Mmm ... 6 feet is tall enough! I think he's cute! He looks so young! :)


Anonymous said...

I love your blog, and I totally agree about Twins having just gorgeous men on the team! :) Especially Michael C. :)


Betsy said...

Patti - He does look really young! Then again so does Scott Baker! Angel face right there. :) I do love how gorgeous our team is.

Stephanie said...

Would you know if they have a schedule for Unplugged?? It seems like everyone I ask has no idea..

Betsy said...

Stephanie- As of right now, they don't have anything listed for when the next one will be. I would think there would be one this month (given that they told us there'd be 6 total this season), but i'm not sure when.
If I find out any information, I'll be sure to post it on my blog!

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Miss Cate said...

you posted this a long time ago, but i was googling butera and came across this--I LOVE IT! drew is SUPER hot...i'm hoping he is still single? i used to be a big danny valencia girl, but i recently discovered he's engaged. grr! stay single, drew, stay single. P.S. he does not look 27. that's a good thing. P.S.S. i loved your comment about scott baker...so true, and im glad im not the only girl who thinks that! he is adorable--love our boys to DEATH.