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Friday, May 14, 2010

Be Gone SATAN!

Everything was starting to go well for the Twins at the beginning of the game.  A.J. Burnett walked in the Twins' first run on a bases loaded walk.  A home run for the Yankees tied it up.  The game was a cat and mouse game all the way up until the Twins got into a jamb (the one hit was not any one's fault really, considering the ball ricocheted off Timmy leg and into shallow right field.) and the bases got loaded.  Here is where I didn't agree with Gardy's choice for a new pitcher.
Now I know that judging Matt Gueirrer based on the small sample size isn't entirely fair, but I don't blame Matty G. I blame Gardy.  It was unwise putting Matty G. in when he's given up 3 home runs (before tonight) alone to A. Roid.  It's sickening and doesn't need to be encouraged or helped along in any way.  I think we would have been better off walking A. Roid (giving up a run that would've tied the game)...maybe then we may have stood a chance at getting out of the inning.

Now as a result of Gardy's poor decision making skills, Scott Baker gets another loss, and his ERA racked up (2 of those 4 runs on the grand slam were Timmy's).  Thanks, Gardy.  Thanks for nothing!

As Jeff Dunham (as Walter) says: BE GONE, SATAN!  I'm sure he must have been talking about the Yankees when making that comment (yes, I have watched Jeff Dunham so I do know the whole background of that quote.).


Heidi said...

seriously, I feel that an exorcism needs to be performed! Why, why can't they beat those gosh darn Yankees?!

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