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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Congratulation, Tigers, You Suck

Well it was a great day for baseball!  Sure it was a little cool and windy outside, and occasionally it liked raining on us, but I couldn't complain.  I got out of work to go see the Twins to help the win the final game against the Tigers!  I now have a 6-0 record when attending Twins games.  I think I need to find out who to talk to about getting free tickets since I am the good luck charm.  I ended up finding fabulous seats for cheap for the game yesterday.  We were a mere 10 rows up in section 121.  For the price we paid, we should have been sitting in the 3rd level (the area behind home plate).
I was a little nervous, to be honest, about going to the game yesterday.  I didn't want the Twins to lose (the sweep was on the line, along with Kevin Slowey getting another win!) and I didn't want to tarnish my record and have any games in the loss column.  Thankfully the Twins took an early lead of 2-0 in the first, (which for those who didn't know, they are the first team since the 1971 Yankees to do so in 6 consecutive games) and got off to a great start.  The only runs that the Tigers scored were on home runs, and there was only 2 players getting these home runs: Avila and Cabrera.  Thankfully the Tigers had no base runners on, and thankfully Jon Rauch was plagued by Avila as well when he faced him.
Overall, this series was good to sweep! It pushed the Tigers to 3 1/2 games behind us and it made us look like a force to be reckoned with!  I would've wrote about the game on Tuesday night (I was at that one as well), but the little bit of time I had before the game yesterday afternoon didn't allow for me to get anything written!  I was very impressed with Nick Blackburn and his complete game that he pitched.  Sure, I'd like to take back that home run he gave up (the tying run in the 9th inning), but hey, at least JJ Hardy pulled through for us with not only a diving save (which lead to an out), but also a great plate appearance, scoring the winning run on a wild pitch.  I'm sure Detroit would like to have that game back.  It was awful for them!
I am tired of seeing Kubel not be able to hit the ball to save his life.  I know that FSN was calling his ONE HIT good, but one hit does not make you a good player.  He got out both times that the Twins had the bases loaded for him.  Last year, Kubel would have knocked that ball out of the park and made the bases loaded haunt the other team.  This year, it's our version of Kryptonite, it just kills us and the other team makes it out of the inning without any more harm.  So far Target Field is like how the Metrodome was to Matt Garza, he just can't play the best there.  Which is sad, and I would love to see change going forward.

I did find it funny that Nick Punto plays a Phil Collins song for his at-bat music.  That man has some strange taste in music, that's for sure.  I guess it's better than him playing "Satisfaction" by Benni Benassi.  I guess hearing Phil Collins every time Punto is up to bat is better than seeing Jon Rauch naked on the large video screen (mainly his tattoos, but he's at least 1/2 naked).  The Twins' twitter person asked what people thought of the video, I responded. "It's gross.  I don't want to see Rauch naked, or even partially."

Being that the Twins WON the series on Tuesday night, and swept yesterday, your beloved 3 Stars of the Series:
3. Michael Cuddyer (his 3 run blast got him 3 more bags of Skittles, he almost threw Cabrera out at first base, on what should've been a single though Cabrera ran slowly, and Cuddy was all-around great this series!)
2. JJ Hardy (he went 2 for 4 in both games of the series that he played, had the winning run on Tuesday and made some outstanding defensive plays as well!)
1. Denard Span (he was rocking Detroit and hitting at least .500 in every game.  It was fun to watch him get on base every game!)

Now, I present some more pictures from the game yesterday!  Enjoy:


Kristin said...

Between Slowey and Hardy, this team continues to get prettier and prettier.

Betsy said...

I agree!! JJ is very nice to look at. I was disappointed that he didn't play yesterday, cause I wanted to get some pictures of him since i was on the 3rd base side for a change!